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Dawn's New Job

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Summary: When the SGC needs a female translator, the President calls the Scoobies. A frustrated Dawn takes the job.

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Stargate > Dawn-CenteredIndraLeighFR134138,27828314438,16612 Jan 0512 Feb 08Yes
CoA Winner

No. I'm the rescue.

Dawn's view point -

"There were so many of them. All at once from every direction. I couldn't get a clear shot in, but at least one of them did. Because the next thing I know, I've been freaking kidnapped again. I hope Jenn and Andrew are okay. So, what do I know? If this was a planned attack they knew exactly where patrol was earlier or they followed us. Boy, did we have a following tonight. Get back on track Dawn. I think it was a human and demon goon squad. I woke up here. Where ever here is. Alright, I'm blindfolded. There is a loud static-y radio next to my ears. My hands are tied together behind my back, feels like rope and handcuffs. Feet are secured to something. And boy am I exhausted. Drugged and tied up. Now that's just mean."

-We now join our program currently in progress.-

"So Jack who would have a grudge against the SGC and you in particular?" Willow leaned around to glare at Jack.

"Oh for cryin' out loud! Kinsey hates my guts."

"Don't forget the NID Jack." Daniel readjusted his glasses with this tid bit.

"They've kidnapped before. As we know from experience." Grumped Sam in a huff.


"Where would they have taken her?" Xander looked up from his examination of Andrew's pupils.

"Close enough to keep an eye on us but in a deserted part of town. "

"Will, try a locator spell. Xander let Cleveland know what's going on and find us some weapons." Buffy took control of her troops, getting ready to lead them to action.

Taking the phone from Buffy, Xander matter of factly stated, "I have a 'My date's eating me code." Dawn needs a code to say 'I've been kidnapped again.'"

"Okay campers let's get these people to the base and under guard so we can go throw a wrench into the NID's plans. We can get a squad of marines to back us up." Turning to his team, Jack focused on what needed to be done, not thinking of involving the scoobies.

"Just one, or should we see if any SG teams are free that we can get?" The tactician in Sam coming to face.

"Might be a good idea."

"Hold on what are you talking about?" Tuning in to the plans being made that conflicted with hers, Buffy demanded answers.

"Getting you all to safety and then getting Dawn."

"No. It's Tuesday. Dawn gets into trouble and then we go rescue her. If you're good we might let you tag along." Intent on his hunt for weaponry, Xander made a crack in the tension by stating a given in the Scooby world.

"You're a bunch of civilians. We are experienced combat soldiers. We'll get Dawn back for you. We'll take you to the base were you will be safe. Then we ..."

"No. We are. We are Dawn's family and we take care of family." Buffy was dead set on one line of thought.

"Their out enemy. She was taken because of us. We fix our mistakes." Trying to counter every point made against him, Jack was facing Buffy, toe to toe.

"Did you ever wonder why the President sent you to us when you needed a girl watcher, Dawn? Why would this young girl be able to fight in your war? Did you ask why?"

"Yes. We asked and didn't get an answer we understood in the least. We only had more questions."

"We've been fighting a war since we were fifteen or sixteen. Dawn has been fighting her whole existence. We have beaten any and every thing that has been thrown down against us."

"Buffy, to get your sister back from our enemies, let's work together. A partnership to the same goal with every resource we each have available."

"Who will be in charge?"

"Both of us and we will figure it out as we go."

Buffy stared at Jack for a moment, her piercing gaze straight to his face. Reading all she could in his expression. "Okay. But cross us and die. After we get Dawn back I want to know exactly why the NID is out to get you."

The two leaders shook hands in a temporary truce to reclaim the one missing warrior who was important to both groups.

"First let's go to the base so we can get our gear. Will all of you be coming with us?"

"Yep. And you're driving."

"Why me?"

"Tiff's car can only hold two people and about half a dead body. I saw the big truck out front so therefore, we all will ride in the back."

"Then I guess we're off to rescue Dorothy from The Wicked Witch of the West."

"Hey! What are you saying about witches?" Willow's red hair was flying as her face looked up from the map.
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