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Dawn's New Job

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Summary: When the SGC needs a female translator, the President calls the Scoobies. A frustrated Dawn takes the job.

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Stargate > Dawn-CenteredIndraLeighFR134138,27828314438,07812 Jan 0512 Feb 08Yes
CoA Winner

The Smackdown, part 1


"I'm Oz, and you now have silver jewelry in new piercings, and an infected cut. Tomorrow is a full moon and I also called a dinner club and told them the location of a were."
As the young man stood up from his crouching position and walked away from a very sturdy looking cage, the silk pajama wearing man reached his right hand out to touch his cage as his left index finger traced the eye brow and nose piercings. A gauze bandage, splash of red on clean white was taped to a naked chest. As the young man turned to walk out the front door of the Doctor's home, the caged man recognized the werewolf that was in his clutches in Sunnydale.


Faith and Her Girls

"I see you're awake Mr. Big Shot. Now don't talk, just listen. Allow me to introduce us. I am the composer for tonight’s concert. Surrounding you is Sharp, Blount, Loud, Hot and Cold."

Eyes wide the lab coat wearing man slowly gazed at the six young women around him. Expressionless teenaged girls each held something in their hands; a long serrated knife reflecting the bright fluorescent light, a wooden baseball bat and wide board alternately swung in lazy circles, sitting on large speakers tinkering with a hand held electronic music player, foot resting on a five gallon gasoline can a lighter was flicked on and off in a small dainty hand, blocks of ice some chipped into smaller sizes.

"Should I start with all the instruments in my orchestra at once or do you think it would be better if we go for a slow building crescendo? Maybe we could put in one of your records and let the music inspire us?"

"He passed out, Faith. It smells like he crapped in his pants." Sharp stated, sliding the knife back into the sheath and wrinkling her nose.

"I have some cards. Who's up for a game of poker till he wakes up?"


Riley, Sam, and Graham

“Colonel there are some agents asking to speak with you. I tried to tell them that you can not be interrupted, but they demanded that you be told 'HST's aren't the only thing that can bite back.' Do you want me to call the M.P.'s?"

"No. Let them in. And why don't you go ahead and call it a day Marilyn."

"Yes, Sir."

Tucking away a file or two the Colonel warily looked to the three people stepping into his office. "You wanted to see me?"

"We heard that you still have your fingers in The Initiative pot and you’re trying to stir up the NID kettle."

"If I am or not, what can you do about? You're three grunts who most likely won't be believed." Shoving forward a fake confidence, hands clenching on the edge of the desk, skin tone turning ashen.

"All four of us are going for a walk, seeing as you let your secretary head home early we don't have to worry about raising suspicion getting you out of here." The woman spoke as the two men stepped to stand on both sides of the Colonel.

Jerking awake to a noise the Colonel tried to move around to determine where he was. Looking around, in the shadows, human figures were distinguishable. "Excuse me, but could you untie me, please?"

"Dinner is awake. So much more enjoyable to hear it beg." As the figures approached yellow eyes searched for the best place to feast upon from under ridged foreheads.



Looking like green bed sheets draped over furniture SG teams 2 and 3 had fallen asleep where they sat. The eight soldiers had found a friend in the young woman who didn't treat them as mindless grunts. A fellow champion in the 'Who Will Eat The Weirdest Stuff' competitions, Dawn would eat, joke, and work out with the men when she was free on base. In return for formally teaching Dawn to defend her self, she was teaching them how to speak and understand a few of the common off world languages.

The lax hand resting on top of the starched crisp white blanket twitched a couple of times unnoticed.
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