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Dawn's New Job

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Summary: When the SGC needs a female translator, the President calls the Scoobies. A frustrated Dawn takes the job.

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Stargate > Dawn-CenteredIndraLeighFR134138,27828314438,16612 Jan 0512 Feb 08Yes
CoA Winner

The Smackdown, part 2

Note: Dawn was taken on Tuesday late night, Wednesday about sunset she was rescued, Saturday the events of Smackdown part 1 occurred.


The enjoyment of a late evening drink was suddenly interrupted as a slim figure in blue and reddish tones picked up the slightly portly man as he was held, suspended little more than a foot in the air. Disbelief at the intrusion eroded into fear what was being calmly pondered by the emotionless oddity seeped into the man's greedy mind.

"Shall I slowly peel your skin away and pull your puny muscles from your bones, or do you wish for me to tear apart your limbs? I will grasp your beating heart in my hand. I desire more than simply reaching into your chest and removing such a play thing. I was going to wear your spine for a crown but I have heard of using the rib cage for a hat, perhaps I will adorn my self with both."

"This isn't Halloween you delusional freak." Bravado and condescension in voice as his hands strain trying to pull the vise grip from his night clothes.

"I will pull you apart in small parts. Starting with a finger, then a toe."

Still in the glow of new love the couple next doors activities were interrupted by girlish screams coming through the wall. "Well honey if the neighbors are watching a movie that loud, surely they won't mind if I make you scream for me."


Giles and Jacob

As Giles handed Jacob a glass containing a dark liquid he pointed toward the two men bound to chairs in a large empty room. "See if you let them wake up on their own slowly you get to watch them remember where they are and how it came to happen."

"True but it can be entertaining to revive them suddenly, like a bucket of ice water to the head. This tastes great, I haven't had a good Root Beer in forever." Finishing the last of his soda he set the glass on the floor and picked up a bucket. Quickly he tossed the contents onto one of the prisoners.

"Both methods have their good points."

The water covered man's yells woke his fellow prisoner who demanded, "Who are you? What do you want with us?"

"Do the names Dawn Summers and Samantha Carter ring a bell? You stalked and kidnapped out daughters. So we kidnapped you. As for what we want... well you really can’t compare interrogation or torture techniques with out subjects can you?"

"Say Rupert have you ever tied someone down over the entrance of one of those biting ant hills?"

"I haven't. But I have heard that it has bloody spectacular results."

"Let's go try it out."


SG-1 and Scoobies

Fairly early Sunday morning, Senator Kinsey walked into the dining room of his home as he finished adjusting his tie. Shocked to attention as he realized he wasn’t alone. His dining room table supported about three boxes of donuts with newspapers scattered all over the surface. Seven people had made them selves comfortable in his home; four of whom being SG-1 with three strangers.

"Morning, hope you don’t mind we let our selves in. We brought our own paper to read. We haven’t touched yours, we didn't want you to get in a tizzy because some one switched the order of the sports and entertainment sections before you had a chance to read it."

"Please sit, have a donut. There is a great bakery down the street from here." Nudging the box forward Xander offered to share his bounty, "They had six kinds of jelly filling."

"Hey kiddies this article says it looks like some wild animals attacked a Doctor in his home, but they can't find his body anywhere." Jack summarized his reading as he licked a spot of sprinkles and icing off of his hand.

"What the paper doesn't say is that the doctor did his experiments in the Initiative and a werewolf we know gave him a taste of his own medicine yesterday evening." Xander and Willow battled in a game of rock paper scissors for the last custard filled donut as Buffy elaborated.

"You have got to see the pictures that go with this article. Apparently the police got anonymous tips that a certain senator that you know quite well is involved with drugs and let’s just say the kind of stuff that would be on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. When the police radioed his house the senator was found in his bed surrounded by the remains of a busy time with ladies of the street. He was babbling on about no more music and an all girls torture orchestra. His physical condition was of a strenuous night in bed, but his rantings and yellings gave authorities reason to keep him under a psychiatric watch. I don't think that you will be able to count on him from now on."

"Work of Faith and the swarm of girls or Blue, I think you called her?" Sam wondered trying to keep track of who had who.

"The Swarm, I got a call from Trucker earlier. She picked up Illyria who now has some ribs and a spine. According to Trucker, who made me promise to quote her exactly, 'She's being all girly, askin’ does my crown of ribs make me look fat?"

"Didn't we tell you to sit down and eat something Kinsey?"

"Indeed I believe we did XanderHarris."

Recognizing the name Kinsey quickly dropped into a chair just now starting to worry about why he had breakfast guests, and loosing some of his arrogance of being able to punish intruders into his home.

The loud crash of metal on metal sounded from the kitchen as Andrew nearly danced out clutching a spatula and a whisk. "His kitchen is amazing, you should see the oven. Can we get on of those for our new kitchen at headquarters?"

As she reached for the comics under Daniel's elbow Willow yelled, "Call Zoey, she's in charge of purchasing."

"Is that recognition I spy? So do you know of us from Initiative files or what?"

"Originally mentioned in the files by quick reference, but I looked into who you all are. I know who and what you are now. Join with me and we can rule Earth and the galaxy together. I offer you the stars as you rule the night." Power hungry conniving snake Kinsey offered his grand plan on a silver platter.

"Well that sounds all sorts of fun, but last Tuesday a new member of the Stargate Command was kidnapped and experimented on. You have been combining your NID and the Initiative." Ramrod straight posture Buffy didn't release Kinsey's gaze.

"What you didn't know was that new member of the SGC you ordered taken and given to MacNamara and Conrad, is Dawn Summers. She is also known as the head translator for the Slayers and Watchers Council International. I don't think that got you on their good side." Grinning as he explained his enemy's folly, Jack didn't notice when Teal'c took his donut out of his hand, tore off a bite and replaced it back into his grasp.

Daniel pulled a note card out of his shirt pocket, "This is what we decided we're going to do. Do you want to read it your self or would you rather I read it to you?"

"Let me see just what you think you're going to do to me." Reaching in front of Sam he pulled the note card out of Daniel's hand.

"I will never do any of this, no wonder Wash tried to have you eliminated Summers. You’re crazy if you think this will happen."

"We will do all that. Just sit back and watch." Willow scooted her chair back and tilting it, she rested her feet on the table.
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