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Dawn's New Job

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Summary: When the SGC needs a female translator, the President calls the Scoobies. A frustrated Dawn takes the job.

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Stargate > Dawn-CenteredIndraLeighFR134138,27828314438,04012 Jan 0512 Feb 08Yes
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The Grilling

Trees obscured the location to the source of the exclamation. The first voice was female; a second male voice was heard. “Willow, you set us down on the top of a crypt.”

“I was in a hurry Xander. At least I got the right cemetery.”

Two girls and a guy moved in to SG-1’s line of sight, standing on the edge of crypt roof. One girl did a mid air flip to get to ground level. She approached the cluster of injured or confused people, as the other two climbed down the side of the crypt. Reaching the ground they split up to canvass the immediate area of the cemetery. When the first girl was close enough Jack and Daniel recognized Buffy. Crouching next to Jenn, who was still sprawled against a headstone with her eyes closed, Buffy lightly tapped the injured slayers cheek. “Jenn, wake up. Come on wake up, wakey wakey.”

“Found Andrew.” Xander hollered coming into view. As Xander walked up to the group hauling Andrew in a fireman’s carry, they passed Willow a couple plots away. She was slowly turning around with her eyes closed and hands out.

“No one here but us chickens. I’m not picking up any thing.” Together she and Xander set Andrew on to the ground next to Jenn. The newcomers to the party stood between their injured friends and the military folks.

“I’m guessing you followed them on patrol tonight and have no idea what’s going on here.” Worried about Dawn, Buffy took control of the two groups. Hands resting on her hips she nodded at Sam and Teal’c. “Teal’c, Sam. Let’s get back to their house. Teal’c help carry Andrew please.”

Buffy settled Jenn over her shoulder as Teal’c settled Andrew in his arms. The unusual band of characters made good time getting back to Jenn and Dawn’s house. Breaching the front door threshold Xander and Willow headed into the kitchen, as Jenn and Andrew were set on the couch. Xander returned with ice packs and the phone held to his ear. Gently dropping a ice pack on to Andrew’s head he handed the other packs to Buffy, who was comparing Jenn’s pupils. He allowed the phone to drop into his hand, turning it off he sat on the coffee table facing Andrew. Willow returned with two glasses of water and the aspirin bottle.

“Tiff is on her way. She also will be bringing close to ten gallons of holy water with her. She stocked up earlier today.” Xander announced letting Willow place some pain reliever in his hand for Andrew.

“What’s the verdict?” Worn out from the teleporting spell, Willow sank in to the couch.

“They both have a concussion and Jenn has some ribs that are either severely bruised or cracked.” Sam quickly knelt down in front of Jenn when Buffy stated her diagnosis.

“They need a doctor with injuries like those. Let us take them to the base and Janet, our doctor.”

“No! No military doctors. She will be fine. We don’t need a doctor to ask her name and phone number every couple hours because she has a concussion. Concussions and bruised ribs are standard fare for the job.” Not wanting the military to get their hands on a slayer and mostly wanting to slay Dawn’s kidnappers, Buffy protested Carter’s suggestion.

“Ok. I want answers folks. Who are you all and what is going on?” Jack loudly demanded to the room at large, command abilities coming to the front.

“I’m Xander, that’s Buffy, and she is Willow. You all know Andrew and Jenn.” Xander pointed to each person stating their name. A faint suggestion of a smirk on his face.

“We know your names. I think he wants to know, why did they go to a cemetery tonight? Why was Dawn kidnapped? How did you get here? And why are you refusing to see a doctor?” Daniel had run his hands through his hair a few times leaving it sticking up this and that away.

“Indeed. I also desire to know.” Those who knew Teal’c could tell he was hoping for a fight, his quest for vengeance and protective instinct raised from someone with ill intent toward his family, who Dawn was a new member of.

“Would you all believe college prank?” Trying to look like a simple prankster trouble maker, Willow attempted a diversion question.

“No. You all have said many weird things that led to questions. Questions that we haven’t been able to answer. If we do get any information it only leads to more questions. Slayers, Watchers Council, and this morning Dawn was talking about a war between good and evil. What are all of you involved with?” Daniel was trying to be diplomatic, but even he was at the end of his patience.

“You want answers? Fine. When you go home at night, safe in your homes knowing that tomorrow will be here, you don’t think of the monsters that run in the night. That is because of us, The Slayers and those who work with them. We hold back and fight the monsters here on earth because that is who we are. By destiny or choice that is who we are.” Some tension relieved, Buffy’s stance relaxed from the taut defensive form it was in with her heartfelt honest explanation.
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