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Dawn's New Job

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Summary: When the SGC needs a female translator, the President calls the Scoobies. A frustrated Dawn takes the job.

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Stargate > Dawn-CenteredIndraLeighFR134138,27828314438,03912 Jan 0512 Feb 08Yes
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Party Time

Shortly before sunset Jack pulled into the driveway of Dawn and Jenn's house. "I thought that the party was supposed to be here. Where is everyone else?"

"Park here. The actual party is at the cemetery at the end of the street." Dawn explained pointing with her free hand as she opened the truck door.

"You mean the welcome home party is in the cemetery you were kidnapped from?" He loudly exclaimed as he quickly strode around the front of his car to help Dawn climb down.

"It's officially a 'After Party' not only a welcome home party. After something party worthy happens we have a party, and we're talking about the people who went to a college that held events such as Monday is over
party, the it's now a weekend party, parties all the time."

"Sounds like my kind of party people. Why is this one called an after party?"

"Parties like welcome home and birthdays always ended up in disaster. So we have come to the conclusion of every party is called 'after party' because they all happen after some event. Like after an apocalypse,
after the anniversary of a birth, after everyone is in the same city for the first time in many months."

As the sky was almost a scarlet red and purple turning to dark blue from the sunset as Jack and Dawn were the last to arrive at the celebration. Sam, Daniel, Teal'c, Janet and her daughter, Cassie, stood in a cluster next to a statue of a kneeling woman. Two girls were draping a large white sheet off the side of a large crypt. Xander and Willow had a cooler between them as they walked to a bench covered with food next to a grill with a large fire. Poking the coals with a stick Tiff grinned as Buffy stood next to her frowning. Watching the interaction Jack asked, "What's your sister unhappy about?"

"According to her 'Fire bad, Tree Pretty.' Her high school graduation was a long day and at the end of it she didn't want to put forth the effort to think." Dawn explained as she waved at the girls setting up a movie projection system.

Andrew was flitting around the area, barely stopping to speak. Faith and the odd color changing woman were fighting with swords as Willow meditated not three feet away from them. Dropping to the ground Dawn stuck her nose into a blooming flower in front of Willow. "I haven’t seen this since we were all in England."

"Hi Dawn. I asked and the Earth agreed, it's just for a bit tonight, my contribution for the evening." Willow smiled, stretching as she stood.

Jack collected Sam, Teal'c, and Daniel on his way to the mass of food. Leaning back, Dawn watched Faith spar with Illyria who kept changing her appearance. Fiddling with the plant leaves, occasionally taking a
whiff of the pleasant fragrance, the young woman of two formerly unconnected families watched relaxed as those families came together to celebrate. SG-1 and the Scoobies attempting to make a dent in the mountain of food. Jenn and Janet talking and laughing about something as they waved their arms around acting out something. Cassie now helping the slayers with the screen and projection system. Satisfying contemplation was cut short her stomach loudly demanded food, quicker than she could stand up Faith had picked her up. "I can walk on my own you know."

"Yeah, but you're the guest of honor and all that, so you aren't allowed. That and I have instructions to wait on you hand and foot tonight from that Doctor of yours. She's all scary when she's bossy." Faith explained her clear cut, exact instructions to her passenger.

"Music! We need music!" The demand for music rose from a female voice and was answered with a burst of sound from speakers placed around the party area.

"What band is this?" Daniel inquired, reaching for the bag of hamburger buns.

"Dingos ate my baby, again." Xander simply stated.

"What do you mean dingos ate my baby?" In shock Sam stared at the sudden announcement from the young man. In her search into Xander's past she didn't come up with any mention of a baby or child. Ever curious, Sam did a basic background check on Dawn's family. Even though the president suggested Dawn to the SGC, Sam couldn't keep from looking into her background.


"Wild dogs have eaten your kid twice?" Wary and suspicious of a set up, Jack wanted clarification.

"Actually once. The second time my kid ate a dingo."

The SGC party goers stared at Xander as everyone else freely laughed.

"Once there was a band named Dingos ate my Baby. The band broke up for a few years, then recently go back together and changed their name to Dingos ate my baby, again." Xander elaborated to the confused.

"Hey Doc, if she busts a gut can you fix her?" Faith asked Janet as Dawn laughed so hard she nearly fell out of her arms.

"I don't know. I haven't tried."

"Get your food and then getcher selves over here." One of the girls next to the projection yelled, cutting through the laughter.

As everyone gathered around the projector and makeshift screen Jack stood next to Buffy and started a hushed conversation. “Who are you people? The President said you all would be able to help with a female Daniel and Dawn came with us. She is not your normal geek. Sam can usually find out anything about anyone but not you guys. All we know is that your sister used to work for the SWCI and the President pretty much said if you ask to tell you what you wanted. Usually when people find out all they have are questions, you haven’t asked one. And to get prisoners transferred to a school Because best I can figure you all teach at a boarding school for chicks who kick ass.”

Buffy watched as Faith settled Dawn into a next of blankets with a perfect view of the screen as she answered. “We have Willow to snoop and Xander to bend the Presidents arm so we were able to find out what you do, and Dawn approves of your actions. In a day or two after Dawn has watched all the movies she owns I bet you could work out a trade.”


“Offer her something to do for answers to your questions. I’ll tell her to answer, but it will be up to you to figure out the confusion that is Dawn.” Finishing the quiet conversation Buffy stepped over to take a seat on a old stone bench.

"Will we be watching a movie?" Teal'c angled his head to indicate the screen in reference to his question.

"The big final project in their film class was to make your own movie. The girls made a movie and persuaded Amy, Marie, and Lynn, who took a drama class, into helping them with it. They got a perfect score on their movie and passed the class. They want to show off their movie, so yes a grand viewing of a movie titled A Date Interrupted will be held tonight."

Once everyone was situated Andrew impatiently asked, "Now can we see it?"

The girls took a video camera with them on patrol for a couple of weeks and filmed vampire slayings. Later they developed a whole story about a team of super silly superheroes led by the debonair Andrew. The end result was a cheesy film that appeared to exploit every superhero and vampire legend.

Eventually Someone called out, “She’s asleep.”

Xander placed his hands around his mouth to yell, “Bring them in.”

Sam leaned over to Jack, “Do you know what’s going on, sir?”

“Not a clue.”

“That’s….. and….” Daniel pointed to where some of the girls walked into the area in a circle around McNamara and Conrad. The two guys in charge of kidnapping Dawn.

“I see Danny.” Silently watching as MacNamara and Conrad were made to stand in front of the movie screen.

Buffy stood up to read from a card. “Those who stand before me were caught torturing a member of the Society of Watchers Council International, after having them kidnapped.”

“Her? More like a pest you wanted to get rid of so you handed her off to the morons at the SGC.”

Ignoring MacNamara Buffy continued, “You will be punished. What you have inflicted upon innocents will be returned to you three fold.”

At some point in the declaration Willow stood up and joined Buffy in the sentencing, before carefully intoning an unfamiliar language to all but Dawn if she was able hear. The controlled power in the voice had those from the SGC sitting at attention and the slayers shivered a bit. Nearly glowing with white hair that swayed in a non-existent breeze. Opening her hands; white, black, and green sparkles flew out. The marble sized lights swirled in the breeze around the two men before sinking into their skin. Willow held up her hand, fingers extended, palm toward the men, commanding ‘hush’ before they started to scream.

“What just happened?” Janet asked of Xander who solemnly watched the men who hurt his family.

“Basically Willow called upon blind justice with wiccan influence. If they were innocent we would have gotten a pretty light show. Guilty, they experience what they inflicted to the innocent, but only three times as much.”

Everyone watched in silence as the two men silently screamed and squirmed obviously in pain. After they slumped down unconscious Someone asked, “Do you want them delivered or ya want to just take them with you now?”


“We’re done with them. Would the SGC like them back?”

“Uh, yeah sure. Thanks.”

“Come on. Let’s get Dawn to bed.”
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