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Dawn's New Job

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Summary: When the SGC needs a female translator, the President calls the Scoobies. A frustrated Dawn takes the job.

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Stargate > Dawn-CenteredIndraLeighFR134138,27828314439,18212 Jan 0512 Feb 08Yes
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Food and a Show

Pulling dumplings out of a take out box onto her plate, Dawn looked over to the opposite end of the table where Andrew was arranging the various items on his plate. “Why did you get sent here anyway, Andrew?”

“The great Buffy got a check delivered one day by a couple of the men in black agents. We all decided to expand and remodel the kitchen.” The explanation was accompanied by pieces of chicken speared on chopsticks mock fighting for the honor of being eaten first.

“And since the kitchen is a disaster area, you’re spending all your time in the other parts of the house driving every one crazy. All though, with us that’s not a long trip. Are the owners of the comic books store down the street still limiting the time you can spend there?”

“One hour a day. How am I supposed to learn what I need to with only an hour a day?” Dawn chuckled at the complaining quality in Andrew’s voice. Imagining how well she could use this favor to her advantage in the future, Dawn didn’t really mind having Andrew around.

“Any thing new back at the house?” Wanting to be up to date on the who’s, what’s, and significant others Dawn knew Andrew couldn’t keep a secret.

“Xander went out on a date with a die hard kitten poker player. She wanted to use him as her stake in the game. She thought it would be a sure thing, she was playing against a couple of vampires. Chrissy, the only native to Cleveland, is going to prom with a guy in her grade. A lot of the slayers are going to prom as a group. Then an after prom patrol party up at that scenic overlook that Willow calls ‘necking and sucking point’. Oh yesterday, Willow scared the living daylights out of one of the newbie’s who tried to juggle with the Orb’s of Thesula that she keeps on hand for the reensouling that it always seems she has to do.”

“So, nothing out of the normal?” Dawn appeared to relax a bit at the news of nothing unusual. That is nothing unusual to a Scooby. Once their brains caught up with Andrews report SG-1, who was also crowded around the coffee table eating take out, were confused and baffled at a normal week. Itching to ask questions about the house in Cleveland they kept hearing about, they didn’t get a chance to before Dawn looked at the clock and jumped up from the table.

“Andrew and I have to go down the street to water Mrs. C’s plants and let her dogs out for a bit. Our movie collection is in the box next to the TV, feel free to start one. We shouldn’t be too long.” Dawn pulled Andrew out the front door, over his grumbling she could hear Jack’s commentary on the video selection.

As soon as the front door closed, SG-1 crowded around the front window allowing Dawn and Andrew to get a head start before SG-1 followed them. Walking down the street, trading the latest gossip, they didn’t pay attention to their tails. Picking the lock on the cemetery gate they slipped in, weaving their way between headstones to the central area of the grave yard. Andrew got comfortable on a bench, lying down to look at the stars over head. Dawn and Jenn were positioned in the bushes or up in a tree, respectively, and both armed. Determined to find out more, SG-1 crouched behind a couple of older large head stones. An occasional owl hooted to mark the passing of time before a man in a suit walked up to Andrew’s bench. As the man reached out to grasp Andrew’s shoulder a blur leapt out of the shrubbery onto the back of the man. The ensuing physical fight revealed that the blur was Dawn, and that she and the man were on par for a bit. Andrew joined the fight to quickly finish off the unknown man. As they were catching their breath, a figure started to emerge from the shadows near them. An arrow penetrated the figures’ chest. Unbelievably, both of the attackers dissolved into dust. Following the path of the arrow to the source, SG-1 watched Jenn walk out from under a tree reloading her crossbow. Andrew, Dawn, and Jenn noticeably relaxed since the two known new vampires were dusted.

SG-1 started to emerge from their hiding places when a swarm of humans and large unknown creatures seemingly appeared out of nowhere. The moving mass of bodies inhibited SG-1 from seeing what was going on or who was winning. The swarm disbanded before they were able to take more than three steps toward the fight. The fighting force left in the same fashion that they arrived in, suddenly and without a trace. Jenn was sprawled against a headstone; Andrew and Dawn not in sight. Shaking off the shock of an unexpected quick battle, SG-1 circled around Jenn ready to aid any way they could, and wanting those unobtainable answers. Eyes closed Jenn reached in to her jeans pocket to retrieve a cell phone. Pressing a speed dial number, once the other end answered the call she said one sentence, “Hey Buffy, guess what happened on patrol just now?”

Not ending the call, she allowed the phone to slip out of her hand to the ground next to her. Sam crouched down to try to determine the extent of Jenn’s injuries, allowing her team to cover her. A loud crack of a tree limb breaking had SG-1 twisting to find the source of the sound. Nothing was spotted at ground level, but a voice carried through the air from above.

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