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Dawn's New Job

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Summary: When the SGC needs a female translator, the President calls the Scoobies. A frustrated Dawn takes the job.

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Stargate > Dawn-CenteredIndraLeighFR134138,27828314438,12412 Jan 0512 Feb 08Yes
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Chinese and Pizza

On his way out of the mountain General Hammond stopped by the infirmary. Surprised
at the sight of a fairly empty room he pulled a chair over to Janet’s desk, passing a
sleeping Dawn on the way. “Where is every one? I was expecting a packed room.”

“With Dawn improving I kicked SG-1 out and off base. Willow said something about a
list and they took off. SG-2 and 3 are taking turns sitting by Dawn. For some reason
both teams have taken her under their wings.”

“How is she really doing?”

“The drugs she was given are slowly working out of her systems. She is in a really deep
sleep. That sleep is allowing her body to concentrate on healing its self. She is nearly a
solid bruise from the hand device slamming her into a wall numerous times. I bet that
will probably be the worst physical pain she’ll have from this for a few weeks. My
prognosis is for a complete recovery in almost a month.”

“A full recovery is good to hear. I hate that we need you here Dr. Fraiser.”

“When someone is brought in here hurt and bleeding I really hate the fact that as a doctor
I am needed because people get hurt. But when they walk out of here I’m glad I was here
and able to help.” She emptied her mug, stained from much use, with a grimace from the
now cool coffee.

The tired man stood up and resting a hand on her shoulder he requested, “Get some sleep
yourself, Janet.”

“I will, General.”

The cluster of people over crowded the concrete steps between a shrub on the edge of
turning brown and a sturdy door. Everyone wearing comfortable casual clothing. Death
stares were mutually traded before an older man nodded toward a young man whose hand
was poised to knock on the door. “Mr. Nameless, what are you doing here?”

“Same question, only I know your name, Colonel Jonathan O’Neill.”

“You’re former Initiative, what makes you think that they’ll welcome you?”

“Why would Dawn’s working at Deep Space Radar Telemetry result in her getting
kidnapped and tortured?”

The tense stand off between SG-1 and Riley and crew was interrupted by a Chinese take
out delivery guy cutting through to knock on the door. Counting out cash Xander didn’t
notice anyone until he had the bags of food in hand.

“Guys! Save the if looks could kill for the baddies. Come on in.”

Going through the front door the first thing visible in the house was Xander organizing
take out on the garage sale coffee table in front of the couch.

“Got enough food Harris?”

“You explain it Riley.”

“Who all is here?” Settling into the couch Riley pulled his wife, Sam, down next to him.

“Me, one witch, one geek, seven slayers, and Illyria.”

“That much food wouldn’t even feed three of them. I’m guessing there is pizza coming.”

“You mean like maybe four or five larges?” Hungry and hoping for left overs Jack
headed to the kitchen.

“More like six larges from two places.” Willow announced as she set some plates next to
the food. “I’ll call the girls in once the rest of the food gets here.”

“What all slayers are here?”

“Yeah, we want to know who they are and what slayers and the chick with blue hair?”

“You’ve been working with Dawn for close to six months. What do you all know?
Because she almost has the Willow babble mastered and I wanna know how much she’s
spilled.” Xander pulled out the egg roll box and started to much on one.

“She is a multi-lingual skilled translator. She is the only one on base who thinks Teal’c’s
Jaffa Jokes are funny.”

“Every one in her family has threatened us. She’s been kidnapped lots of times, and she
has fought in a good verses evil war against demons and vampires.” Jack interrupted
what he knew would be a long Daniel presentation that would wonder and change topics

Picking up a box of food Buffy perched herself on the back of the couch. “Still fights in
the war, we all do. Exactly who or what are you Jacob? We want to know that first.”

“Jacob Carter, Sam’s dad.” Jacob and SG-1 uneasily shifted with his casual explanation.

“Try again, Mr. My Body-is-a-temple-and-I-have-a-resident-worshiper. The files we read
don’t explain your vibes.”

“Did she just say vibes, Xander?”

“I think she did, Willow. Should we check her temperature?”

“I’m fine. We’ve read all the files on SG-1 and the general base reports.”

Jacob twisted to fully face Willow, Xander, and Buffy. “Do you know who the Tok’ra

“Reformed bad guy fighting from inside, but always putting them selves first.”

“Selmac is my inner worshiper as you called her. I am a Tok’ra. The NID hurt Sam and
Dawn. I’ve met Dawn twice and I don’t like it when someone is not nice to those I care

“Okay. That is Riley, Sam, and Graham. We trust them and they know some of our
history.” Buffy pointed to each as she introduced them.

“What little bit of history that could be gotten out of deranged conversations with you
guys.” Riley snorted, remembering some of the conversations during snack food breaks
in patrols.

“No last names?” Daniel gestured to the trio.

“Two finn, too confusing.” Graham grinned at his oft told joke.

The roof rattled as multiple female voices yelled, “Food!”

After a brief pause the front door opened and a slender brown haired woman entered,
fetched a cooler from the kitchen, and on the way back out she paused to state, “We’re
eating on the roof because there isn’t any room in here.”

“Sounds good, we’ll let ya know when we get to deciding who gets who.”

“Eating on the roof?”

“Who are you people?” Confused and loud questions demanded attention.

Buffy sighed, “Are you sure you want to know?”
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