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Dawn's New Job

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Summary: When the SGC needs a female translator, the President calls the Scoobies. A frustrated Dawn takes the job.

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Stargate > Dawn-CenteredIndraLeighFR134138,27828314438,12512 Jan 0512 Feb 08Yes
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Coffee and a Visitor

General Hammond softly walked into the infirmary, stopping to stand next to Giles. Brushing his fingers across the seated mans shoulder he quietly spoke. "Mr. Giles, May I speak with you please?"

"Of course General. Would it be possible to get something to drink, perhaps some tea?" Rising from his chair Giles slowly turned away from his family crowded around the bed of his injured daughter.

"I have coffee in my office."

"Coffee will suffice."

Conversation ceased until Giles nearly plopped into a chair in front of Hammond's desk as Hammond poured the coffee. Handing over a full mug he started to speak. "I was ordered by the President to turn over McNamara and Conrad to the SWCI. When we handed them over I was asked to give you a message of 'the girls have the muck.' Why you? I thought that they were Dawn's former employers. I thought you were just her father, why do they want you informed? How did they know you are here?"

"Officially I am in charge of the SWCI. All those kids down there and those you met topside are family. Some of us have been together for years, some not so long. Dawn's father abandoned her, Buffy, and their mother, Joyce, years ago. I don't know who got the prisoners transferred to the girls." Sipping from the mug of hot liquid Giles explained.

General Hammond, the man in charge of a top secret vital organization, sighed before offering Giles a frustrated explanation. "I don't like having so many people on my base that I don't know. The President's instructions were not to ask questions of the SWCI or any of its employees. The SWCI is as vital to Earth's security as the SGC is. Officially I can’t ask but I really want to know, what you do, why do you have pretty much free reign, and what history or reasons are there for the President suggesting Dawn to us ?"

"As to what we do, let's just leave that to each their own. Dawn approves of what you do and that is all I need to know. If you want to know what we do ask Dawn sometime and she can tell you."

"Mr. Giles, I'm glad Dawn is safe, but honestly I'm looking forward to when she has recovered and we can get back to what is normal for us and you can return to your life off my base." The General's movement of his mug to swallow the last of the coffee was interrupted by the wail of the alarm followed by the announcement of unscheduled incoming wormhole.

The two men hurried into the control room in time to hear the identification called out of the Tok'ra coming to visit. After the gate closed behind the one female Tok'ra Hammond spoke over the speaker into the gate room. "Anise, we weren't expecting you."

"General Hammond, I have come looking for Selmac." Slightly nodding in acknowledgement and greeting to the window she stood, not moving toward the door.

"Why don't you come on up to the conference room? I'll have someone get Jacob."

Once Anise and Jacob joined Hammond and Giles to sit at the conference table, Jacob spoke with an almost confused look on his face. "Why are you here Anise?"

"You did not return to our world after your last mission. That was eight days ago, no one has heard from you since then."

"I haven't gotten a chance to send any communications to the Tok'ra."

"And why not?" Disbelief fully coloring Anise’s voice as she demanded an explanation from the put upon Jacob. Giles and Hammond calmly sipped their coffee not wanting to draw Anises attention to them selves.

"Someone was kidnapped and needed rescuing, so we went and laid the smack down. I think that is the term I heard in use." Jacob's to the point short explanation caused Giles to almost snort his coffee.

"Who was it? Were Colonel O'Neill or Dr. Jackson hurt?"

"Calm down. Are you worried about your test subjects being hurt?"

"Jacob!" Shocked at her fellow Tok'ra insinuation in front of the two men, one of whom was a stranger.

"Sorry Anise, I'm just tired, worn out, and mad that someone could hurt an innocent young woman that much." Deflated Jacob pushed his chair away from the table to slouch down in his seat.

"Why haven't you used a healing device on them?" At her question, puzzled Giles turned to the General to silently repeat healing device.

"Janet is worried about putting her body through anything else and I don't want to risk my life by suggesting to use alien devices on her after she was tortured by a hand device. Her family is pretty intimidating, I don't want to get on their bad side by simply suggesting more alien devices."

"Perhaps I can speak to them." At Anise's confidant declaration, Giles and Jacob looked to Hammond leaving the decision to him, since he was the only one in the room with knowledge of Dawns condition and the items mentioned.

"You could try, but I will be there with everyone else. I think they are unarmed." General Hammond declared, rising from his chair.

"That's not saying much, like they need weapons to be lethal." Giles's retort drew an odd look from Jacob and Hammond.

Ignoring all but Jack, Anise waked right in front of him to announce. "Colonel O'Neill I want to offer the assistance of the Tok'ra to help heal the injured person."

"Whose the skank with demon filling?"

"Buffy meet Freya and Anise, as you love to put it Anise is the filling, like Jacob and Selmac, another Tok'ra." Daniel introduced and explained, surprisingly brief for him.

"Ah Willow, what's Toker mean?"

"Supposedly the Spike or Angel of the Goa'uld. Bad guys gone good, remember I explained it on the way to Kinsey‘s place." Still on the wind down from her magic and computer hacking migraine, her muffled words to remind Xander came from where she had rested her face in her arms on Dawn's bed.

"What do you get out of helping us?" One hand fiddling with Dawn's hair, Buffy cautiously asked.

"Only in the interest of improving the Tok'ra and Tauri Alliance." Anise's tone of voice clearly stating, you should know this you ignorant child.

Aggravated at Anise's nice but oh-so-fake front Jack sounded very much like Cordelia saying exactly what he thought. "You just want a guinea pig in your clutches Anise."

"Guinea pig, as in mad scientist experimenting on my sister? Answer this first are you here on your own or did some one send you?" Buffy's voice turned cold and demanding as she shifted to stand poised ready to eliminate any more threats to Dawn.

"I am able act with out consulting the ruling council for every action I make."

Rising from his chair Jack shortened her explanation, "She came alone, Summers."

"The injured person is Summers? The interesting girl I met before?" Perked up and interested Anise questioned.

"My sister, our family, and you ain’t getting her." Buffy got two steps closer to the drooling woman before Willow spoke up.

"Buff, if you hurt her Janet will have to fix her and won't be able to focus on Dawn."

"We could stuff her into a locked closet somewhere." Xander's seemingly flippant reply went unnoticed by General Hammond.

Unnoticed that is until Willow raised her head, blinked, and calmly stated, "Nah, chuck her through the gate and get her out of our hair."

Xander and Bufffy looked at each other for a second before simultaneously rushing to take hold of Anise. Buffy hugging her arms and torso as Xander grabbed her feet. Willow lead the procession to the gate room, gathering curious folks following behind on the way. Willow ran up the stairs to the dialing computers, Sam right on her heels. As Willow started furiously typing Xander and Buffy held the squirming Tok'ra at the base of the ramp.

Standing behind Willow, Sam nervously watched as a stranger typed on her computers. How does she know how to properly dial out?

Jack and Daniel about to collapse from laughing at the sight of Anise about to get tossed out on her ass by the seemingly harmless young family of Dawn. Jacob and Teal'c, to anyone who doesn’t know them, were stone expressionless statues. General Hammond could tell both men were amused and pleased by Anise's predicament. Hammond, his self, was pleased that someone was standing up against Anise, although worried about the fall out and how it would effect future relations.

Fighting to get loose from her captors, she fought even as she was tossed though the shimmering blue threshold to where willow dialed.

"That was great Summers."

"It did feel pretty good. No one will ever Frankenstein my sister if we have anything to say about it."

"Where did we send her Willow?" Xander looked toward the grinning hacker who nodded toward Sam.

"Sam was mumbling coordinates under her breath so I used them."

"Where'd she go, Carter?"

"Oompa Loompa land."

"Brilliant. The land of singing Oompa Loompas that you have to sing with for a really long day before they let you dial out." Taking his glasses off, Daniel wiped his eyes as he spoke.

"Sounds like Dawn would have a blast there."

"She loved it."
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