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Dawn's New Job

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Summary: When the SGC needs a female translator, the President calls the Scoobies. A frustrated Dawn takes the job.

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Stargate > Dawn-CenteredIndraLeighFR134138,27828314438,16612 Jan 0512 Feb 08Yes
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Not having had a chance to eat since he had arrived on Earth, Jacob made his way to the cafeteria. Full plate in hand he searched for someplace to sit in the partially filled room. Seeing the Xander kid at an empty table he headed over to him.


"Jacob, please sit. I'm not much company, but I don't bite."

"How old are you Xander?"

"25. Dawn's 21. By the calendar we are young. By experience we're older than dirt."

"Okay, where are the others in your group that were with us in the warehouse? And who are they?" Gesturing with his fork, Jacob was realizing what Jack meant about don't ask, don't tell.

"You could say that Jenn and Tiff have the same calling as Buffy. Andrew is the resident geek and cook back home, he is spending a couple weeks with Dawn and Jenn. The only way to describe Illyria is simply Illyria. They all headed back to Dawn and Jenn's house for a bite of food and a couple more weapons. Then they were going back out to do a demon crowd control about the town, and to resweep the warehouse that Dawn was held in."

An eye patch dropped onto the table between the two men. Sitting down in the empty seat between the men Buffy took a bite of food off of Xander's plate. "This got mixed up in my stuff, Xan."

"Thanks. I was wondering where it was." The dark haired man rubbed his hands over his face, pushing the eye patch out of his way. Thereby allowing Jacob a glimpse of the scarred location where his left eye should have been.

"What the hell happened kid?"

"Someone didn't like what I saw."

"And I led you right to him." Grimly, Buffy stood up, took a slow few steps from the table that increased to a run out of the room.

"Ya know the saying 'hindsight is 20/20'?" Watching his friend leave, Xander posed a question to the bewildered man.


"I lost my eye in the middle of a hard time when it seemed like the whole world was against us. Many things could and probably should have been done differently. Since we heard that Dawn had gotten kidnapped, she hasn't let the worry or fear out. And now she can. She will probably find a punching bag to annihilate."

"It's Friday, you all are supposed to be at home getting ready for a date to the movies. Not in a military base waiting around a kidnapped friend's bed. Especially not missing an eye."

Daniel and Teal'c silently strode to the part of the SGC where the brig was housed. Nodding hello at Ferretti, they approached the bars of the cells. "Looks like you two fell down some stairs."


From his post by the door Ferretti ticked off on his fingers, "Fell down stairs, slipped on some soap, tripped by a black cat in his path, got between Willingham and Ziegler, when Ziegler tried to punch Willingham after he insulted his mother. Was a good right hook. Then the other guy got in Willingham's way when he tried to retaliate."

"What possessed you to do that to a young girl? Wait, don't answer that Conrad we know what got into you. But what about you army man?" Daniel waited unsuccessfully for an answer as the two prisoners stewed in silence. After a couple of moments, he and Teal'c nodded thanks to Ferretti and the guys guarding the prisoners as they left to return to the infirmary for their turn of keeping Dawn company.

The young woman slept, a still figure in the crisp hospital bed. A young man had fallen asleep with his head next to her feet on a purloined pillow. The slightly older blond woman braided the sleeping girl’s hair as she quietly talked to her. A man in fatigues stood next to the shorter dark haired woman in a lab coat. They stood, an intimidating wall, between the hurt girl and the chaotic world demanding vengeance for her pain.

"Major Carter, I have observed that WillowRosenberg has not eaten in some time. I do not believe that it would be wise to drag her to the cafeteria for food in that manner of O'Neill making you and DanielJackson eat when you are acting in the same manner."

"You're probably right Teal'c. So instead of the Colonel dragging Mohammed to the mountain we will take the mountain to Willow." Leaving their hovering post out side the infirmary the two friends tried to distract themselves from worry with something productive.

"We are in a mountain and I do no think that I have met this Mohammed."

"It's an expression. Right now, instead of dragging Willow to food we will take some food to Willow."

"Acceptable plan of action."

Dawn's office, or large storage room that she simply moved in and took over, was over come with the computers from the warehouse, the Scooby’s stuff, and Willow's own personal laptop. Red hairs threaded between keys on the keyboard when the hacker had fallen asleep mid-snoop into the files. Carter reached over Willow with plate of assorted sandwich fixings. Willow jerked awake, only to be greeted with a flashback from a nightmare. The cheese slices had been placed on the top of the various items on the plate.

"No cheese man, please."

The loud panicked exclamation startled Carter so much that she nearly dropped the plate. Xander banged into the door frame as he threw his body into the room. Taking stock of the situation he slid between Willow and the plate. "No cheese man. No murdering first slayer. Hey, I slayed all the cheese slices in the cafeteria myself. Looked like a dinner knife porcupine."


"Yes, my best-est friend. You did good to day. You were in control and careful. You did what was needed and didn't allow your self to go overboard."

"You're right as usual Xan."

"Good, now you need to eat."

"Thanks Sam, Teal'c. What kind of cookies do you like, since I scared you?"

“Willow with the cookie making, I don’t think that’s needed right now. How about you make some for the post kidnapping party?”
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