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Dawn's New Job

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Summary: When the SGC needs a female translator, the President calls the Scoobies. A frustrated Dawn takes the job.

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Stargate > Dawn-CenteredIndraLeighFR134138,27828314438,12512 Jan 0512 Feb 08Yes
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Some Answers, Please?

Front Gate Guard's View Point

I thought that this was going to be a long boring night of gate duty, but when the paint baller humvee led a string of vehicles flying out of the base that could have beed an omen of the night to come. To be honest I'm not sure if that is Feretti's personal car or if it is still base owned. A few weeks ago SG-1 and SG-2 went paint balling and that humvee was a base target or something. They returned laughing and joking with eveyone and that humvee absolutly covered in paint, I think it was a group decision not to wash it. Not long after the first bunch of vehicles left, Colonel O'Neill came close to running right through the gate he was moving so fast. A medical team came running out of the mountain to meet his big truck. In the blink of an eye they had dissapeared back into the mountain leaving the truck in the middle of the road. Following at a more saner speed the paint baller humvee returned with a driver, Dr. Jackson, and two civilians cleared by General Hammond. One of the civilains was carried into the mountain by Dr. Jackson. Once in a while guard duty is a wild evening here.

In the infirmary.

Having chased all the nurses and gawkers out of the infirmary Janet pulled a stool close to the bed that held Dawn. On the next bed over, Willow slept after a magial and adrenaline exhaustion. Xander had squeezed to sit on a corner of Willow's bed, his hand smoothing her hair. Buffy planted herself on a chair between the beds. General Hammmond, Jacob, and SG-1 stood clustered at the foot ends of the beds.

"She's in a world of hurt right now. A hand device was used on her more than once. And she is absolulty full of drugs. We haven't been able to figure out what she was injected with. From what you tell me, it was like she was in a sensory deprovation type chamber, with the static and pitch black, so now every thing is too much for her. I'm going to keep pretty much every one out of here except for you all. Then I only want two sometimes three in here at a time. Talk to her. Let her know she is safe. We'll have to pretty much let the drugs run their course through her systems. She has a couple of cracked ribs and her back is one large bruise." Janet rubbed her face after she stated Dawn's condition to her family.

Two tired, worried, and angry men walked into a cluttered office that was deep in a top secrect facility that had been nearly brought to a standstill when one girl was kidnapped and her family ended up camping out in the infirmary.

"Jack who are these kids?"

"Right now I'm wondering that my self. Have a seat Jacob."

"Thanks, why were you letting the blonde girl be in charge?" Moving a box and some papers out of two chairs the older man in civilian clothing sat in one chair with his feet in the other.

"She was scary and threatening with a sword in hand. We agreeded to make it a joint effort."

"How did the SGC find Dawn Summers, cause from what I hear from Sam she sure isn't air force or military?"

"The President gave us her name. He said that the whole group would fit in well here, but we needed Dawn for a particular job. That group on a whole is 'don't ask, don't tell' not only because we really don't need to know, but because if you do ask them anything the only thing you'll get is more questions. And threats, they like to give out threats. Danny and I went to pick up Dawn and got our lives threatened by the welcoming committee. This is for sure, she is very intelligent, opinionated, and a physically capable young woman. Sg-2 and 3 like her so much that they are voluntarialy keeping a close guard on the snake Adrian Conrad and MacNamara. Their itching for any excuse to shoot them, simply because they hurt Dawn."

A large bag of chocolate candy was brought out from the reaches of a desk drawer to be split open and shared between a worried big brother colonel and a puzzeled former general, who housed a confused alien symbiote.

"Uh, Daniel. I need to get to the gate post at the road. We have a delivery coming in pretty soon." The young man stepped into the cafeteria to find one of the few people he had met on the base. From Willow's basic hacking the Slayers and Watchers Council International was able to get to the surface of the personel records of those working in Stargate Command. From her indepth hacking and a call to Riley, they were able to read about what really went on at the Earth's Stargate.

"Say again, Xander was it?" The tired lingust looked up from his coffee.

"Council courier bringing our stuff here. She just called and said that she is about 10 minutes out. Since Willow and Buffy are with Dawn, that leaves me to play bell hop. But I need your clearence to get to the gate."

"Follow me, then." Not bothering to try to understand most of the explaination Daniel stood up and gestured to the door with his mug that stated 'I love rocks.'

"Heh, geniuses with their coffee. Thanks Daniel."

Daniel stoped even with the gate as Xander stood just out side of the military compound. A revamped, military looking, supply truck slammed to a bone jarring halt, nearly clobbering the man who only waved at the driver. "Hey Trucker. New splatters on the hood."

"Polgara demon on the high way, he was trying to sneak up on a broken down car. So I squished him. How's Dawn?" The young woman lept out of the cab and bounded to the rear of the truck.

"Still unconcious. No change since we found her really. Only that the baddies on sight have been caught. What's with the hair?"

"In St. Louis I let the local girls go wild with the hair dye. Last week I let Casey in Columbus stick it in the dreadlocks. I have a duffel for each of you, Willow's computer, and a bag of toys."

"Thats every thing, thanks for bringing it."

"It's my job, I'm off to find Jenn and Tiff. Talk to you later Xan."

"Later Trucker." Was said as the woman jumped in to the truck to peel out leaving a ribbon of rubber on the pavement.

"Who was that?" Coffee kicking in, Daniel asked balancing a bag over each arm.

"Council delivery service. When we need someting delivered through normal means we give Trucker a call. When we found her she already owned the truck and we never asked where or how she got it. We just helped her out by adding our version of an anti-theft security system. She delivers anything for us, and in return we don't ask her to do anything else and she has places to stay across the country. She really gets a kick hanging out with our local agents you could call them." Getting the three bags stiuated on his body Xander headed back into the depths of the mountain.

"This council of yours is strange and confusing and sometime I hope to get the whole streight truth about it."

"I don't think you really mean that Daniel."

"Major Carter, wait up."

The woman turned to face Willow, rushing down the hall to walk side by side. "Willow, why aren't you with Dawn?"

"Xander is sitting with her. So is Teal'c, I think. Buffy is finally getting some sleep. I need your help with something."

"I'll do what I can. What do you need?"

"Where did the computer from the warehouse go?"

"Currently my office. Why?" Changing her direction to walk toward her office, she kept up with the conversation.

"I want to get into it, see what they knew, what they found out, and if there's anything else that would be of the good to know."

"It's probably heavily encripted. You won't be able to simply open a file and read it." Unlocking the door, she waved Willow through.

"Jolinar died to save you, you were trapped in a computer, you send regular e-mails to a 'petethecop', and recently you put in an order for electric blue motorcycle paint. If I can crack the out of this world encryption you use for the SGC computers I think that the odds of my being able to read that computer is more than likely. In fact it will be cake-y if they still use the codes they used five or six years ago." A quirk of a smile was the only movement on the tired girls face.

"How do you know all that? No one knows about the blue paint. What do you mean still using old codes?"

"I hacked into their systems years ago. While I was typing a paper for freshman lit class. If I want and need to, I can mulit-task."

"From what Daniel says, your Council is a simple research group. Why would you need to get into a rogue military operation?" Finally getting one of Dawn's friends cornered, Sam wanted some answers.

"At that time we wern't the Council, we were on our own. The Old Council never opened a book, they sat around drinking tea condemning girls to death. We needed to find out what was going on under the local college campus. We knew they were doing something with demons. We needed to stop Walsh's creation, Adam." Getting settled on a stool, Willow opened up her laptop.

"If you hate the Council so much why did you agree to work for them?"

"Work for them, never. Think of it like a family of high class and social standing, who after hundreds of years has a bastard child. That kid is the family outcast, never spoken to or about. Then with out warning a fueding clan takes out the whole arrogant family, except for the bastard outcast. The whole inheritance goes to that one kid. The outcast now rules the whole empire. Think of us as that bastard kid and their questionable friends."

"How did we get from hacking computers to bastard children?"

"It's not important. Take me to your computers."

"Okay, but somtime I want the story in non-babble explination."
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