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Dawn's New Job

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Summary: When the SGC needs a female translator, the President calls the Scoobies. A frustrated Dawn takes the job.

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Stargate > Dawn-CenteredIndraLeighFR134138,27828314438,16612 Jan 0512 Feb 08Yes
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The people in the living room of the small house had divided into three clumps. Two groups of three and one group of five. One trio sat, chopsticks and food containers in hand, they ate and watched the stand off ignoring their dirty wrinkled clothes. Tension broke when Graham shifted his weight to reach behind him pulling a handful of wilting leaves from out of a pocket. “Leaves for you, Willow.”

Xander reached for the leaves asking, “Where did you guys come from?”


“Too many really long plane rides.”

“Himalayas, I think. Pass the beef and broccoli.”

Crowded on to a wide couch, the stiff and uncomfortable line up redirected their now astonished attention to the still eating trio.

“You flew in from the other side of the world on a rumor?”

“Yeah, for them, we just did and we would again.”

“Why? And Summers, yes we do want to know who you are.” Jack pointed at Riley then Buffy leaning around Teal’c so he could see every one.

Reaching his arm around Sam, Riley used a chopstick to stab a chunk of meat. “They saved Graham, me, and more then what would have survived if we were left to our own defense.”

Realizing her husband was only hungry and not wanting an embrace Sam lightly rapped his knuckles.

“What did you guys do?” Jacob

“We saved the world.” Carrying a camp chair from Dawn’s room Xander flippantly replied.

“A lot.” As she turned on her laptop, Willow stated the postscript to Xander’s retort.

“How did all you save the world and from what?”

“Look around, you’re floating.” Buffy waved her arm under couch that was now higher than the coffee table. The couch was large enough to seat three people comfortably, but it was constructed with wide arms that allowed Daniel and Jacob to sit along side their friends and team mates.

They all wiggled and squirmed, straining to see what Buffy meant by ‘floating’. Realizing he was now above the lamp on the side table Daniel yelped, leaning into Sam as he tried not to panic. As they were looking around for wires or a mechanical explanation, Xander narrated, “That’s Willow at work, and this is a Buffy special.”

Buffy knelt under the couch and mess of people, shifting around she pressed her hands to the framework and lifted until the ceiling and the top of Teal’c head made contact. Carefully wiggling her arms she used the ceiling to give the big man a noogie. Slightly jostling the couch as it was set down Buffy dropped it the last few inches. "Willow handles the mojo, Buffy does the heavy lifting, I do what I need to, and Andrew keeps us fed. Speaking of food, that looks great, Andrew."

Accepting saucers and forks from Andrew, Xander allowed them to have a moment to take in what they had just experienced. Willow cleared the coffee table off so Andrew could set down the still slightly warm and iced cake. Relieved of his burden he returned to the kitchen. "'There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio then are dremt of in your philosophy.' That is how we save the world. When Dawn is out of the infirmary then you can ask her all you want and she can decide what and how much to tell you."

"Shakespeare, Xander?"

"The girls in the film and literature classes made me help them with some project they were able to use for both classes."

"How are they doing in school?" Typing a few keys on her laptop, Willow inquired.

"The thespians just need to show up for the final performance to get an A, and Tracy and the film crew have to have an excellent final project to pass their class."

"Hey if we're not going to get any answers, can we at least get some cake?" The exasperated outburst demanded attention.

"Oh, Whoops sorry Jack. Dig in." Leaning over Willow's shoulder Buffy handed a serving knife to a hungery looking Jacob.

"I found my old files from the Initiative. Right now the computer is cross referencing and looking for any similarities between the Initiative files and what we got out from the warehouse.

"What was the Initiative? You all keep bringing it up, but never really say what it was." Reaching over Jacob for a slice of cake Daniel asked, again for the millionth time.

"Riley told you all you're cleared to know. It happened, they closed it down and saved our lives. And now it looks like there might be a few loose threads." Graham spoke up, careful not to wake the nearly asleep Finns next to him.

"Threads the size of huge hang-man's nooses. We have match number one. Lunar related behavioral and physiological doctor." Reading aloud Willow pointed to the highlighted information.

"Oz is trying out some clubs in Florida with The Dingos part two."

"I like it." Buffy scribbled down a notation of the address to pass on to Oz later.

"Lunar related?" Jacob nearly exploded from the loud outburst.

"Here is some paper and a pen, write down your questions so you can ask Dawnie later." Chuckling Xander passed over the mentioned items.

"That would be a good one for Faith and the crowd on the roof. With those two Blue would have a grand old time." Willow and Buffy pointed at names on the screen making notes of who was going where. No one was going to get left out of learning the lesson of "stop messing with demons, our world, and our FAMILY."

Daniel snitched the paper and made a disorganized list of words and phrases, Jack occasionally pointed and mumbled something for Daniel to also write down. Xander had curled up in a recliner with his second piece of cake as Willow and Buffy divided up names and locations.

"We can give the sleeping commandos that guy."

"I remember that name. Not a nice person. Let Ri and Graham give that one some 'vitamins'." The discussion was interrupted by a loud collection of thumps coming from the roof.

"Faith and the girls can have that one before they destroy the house." After copying the name and location Willow flung open the front door, standing on the porch she yelled up, "Get down here, please."

Seven young women walked into the now fully packed living room. Stepping up onto an end table Willow announced, "Here is the name and address of one of the people in charge of The Initiative, and the attack on Dawn. Have fun. Suzy is the Slayer of the area, give her a holler if you need something."

After receiving a torn scrap of paper Faith led five of the girls out of the house, leaving behind a skinny brown haired slightly nerdy looking woman behind. As Jacob stared at her, she angled her head and peered back at him. Unmoving she ignored the quiet discussion behind her.

"Blue, you up for some violence?"

Slightly changing the angle of her gaze, the young woman carefully enunciated a flat response. "I have not torn the still beating heart out of an infected piece of muck and worn their spine as a crown for some time now. I hunger for a chance to be the God-Queen again."

"Sure.... Willow will send you there, and when you get finished Trucker can pick you up then you two can come back here and take us back home. We still have that clan of Vornash to deal with." Speaking around a big bite of frosting Xander out lined a plan to Illyria as Willow returned from Dawn's room with a day pack. Pulling out a few herbs and a stick of incense she prepared to transport Illyria using a less pure magic method. In the heat of a battle there really isn't time for finesse or a careful thought out transportation spell, pulling on magics at hand Willow did what she needed to as quickly as she could. Now, careful in her use of magic Willow performed a controlled transportation. During the initial preparation the woman's out fit had melted into a skin tight dark reddish sort of armor, the hair had gone from a wavy brown to straight and blue streaked. Startling blue skin tones framing her face, ice blue eyes stared down those who were unknown to her. Jumping in surprise more than one member of the SGC reached to where a weapon of some sort was normally worn. Wide eyed, Daniel scribbled notes, ever the academic. Disappearing in a spark that seemed to shimmer for a second Blue left the building.

Stammering for a coherent question to ask Sam Carter was interrupted by Xander's reminder. "All questions will be submitted in triplicate to Dawn when she is up to answering them."

Willow and Buffy's computer analysis was interrupted when the front door nearly exploded inward. "Where is she?"

"Safe. Bruised and completely drugged up at the base. Now we're working on the taking of names and kicking of asses. I'm betting you would like to help Giles." The ruffled middle aged man didn't have a chance to take of his over coat before he was squeezed in a hug from Buffy.

Wary of the wrathful glint in Giles' eye Jack leaned over to Teal'c and whispered, "I hope our names aren't on the list of asses to be kicked."

"No your names aren't on the list, but I would like to know who is on the list." After hanging up his coat Giles moved to stand behind the girls.

"Here is who hasn't been claimed yet and this is what I'm thinking." Moving her crude drawings so everyone could see them Willow leaned back into her chair, bringing the whole cake pan with her, skipping the niceties of using a plate.

Xander's quote comes from Shakespeare's play Hamlet. I don't own Hamlet either.
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