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Dawn's New Job

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Summary: When the SGC needs a female translator, the President calls the Scoobies. A frustrated Dawn takes the job.

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Stargate > Dawn-CenteredIndraLeighFR134138,27828314438,16612 Jan 0512 Feb 08Yes
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They Hurt Dawn

So dark and cold. I hurt every where. They haven't gloated about getting me. Or demand answers. Just thrown me against a wall a couple zillion times. I feel like I've been crushed. Enough with the needles already. I can't tell if they're taking or giving any more, and every time a needle in one arm and some one else grabs hold of my other wrist with both hands, they don't even hold on tight. Buffy.... hurry.


"What the hell did you do to her?" SG-1 and Jacob closed in on McNamara and Conrad as Buffy, Xander, and Willow slowly approached Dawn.

A narrow wall of light shined past the plethora of dust bits that were suspended in the pitch black stagnate air, to slightly illuminate Dawn, who had curled up on her side on the floor next to the corner in the frigid room. Eyes clenched shut, hands tight over ears a barrier to the static coming from a loud speaker.

Tears glittering Buffy crouched down reaching to brush Dawn's hair back her fingers skimmed the skin of her arm. Jerking away from the contact Dawn moved her arm allowing injection marks on the inside of her arm to be visible.

"Oh, Dawnie. " Gasps of shock and outrage demanded the attention of Dawn's co-workers.

"You bastard. What did you do to her?" Infuriated in a want to get vengeance, but needing information the two men still standing.

The Army man smirked and mimed filling and emptying syringes as the Goa,uld held his hand up, wiggling his fingers. "We'll deal with you later. T, Carter zat them."

After zatting and cuffing them Sam and Jacob moved to stand slightly behind Buffy, Daniel stood over the kidnapping ring-leaders, and Teal'c and Jack checked the warehouse for any remaining demons or soldiers under McNamara’s command.

Completing their check Jack joined the guard around Dawn. "We have to get her to Janet, Buffy."

"That Doctor of yours, right."

"I know you said no doctors earlier, but..."

"No. You’re right. Dawnie needs a doctor. I don't like it but your military doctor would probably be best for her right now."

"How are we going to get her to Janet if we can't touch her?"

"Can you teleport her Will?"

"No. I'm too magicked out for that much."

"I have a blanket in my truck for emergencies, if we can get her onto it we could carry the blanket."


"That much I can handle."

"Dad, stay here. I'll get the blanket."

Jenn, Tiff, and Sam walked away as Xander turned to stand between Willow and Buffy. "Their going to take Blue and make sure we got every one. She took this job to get away from the kidnapping and demons and here she is again."

"You mean she has been kidnapped before?"

"Many times."

"Why would she be kidnapped, why is she so special?"

"Jacob, that is a long story."

"Here's the blanket."

"Give it to Buffy and Teal'c. Hold it open so I can lift Dawn into it." Teal'c and Buffy handed their weapons to Xander and Carter, freeing their hands to make a hammock out of Jack's blanket. Willow concentrated on Dawn, almost floating her into the hammock. Once settled Willow silently ran a hand through the air just above Dawn's body. "I can't feel anything magical, but I don't want to do anything in case of a drug-magic-alien voodoo interaction."

With a worried face Willow turned around to Xander. He opened his arms as Willow nearly collapsed onto him. "You did good Will. Rest and let us worry now." Careful to keep ax and sword blades away from his friend Xan took control of the situation. "Sam go start the truck and let the doctor know what's going on. Jack, Jacob you two get on either side of Dawn and then you five head to the truck. If we're not there by the time you get Dawn settled go to the mountain with out us."

Jack nodded compliance, tugging on Jacob's sleeve pulling him toward Dawn. Surprised in the change of command from an air force colonel to a scruffy punk kid trying to look tuff by wearing an eye patch, Jacob wondered if he was even in the right dimension.

"Daniel, can you call in some commandos from your base to collect those two and any one else here that is military. Blue and the girls will take care of the demons, even with Andrew tagging along."

"Jack called the base, they should be here by now. Why aren't we going with Dawn and them?" Still keyed up from the raid Daniel paced as he talked.

"Some one needs to make sure the general and his partner don't escape, I can't go until Willow is ready and with my hands full I volunteered you to stay."

"Daniel, where are you?" A yelling out side the stronghold interrupted.

"Over here Feretti." Daniel hollered as he cradled the exhausted witch into his arms.

"What the hell happened here? We passed Jack and a group heading out on our way in."

Nodding toward the bound leaders a summary was given, "They took and really hurt Dawn. We need you to herd them up and get them to the brig."

"That was Dawn they were carrying? Bastards."

"Yeah, we need a ride to the base."

"O'Sullivan. Take the paint baller and drive them to the base."

"Yes sir. This way Dr. Jackson."
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