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Dawn's New Job

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Summary: When the SGC needs a female translator, the President calls the Scoobies. A frustrated Dawn takes the job.

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Stargate > Dawn-CenteredIndraLeighFR134138,27828314438,12512 Jan 0512 Feb 08Yes
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Waking up

Pushing the blinking button General Hammond answered the phone not paying attention to who was calling. “Hammond.”

“It’s Janet, she’s about to wake up.”

“I’ll be right there.”

Calmly walking toward the infirmary Hammond nodded to various people going about normal activities on base. Out side of the infirmary it had been a fairly sedate and quiet week. The illusion of normalcy lasted until the man walked into the crowded room. Slightly leaning toward the sentry at the door he asked, “Where is SG’s 2 and 3?”

“They went to keep an eye on the two prisoners, Sir.”

Nodding acknowledgment he moved to stand near the foot of Dawn’s bed next to Dr. Janet Frasier. “She is still in a lot of pain and with the various unfamiliar compounds in her system I’m hesitant about giving her anything to relieve the pain.”

“Janet her eyes are opening.”

Janet moved to grasp gently hold Dawn’s left hand. “Hey Dawn. How are you feeling?”

Softly rasping voice answered, “Truck splatter. What happened?”

Fiddling with a bit of Dawn’s hair Buffy briefly explained, “You we’re kidnapped, labrat-age ensued.”

“Oh, everyone safe?”

“We’re all good.”

Slipping back to sleep Dawn’s face relaxed as everyone in the room started to smile. Dawn was getting better.

As General Hammond was approaching his office Major Paul Davis nearly ran up to him in the grey hallway. “General Hammond, I have orders from the President for you, and they are rather pressing.”

“What are they?”

“You are to allow the transfer of your prisoners to the team from some group called the SWCI, whoever they are. They will be waiting at the front gate at three o’clock today.”

Glancing at his watch he abruptly changed directions, “That’s in twenty minutes, Major. We need to move.”

Bursting in the possibly over guarded room General Hammond announced, “We have orders to turn over the prisoners.”

After a allowing SG teams 2 and 3 to realize that they were loosing control of the people who hurt Dawn, and the resulting out cry, Hammond further explained, “We have been ordered to turn them over to a team from Dawn’s former employers.”

Watching the soldier’s rapid compliance Davis asked, “Who’s Dawn?”

General Hammond and Major Davis followed the eight members of two SG teams and a few guards picked up in the hallway as they kept multiple zats and guns on McNamara and Conrad as the group made their way to the entrance of the mountain.

The guards at the gate reached the point of extreme uneasiness. One young man and eight young women had loudly arrived in two cars about twenty to twenty five minutes ago. In a small clump they were loud but made no move toward the gate or in any threatening manner, until a mass of uniformed men exited the mountain and walked to the gate. General Hammond led the group stopping right at the gate to call out, “Who is in charge?”

The young man stepped forward, “I’ve been authorized to take the prisoners under our control.”

When the young man finished speaking the women behind him suddenly had weapons in hand, all pointed at the two prisoners who were being forced to walk to the unusually scary looking women holding a range of weapons, crossbows, axes, and a scary jagged edged sword.

“Little girls? You’re turning us over to them? I thought you wanted us behind bars. Not free to run when their playing with their dolls.” Amazed McNamara started laughing, only stopping when the young man drolly informed him.

“Seven of these girls are slayers and one is even more powerful.” Professional and all business, until he turned to ask the girl nearest him, “How was that? Was I good? Come on tell me.”

One of the two older women walked up to Hammond, and spoke reminding him of Texas. “Could you tell Giles that the girls have the muck, please?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“She’s waking up again. Hey Dawn.” Willow softly said as Dawn shifted under the covers.

“What happened?”

“You did shrooms and got ate by a bear.”

“Oh, so Faith was here then.”

“Wakey wakey Dawn.” SG-2 had kicked every one else out so they could get some sleep and or food.

“Hey guys, why am I in a bed?”

“You ate some really weird stuff off world, well actually you ate it after we mixed it with an MRE.”

“Oh ew, what was I thinking?”

“Danny, your turn to explain it.”

Thanks Jack.” Leaning toward Dawn Daniel quickly tried to think of something to say. Only to speak in Russian when she woke.

“Is it okay that she doesn’t remember what happened to her?” Xander asked Janet as she checked the machines monitoring Dawn’s condition.

“She is doing great. Have you noticed that each time she wakes up she manages to say a few more words and longer sentences before she falls back into a healing sleep?”

“Yeah, thanks Doc.”

Ruffling Xander’s hair Janet noticed Dawn’s open eyes and before she could say something she announced, “Congratulations Dawn, it’s a girl, and a boy.”

“Did she just faint?”

“If she wasn’t healing do you think I would have done that?”

Moving her hand to brush against Xander’s she woke the tired man to ask him, “How did I get here?”

“You went suck face with Clem.”

“And I survived, wow.”


“This house was put on the market just yesterday. It was Senator Kinsey’s residence for when he was here in Washington.” The real estate agent showed the couple around the house as the kids checked out all the nooks and crannies of the house.

“Why is he selling the place?”

“I was told that the house was too large for just him and he was going to be looking for some where smaller to live.”

“It’s perfect. We’ll take it.”
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