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Dawn's New Job

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Summary: When the SGC needs a female translator, the President calls the Scoobies. A frustrated Dawn takes the job.

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Stargate > Dawn-CenteredIndraLeighFR134138,27828314438,12512 Jan 0512 Feb 08Yes
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Easy Mission

Due to the fact that this was the first mission after Dawn's kidnapping, General Hammond decided to give SG-1 an easy mission of soil and plant matter sampling. A cake mission according to Colonel O'Neill. On the "cake missions" Jack always managed to somehow smuggle a real cake along through the gate. The cake had been eaten on the first night off world after dinner.

"Jack wake up." Sleeping bag material didn't keep Dawn's voice from reaching Jack's ear on the second morning of the mission.

Jack pushed the sleeping bag away from his face so he could talk to Teal'c who was sharing the tent. "I thought it was Daniel's turn to make breakfast?"


Since there was no dignified way to wiggle out of a sleeping bag Jack wriggled with gusto. "Why is Dawn doing it then?"

Jack unzipped the tent door just far enough to stick his head out to overlook the campsite. A cry of "Get a move on it's the crack of dawn." forced his gaze to where Dawn was standing.

Not really standing, facing away from Jack's tent she had bent over at the waist and dropped her pants to give Jack an eyeful of the crack of Dawn.

"Oh, geeze, put your pants back on, Dawn."

Laughing she pulled her pants back on before moving to sit between a laughing Sam and Daniel on a log next to the fire. "I had to do something to liven up a dull mission."

"Good one Kid. Now hand over the food."

SG-1 took their time to meander to that day’s soil collection sites. Lazy missions were a nice change from the standard go through the gate, get in mortal peril, make a last minute risk everything tactic, and return home to give the report to Hammond. After finding a tree stump with almost purple moss growing on it, Jack sat on it to watch his 'kids' at work and play. Carter intently and methodically collected dirt clods as Dawn and Daniel taught Teal'c the past time of finding shapes and pictures in clouds.

Unusual bird calls, Carter's noises, and an occasional giggle filled the air until an unexpected mechanical noise was heard. A cell phone ringing. Dawn shifted to reach into a pocket to pull out a cell phone that she answered. She spoke and drew gate symbols into the exposed dirt by her feet. She took photos of the symbols before making another call.

"What are you doing?"

"For some reason Willow needs to know where I am now. She won’t tell me why but Rona ended up on another planet. So I'm sending her the address of this place."

"How in the world is your phone working?" Abandoning her samples Sam walked over intent on the cell phone.

"Willow did something. It will completely work anywhere, but it's as breakable as a standard regular cell phone. If you break it, it takes a lot of begging to get a new one. Ok photos are sent. It's your turn Teal'c, what do you see?" Replacing the phone in her pocket, Dawn laid back down on the grass next to Teal’c’s large sprawl.

About an hour later one of Carter's devices started to beep and flash a red light. "Activity at the gate."

"Should be Rona getting here."

"Who is Rona?”

"Head Slayer of the Southwest."

"And I was supposed to be watching that new action movie tonight with my date." An attractive but not too happy young woman declared as she came close.

"Sorry. We're supposed to head home today, maybe we could get you back in time. Rona, this is SG-1."

"Nice to meet you all."

"How did you end up on an a different planet?"

"Willow and a spell oopsie. I got pushed into her as she was casting and made her say something funny and I fell into smoke and flash that resulted." Rona explained as she accepted an energy bar from Dawn.

"I have got to find out how she does all that."

"Is she Willow's new phone pal?" Rona pointed with the empty wrapper, referring to the many long conversations that Willow had been having the last few weeks with someone that usually included typing on the computer and techno babble conversations that were incomprehensible any one able to eaves drop on Willow’s end of the calls.


"Rona, what is it like for you living with so many people and so few bathrooms."

Leaving Rona to Daniel's questions Dawn returned to cloud watching with Teal'c.

"Colonel O'Neill! Stop bringing home strays!" General Hammond bellowed from the control room as the gate shut down and gear was handed off, after correctly counting six people instead of the usual five for the second time, not believing his eyes from the first count.

"She's one of Dawn's strays. Can we keep her General? I promise I'll take for walks and feed her and everything." Jack grinned as Dawn and Rona giggled.


"Well, Murphy’s Law struck with something the SWCI was working on and Rona accidentally ended up off world. I'll escort her off the base myself after Janet gets done with us and she promises not to tell anyone anything." Dawn explained in vague terms that allowed the General to wipe his hands of Rona's presence at the SGC.

"Very well then but try not to let it happen again." As the off world explorers walked out of the gate room General Hammond could be heard mumbling, “If they keep bringing home strays, I may not let them go off world again.”
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