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Dawn's New Job

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Summary: When the SGC needs a female translator, the President calls the Scoobies. A frustrated Dawn takes the job.

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Stargate > Dawn-CenteredIndraLeighFR134138,27828314438,33312 Jan 0512 Feb 08Yes
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A Trade...

Frustrated, Dawn threw the remote at pillows piled at the far end of the couch, "I've watched every movie we have twice, we don't have any fun books to read and I so don't want to look at the old reports they left me. Totally bored."

The doorbell rang bringing her attention to the front door, not expecting anyone she called out. "Who is it?"

"We're it." A male voice answered.

"There's a spare key under the weird gnome thing next to the door."

A few minutes later Jack opened the door asking, "Why do you have your spare key under something only Teal'c can lift?"

"Hi guys. That's actually Jenn's key. I just pick the lock if I don't have my keys."

"How are you feeling?" Carter inquired.

"Like crap. Everything hurts. Janet comes by once or twice a day."

"Where is Jenn?" Daniel asked looking for a place to sit, before leaning on the couch arm next the TV remote control. The formerly bare walls now had some pictures and posters decorating with a few knickknacks here and there.

"At work. She works at that dog kennel place next to the grocery store. How are you guys?"

"On stand down. Carter and Daniel have stuff to play with." One hand in his coat pocket with a paper bag in the other hand, Jack sat on the open crossword puzzle book on the coffee table.

"And Jack is so far behind on paperwork..."

"Yadda. So ya bored yet?" Jack cut Daniel short with a dirty look.

"Completely." From a linguist view point Daniel marveled at how Dawn made one word part groan and part explicative.

"We have come to assist." Teal'c stated.


"We collected all of our artifact and experiment protection devices. In other words all of Jack's toys." As Daniel spoke Sam brought toys out of the bag she was carrying; a rubik cube, a magic 8 ball, a game boy, and a yo-yo.

"I brought all of my Simpson’s DVDs."

"Ohhh gimmie." Propping her self up Dawn reached toward Jack.

"Not so fast kid. To get something you have to answer a question."

"Ask away."

"How can Jenn lift that ugly gnome?" Pointing behind him to the front door Jack quickly asked.

"Slayer Strength"

"That is...."

"On the bookcase in my room is a file with a sticky note on it that says 'Daniel read me.' Jenn is up for a demonstration when ever you want. All the girls who were here except for Willow and Blue are Slayers. There are Vampires and demons here on earth. There are girls who have been given strength, speed, instincts, and skills to fight and defeat things that go bump in the night." Proving how well she knew her team Dawn had stuff ready for Daniel and Sam's curiosity.

"So slayers and demons is the good verses evil fight you mentioned?" Remembering the conversation he had the morning after they followed Dawn to a strange bar, Daniel wanted clarification.


"How did you get involved?" Jack with this question.

"At one time Buffy was the only slayer. It was our life."

Teal‘c rumbled a long time question. “What is the initiative?”

Taking a calming breath before answering, “Wack job psycho doctor got the Army to do her bidding and stuck their nose where they never should have been. She succeeded in making a human cyborg and demon monster. Buffy, Xander, Willow, and Giles figured out how to stop the monster after he killed his creator. They stopped him and only because of them were there any survivors, Army and civilian both. “

“Heh, Army.” Jack snorted.

“Who was the guy who came to share such little information about it? You two were close.” Wondering if Dawn might have a possible suitor, Sam asked.

“Riley dated Buffy her first year of college. He is now married to a gal named Sam. Ri is a good guy who got sucked into a real bad situation.”

"At first we thought that the business you worked for was separate from your quick with the scary threats family, but work and family are the same?" Sam spun the rubik cube trying to look like she really didn't care about the answer.

"Yeah, we were a family long before we took over the business."

"What does SWCI stand for. All I've ever heard is the initials."

"Slayers and Watchers Council International. We actually do what the old council claimed to do."

"The council that was based in London? I've heard rumors of them." Looking kind of worried Jack wanted to know.

"Yeah, What rumors?"

"In black-ops days we were warned to avoid any council trained operative. I've heard stories of who had replaced The council."

"Don't worry Jack, we like you." Dawn grinned remembering Xander's comment about the quick witted military dude.

"How did Willow reset my computer password and how is she able to teleport, it doesn't look like any teleporting I've seen?" Giving up the casual front Sam demanded.

"Willow is a very skilled with magic witch who is also a skilled hacker."

"Crystals, herbs, dance naked under the moon witch?"

"Yes, Yes, and Willow? Never, she's too shy for skyclad anything." Dawn smiled, remembering how Willow’s skin matched her hair when she went to a local covens meeting and they went sky clad.


"Buffy's high school librarian and the closest thing I've had to a father."


"Normal guy with more heart, passion, and loyalty than anything I ever could have thought that a person could have."

"Do you work for the SWCI?" Jack asked.

"Translations and old books and sometimes I help out Willow. Daniel, you're about to have a conniption, you know where my room is go on and get to reading. Here is my cell phone Sam. Willow has the afternoon free, go give her a call." Dawn pulled her cell phone from beneath the couch cushion.

Daniel disappeared into Dawn's room as Sam stepped into the kitchen Dawn's cell phone in hand. Dawn looked up to Jack and Teal'c towering over her, "Any more questions?"

"Nope, my plate is full enough with the Goa'uld."


"Sweet. Now start the Simpson’s." Dawn ordered.

After starting putting the first disk into the player Jack and Teal'c squeezed into the couch with Dawn. Half way through the third episode Dawn fell asleep with her head on Jack's lap and her legs across Teal'c.
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