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Dawn's New Job

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Summary: When the SGC needs a female translator, the President calls the Scoobies. A frustrated Dawn takes the job.

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Stargate > Dawn-CenteredIndraLeighFR134138,27828314438,07812 Jan 0512 Feb 08Yes
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Home yet?

A few minutes after Anise was escorted out of the SGC Jacob left for the Tok'ra's current base. About that same time someone referred to as Robin called Xander and what ever was said caused Giles, Buffy, Xander, and Willow to nearly run out of the mountain. After the sudden decline of people in the conference room General Hammond took a moment to sit in the silence before walking into his office and picking up the prominent red phone.

"Mr. President. General Hammond, I'm calling to let you know what has happened here in the last few days. Well I can only tell you what I know."

"Yes sir, recent events did involve them."

"Dawn Summers, the translator you suggested to us has been an asset to the SGC, but she was kidnapped a week ago. I found out about this when SG-1 showed up in my office demanding vacation time and they brought civilians into the mountain. For the most part I only got partial names."

"Yes Sir, those are the names of the civilians."

"Currently Dawn Summers is being carefully watched by Dr. Fraiser, SG-1 seems to have moved into the infirmary, Dawn has been working mostly with them. Dawn's family was here but they left in a hurry about twenty minutes ago."

General Hammond randomly shuffled papers as he listened to the phone, nodding periodically. "It will take some time but she is expected to make a full recovery. Yes Sir, I'll keep you appraised of everything here."


Feet up on a stool, cup of coffee in one hand, medical journal open with the other hand fiddling with the corner of the pages Janet read next to the only patient under her care. Looking up as a page was turned she saw Dawn's fractionally open eyes. "Hey Dawn."

"Hi Janet. How did.."

"You get here?" Janet smiled as she allowed her feet to drop to the floor.


"What is the last thing you remember?"

"Sam and the guys were at my house with food and Jenn had just killed the toaster."

"That was nine days ago. You were kidnapped and then rescued by SG-1, Jacob, and your family."

"They were here?" Perking up with the conversation Dawn tried sit up, but stopped with a grimace.

Leaning forward to raise the head of the bed Janet spoke. "I only know what happened after you were rescued and brought in here. You weren't left alone at all. One night SG teams two and three were here. I had kicked your family and SG-1 off base to get some rest. Yesterday Xander came running here, he asked me to tell you 'Robin called and said it was a seven on the apoc scale.' That’s the last time I've seen any of your family. The grass skirt wearing people from that beach village on PXC-3AR specifically requested SG-1 for trade negotiations and they left early this morning and wont be back till late tonight or early tomorrow."

"Oh okay. So what happened to me?"

"You were kidnapped and not treated very nice at all."

"So an unusual kidnapping since I've ended up here for a few days."

"Unusual kidnap? As in out of the norm?" Setting the coffee mug onto a near by tray with a napkin and crumbs on it, Janet slowly articulated a definition modified into a question.

"This is the second time that resulted in injuries and four or five times where the bad guys wound up with all the hurt and I was fine."

"Why were you kidnapped in the past?"

"Family business, except for the one where the bank robber just wanted a hostage in their getaway."

Forcing her focus to the patient Janet demanded to know, "How are you feeling?"

"Everything hurts Janet. They went all evil experimenty scary on me didn't they?"

"Hate to say it, but yeah, they did."

"Ohh no wonder I hurt."


Disgusted with her shoelaces Dawn never noticed General Hammond walking into the infirmary. Shoes successfully on her feet, tying the laces stood a daunting task.

"Dawn." The grandfather in the base commander could be heard in his greeting.

"Hey General. What are you still doing here? I thought your granddaughters’ had something tonight." Momentarily ignoring the stupid shoe laces Dawn looked to the approaching man.

"School play and out for ice cream later. I stopped by on my way out to talk to you." The imposing General reached over to tie Dawn's laces. "I've tied everyone's shoelaces before they leave the infirmary, at least once, some more than others."


"It reminds me that I am in charge of real people, not just numerous identical drones. People who get hurt, who look to me to make sure that they are safe as I can make them in this job. I like to think that when I tie their shoe laces, they know that I am looking out for each and every single person in this base."

"Even Teal'c's?"

"Once. Nearly had to order him to let me." Leaving his had on the toe of her right shoe he looked Dawn square in the eyes and stoically stated, "Dawn Summers, due to SGC regulations you will not be allowed back on full active duty until you have spoken to a base psychologist."

"Great another Summers sister right of passage. Have the shrink think your crazy."

"I assure you the base psychologist are fully cleared for the SGC and everything that goes on here."

"So they know what goes on bumpity from space, that doesn't really mean that they know what goes bump in the night."

"Never the less, if you want to go off world again you have to talk to a base shrink."

"General with all due respect. Right now regulations can be stuffed. I'm getting out of here, sure I'm going home to lay on the couch and do nothing until Janet says, but I am going home. Tonight is a big After Party and I don’t want to miss any of it." Not only using just her voice Dawn's hands were a waving around in emphasis.

"After Party?"

"After kidnapping, after apocalypse, after Sunnydale, after summer school, after yesterday, after what ever you want party. The SWCI official social gathering event."

"Hey Kid, come on lets go." Jack loudly demanded as he meandered across the infirmary, yo-yo in one hand spinning up and down.

"My ride's here General. I'll see you when Janet lets me come back to work." Slowly and carefully sliding off her bed Dawn bid Hammond good-bye.

"We have a stop to make on the way to your place." Nodding to the General, Jack reached over with his free hand to rub the top of Dawn's head, leaving her hair a bit disheveled.

Slightly scowling Dawn tried to smooth down her hair as she pushed past Jack on her way to the door.


Dawn wailed as Jack pulled his truck into a parking lot of a very familiar hamburger stop. "Jack there will be burgers at the party tonight."

"Come on kid, humor me."

The lack of crowd in the middle of the afternoon allowed Jack and Dawn to stand at the counter in front of a scowling employee.

After a few minutes Dawn wined, "Jack I thought that you knew what you wanted, what's taking you so long?"

"Dawn, I want to introduce you to the cashier here, Kinsey." Jack's gleeful introduction had the cashier scowling.

"And who is Kinsey?" Dawn asked leaning against the counter.

"He is the one who ordered your kidnapping and gave the information to the guys who did the actual grab and dash and everything else to you."

"I was a Senator, but now I work here. I really hate you O’Neill." Kinsey sneered.

"He had to give up his huge house and his senate position. All his money was donated to good causes along with his stuff. Now he works here for minimum wage never to have a position of authority, not even shift manager. What ever money he makes more than the bare essentials to live on goes to charity."

"I now live in a one room efficiency apartment and take the bus to work. Are you going to order something or stand there with who are you any way?" Venom dripped from Kinsey’s words as he added to Jack's explanation of his current situation.

"She is the newest member of SG-1 and even though the Marines like her we claim her as one of us. She is pretty good with Danny's rocks. And give me an order of fries."

"Why her? Why did the SGC hire her? It's not like she was out cast by the academic community."

Pushing herself off the counter to stand up tall, ignoring tired and sore muscles, Dawn started to explain who she is. "Have you heard of The Watchers Council, used to be based in London and Quentin Travers was in charge?"

"Of course, but they blew up a few years ago. Nothing was left." A bit of previous arrogance creeping in to Kinsey's voice.

"Not Quite. There were a few watchers left. What was The Watchers council is now the Slayers and Watchers Council International. Officially I am the translation and old book department. According to the paperwork Rupert Giles is the man in charge of everything, and I consider Giles to be my Dad. The SWCI doesn't like it when someone or something takes one of us." Grinning Dawn pulled out her trump card.

"I should have had Jackson taken then."

"Wouldn't have made a difference. We still would have taken you out. I'll have to stop in here again sometime."

"Captain Carter has stopped in here a lot. Takes ten minutes to decide on a cup of coffee."

"Thanks for the fries, see ya later Kinsey." Fries in one hand, Jack walked out of the fast food establishment with one arm around Dawn's shoulders.
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