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Dawn's New Job

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Summary: When the SGC needs a female translator, the President calls the Scoobies. A frustrated Dawn takes the job.

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Stargate > Dawn-CenteredIndraLeighFR134138,27828314438,07812 Jan 0512 Feb 08Yes
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“Miss Summers, It’s a pleasure to meet you. I am General George Hammond. Welcome to Stargate Command. You’ve met Colonel O’Neill and Dr. Jackson. This is Major Samantha Carter and Teal’c. They are SG-1. We explore the cosmos through what we call the Stargate. Sometimes it is called the Chappa’i.”

“So that’s where it got to.” Dawn interrupted the Generals introduction speech.

“Where did you hear of the Chappa’i?” Leaning forward Daniel asked ready to spring on a source of information.

“It was mentioned in an old reference book I once read. Please, continue.” Dawn gave a half wave of her hand indicating for the General to proceed with his presentation.

As the general resumed the shortened introduction lecture, that contained only information that related to the vital mission that they were in the middle of, Dawn examined the room and its occupants with her skills and intuitions honed from years of fighting and living with the scoobies. Under the conference table Dawn slipped a dagger into her hand when she came to the conclusion that she was in a room with four humans and one not-human. Bidding her time she focused on what she was going to be asked to do. “So let me make sure I have all the details right. There’s a village that you want a treaty with, but they refuse to communicate through a guy translator. Oh, the girls back home would love to hear about this. Since you all are out of women shaped linguists the president called us. I am now the translator to this village for the negotiations of the treaty if they agree. I have two questions. First exactly who and what are you Mr. Tall, Dark, and Silent, ‘cause you for sure aren’t completely human?”

“He is part of SG-1 and our friend. He has proven his loyalty to Earth many times.” Jack quickly declared, Teal’c acknowledged this by a slight bow of his head.

Dawn and Teal’c intently study each other across the table as Daniel explains what Jaffa are and exactly who Teal’s is. Coming to satisfactory conclusions about the person they were looking at Dawn turned to face the General and in the manner like a child on a road trip she asked, “Secondly, how much longer till we leave?”

“First you need to go see Dr. Fraiser for a base line medical exam. Then you can get geared up and head out.”

“Oh joy, medical exams. Lead the way McDuff. Hey what languages do they speak?” Dawn groused good naturedly as she stood up.

“I’ve identified two. Commonly they speak English with heavy usage of Latin terms. Starting negotiations the language was a Greek derivative. I wasn’t able to identify what the elders said when they were privately conferring.” Daniel replied as he scrambled to stack his pile of notes from the meeting.

“Miss Summers from a physician’s standpoint your body is a puzzle. You say your age is twenty years old, but if I had to guess I would have said much younger. That is until I look at all of your scars. Your body could rival a black-ops soldier for the scaring.”

“For some people the phrase ‘I live in hell.’ is completely true. All of this exam falls under Dr. patient confidentiality, right?” Fidgeting in the gown Dawn paused to make sure her privacy.


“Good. If I ever need it, my sister’s blood is an exact match for mine. Here is a phone number to reach her by.” Grabbing her chart Dawn scribbled into the margin. “Am I free to go Doc?”

“Yes. Just be careful with SG-1 out there. They have a habit of getting injured out there.” Janet shared reclaiming the chart.

“Thanks Doc, that’s comforting.”

“Summers, Come on. Let’s get going.” Impatient Jack yelled from the doorway.

“Call me Dawn. If you say Summers I’ll think you’re talking to my sister. Not a good thing during a fight.”

“Sure thing Dawn. We gotta get you suited up.”

Only the monitoring equipment heard the maternal side of the doctor come out. “From a mother’s stand point no daughter should have be that scarred.”

The wormhole formed with a whoosh and settled into the flat pool bound by the stargate. “Portals, vortexes, and now wormholes what next? Can my life get any stranger?” Dawn sighed out causing Carter to look at her with puzzlement.

“Let’s head out campers.” O’Neill announced jolting everyone out of their thoughts to walk toward the gate.

General Hammond had an eagle eye view from the conference room as his lead team and an unknown stepped into the wilds of another world.
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