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Dawn's New Job

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Summary: When the SGC needs a female translator, the President calls the Scoobies. A frustrated Dawn takes the job.

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Stargate > Dawn-CenteredIndraLeighFR134138,27828314438,04012 Jan 0512 Feb 08Yes
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“Okay, I think that we’re all here.”

“Coffee… Xander.”

Walking into the room to set a mug on top of the stack of Willow’s notes Xander explained, “First drinking of the caffeine-y goodness that is coffee. Then the sharing of what she found in the bad guys computer.”

“Ahh, now that makes sense.”

Willow curled around the steaming mug allowing the heat and fragrance to wake her up. Shuffling through papers she ignored Xander as he collapsed into the next chair rather than gracefully sit. “Ya know how we thought that MacNamara died? Well he did. The NID took his body and stuck him in a sarcophagus. They didn’t know at the time that he had already been chipped a couple times also. That combination really messed with his brain. He and the Goa’uld were let loose. They were put in charge of the facility we crashed. They had no real defined objective; they only obeyed their own obsessions. Conrad wanted power and MacNamara wanted to control his army that was dangled in front of him at the Initiative. Those two methodical bastards recorded every single thing they did to Dawn.”

Willow looked to be undecided between tears of sympathy or raging anger. Around the conference table Dawn’s family, SG-1, Jacob, General Hammond, and Dr. Janet Fraiser wanted answers and vengeance. Carefully enunciating each word, trying to avoid an emotional eruption, Buffy demanded, “What did they do to Dawn?”

“They took her because she was suddenly hired from obscurity to a part of the top team in the SGC and they wanted to know what made her so special. They used her as a lab rat. She was stuck in that room with no light and loud static with no food or water. Repeatedly they would inject her with some drug and then something called a hand device was applied, finished by throwing her against a wall. Each time every half an hour for seven hours. Frequently they would take a sample of her blood. Conrad destroyed the samples as we were storming into their stronghold. By now I bet that Blue, Jenn, and Tiff have leveled the place.”

Slight grins at the thought of mass destruction Xander and Buffy nodded at each other, pleased with the newer slayers accomplishment. Carter leaned over toward Willow twisting her neck to see the laptop screen next to Willow’s print outs. “Can I see your findings?”

As Xander pulled out his ringing cell phone and stepped to the corner for privacy, Willow slid her laptop toward the scientist. After a brief and hushed exchange he turned to the table. “Faith is on the edges of the town. She passed Riley. He was sitting on the side of the road in a delivery van. I told her to get with the girls to finish cleaning up the bad guy’s base.”

Jack and Buffy’s questions fought for attention; did she come alone and who is Faith?

“Faith has the same job and title as Buffy and she brought 3 of her girls with her.”

Pushing red hair out of her face Willow scrunched up her face in confusion, “She got here fast. Where did she come from?”

Sitting back down he repeated, “According to her, Texas has got some nice cowboys for roping.”

“Will anyone else be joining you?” Taking notes General Hammond tried to keep track of the comings and goings of everyone.

“Giles would, but he’s busy in England with the whelps there.”

Janet spoke up with a query from her area of expertise, “Was there a name for what she was injected with?”

“Only Compound A, B, and C. I didn’t find anything other than that little bit.” Selecting the relevant page Willow handed it to the physician.

“If this is all you have for me I’m going to get something to eat on my way back to the infirmary. Dawn’s resting comfortably and her vital signs are gradually but steadily improving.”

“Thanks for taking care of her Doctor.”

“I also found what could be called an address book. Names and locations of who knew what was going on. Either they were simply aware of the actions or they somehow enabled them to happen. People from both the NID and The Initiative are on the list.”

Upon seeing a few expressions change from rage to what he knew was a desire for vengeance, General Hammond spoke up. “SG-1 with Miss Summers injured and out of active duty, I am placing you all on an off duty roster until Dawn is cleared for duty. Is that acceptable to you?”

“Perfectly General. How would you all like to come up to my cabin to go fishing for a while?” Standing up Jack asked everyone sitting at the table.

“Yes, Sir.”

“From my previous fishing trip with O’Neill, I was instructed that the correct battle tactics included, first the throwing of all phones into the lake.” Teal’c nodded toward his leader in battle and civilian endeavors.

“Officially, get off the base and take a vacation. Unofficially, make sure they pay for hurting one of us. We take care of ours and Dawn is one of us. Buffy, Willow, and Xander, it is a pleasure to meet you, but as it often happens for me to meet families I wish it were under more pleasant circumstances. While you are in the SGC please keep to the infirmary, Dawn’s office, the cafeteria, and the guest quarters assigned to you.”

As the varied group walked out of the conference room Buffy leaned over to Xander and Willow, “Why did he tell them to go on vacation?”

“It’s like if when we were in high school, if we were to go off and do something with out telling Giles about it, if we got into trouble with Snider and if Giles had no idea what was going on then he couldn’t be held responsible for us skipping school to check out bodies in the city morgue.”

“Or like when the girls took your car for a joyride last week and got some tickets.”
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