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Dawn's New Job

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Summary: When the SGC needs a female translator, the President calls the Scoobies. A frustrated Dawn takes the job.

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Stargate > Dawn-CenteredIndraLeighFR134138,27828314438,07812 Jan 0512 Feb 08Yes
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Picking Up Supplies

"T, you wanna ride in the back and let Jenn ride in the cab?"

"Indeed O'Neill"

Once the swarm of people got situated in and on Jack's truck they headed toward the base, to get SG-1's gear, and at least one more car. Sam and Daniel knew that Jack had some reason for the seating arrangement he requested, it was a matter of patience to find out the reason. Jack's lack of patience paid out in their opinion, just reaching the end of the street he made his reason known. "How do you know Charles Kowalsky?"

"Charlie was an older brother, sometimes uncle to me. When I was about seven Charlie's sister and her husband took me in. There were a bunch of us foster kids there. Charlie took me under his wing. If it wasn't for his job he would have adopted me, but he didn't want to leave me orphaned again. When Charlie's sister and her husband died in a car wreck, I was old enough to be legally emancipated, and Charlie let live in his house."

"You're Charlie's girl? We kept raggin on him about the new girl in he had. Any time he had down time he was off base before we were dismissed to spend time with you.”

“Yeah. He taught me about life, fighting, and a bit of battle tactics. That and we had a lot of fun.”

“You were good for Charlie.”

“Thanks. I know he was great for and to me.”

“When everyone’s safe, what do you say we trade Charlie stories?”

“That sounds good. I’ll make his chili.”

“I haven’t had that in years.”

“Jack, I called the General and he said that he would clear it with the guards for us to come right on in.”

“Their waving us on by Carter. Thanks for calling ahead. Come on kiddies, let’s get our toys.”

Cutting through the conference room Sgt. Siler didn’t notice the bizarre chaos with in the room until one of the hand to hand combatants greeted him by name. Finally noticing the three girls fighting, two guys faces plastered to the observation window, and a girl sitting lotus position slightly above the conference table Siler dropped his tools nearly hitting his foot. The resulting clatter drew General Hammond to the door.

“What was that noise? Who are you people?”

“Dawn’s Family General Hammond.”

“What are you doing on my base?”

“Waiting for SG-1 to get their stuff.”

“What for?”

“Rescue Dawn.”

“Finally. Jack, you ready, yet?”

”Let’s go. Hi General.”

“Just what is going on Colonel O’Neill?”

“Summers got kidnapped.”

“Do I even want to know what you’re about to do?”


“Then SG-1 have a good time on vacation, and Carter your dad is in the infirmary. He stopped in for a visit.”

“Carter, go get your dad and we’ll head out.”

As Carter stepped out the door buckling her vest on, Buffy demanded to know “Why should we bring her dad along?”

Carter was kidnapped a couple years ago by the NID. They wanted to dissect her. Jacob probably would be thrilled to get a bit of revenge for hurting his daughter and I think he took a bit of a shine to your sister when he met her.”

“Is he any good in a fight?”

“From hell and back.” Jack was about to say something else and was interrupted by Xander.

“Been there.”

“Done that.” Andrew gave a little bounce with his declaration.

“Left the tee-shirt in the sink hole.” A chorus of slayers finished the oft said routine.

A thud ‘Eep’ combination drew the attention to Willow. “She’s still alive. Just a blip. But I felt her for a second.”

“Any idea where?”

“No. Just that she is still alive.”

“Let’s go show people why you don’t mess with us.”

Look out, because the slayer just declared no holds barred in the rescue of her sister.
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