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Dawn's New Job

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Summary: When the SGC needs a female translator, the President calls the Scoobies. A frustrated Dawn takes the job.

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Stargate > Dawn-CenteredIndraLeighFR134138,27828314438,12512 Jan 0512 Feb 08Yes
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A Day at Work

General Hammond had ‘requested’ SG-1 to attend the lunch meeting with Major Paul Davis, the pentagon liaison with out giving a particular reason as to why. Reaching to the platter of sandwiches Dawn was intent on getting some food before Teal’c ate everything that the kitchen staff had provided. Some guy she hadn’t met before was seated next to General Hammond at the other end of the table.

Major Davis sighed before quickly summing up the meetings he had attended the day before to General Hammond. “The President wants the military to be on amicable terms with this particular group of civilians. They aren’t even all American. Their leader was an older British man. The President was right when he said that dealing with SG-1 was good practice.”

“Were you able to accomplish anything?” Carter asked.

“We barely got our names exchanged. I never got a straight answer on the leader’s name. The young man kept calling him a different name each time he spoke to him and his eyes seemed to be looking in two directions at once.”

Dawn took advantage of Daniel reaching for the chips, to use his body as a shield as she reached for a few cookies.

“A woman dressed in leather with only a first name pulled a large knife out of somewhere and started to clean under her finger nails.” Paul continued, with a half filled mug of coffee in his hand as he absently shifted his hand causing the cooling coffee to make a contained whirlpool. “The last civilian was a red haired woman who was babbling about the weather in South America and she periodically tried to get the young man’s attention by waving at him. I have no idea why in the world the President wants the military and this group of rambling delinquents to be on good terms.” Paul jammed his fork into a defenseless pasta noodle.

A muffled noise attracted everyone’s attention to Dawn’s head buried in her arms on the table, sounding like possible crying, or laughing or something. Sam jumped up and hurried moving toward Dawn, thinking she had choked or something. “Are you ok?”

Dawn threw back her head to let out guffaws of laughter.

Davis leaned over to General Hammond, “Who is that?”

“Dawn Summers, new linguist. She fits in well with SG-1.”

“Is she the Dawn that was mentioned when I came here to see about transferring two prisoners to a group of girls?” Paul leaned over toward Hammond to quietly whisper. Hammond nodded, but any verbal response was cut off.

“Major Davis, you met a good part of my family. Rupert Giles is the guy in charge, Willow Rosenberg is the babbler, Faith is Faith, and Xander Harris is the guy with creepy eyes.” Dawn explained after laughing.

“Eyes? Doesn’t he only have one?” Jack asked.

“Yeah, Willow’s working on perfecting something for when he needs a disguise. One eyed pirates are pretty memorable and easy to recognize.

“They are your family? No wonder you fit in so well here?” Major Davis declared.

“Yep, family. If that was the meeting I’m thinking of, then the President just wanted to make something all formal and official.”

Getting situated back in her chair Sam asked, “Making what official?”

“I think it was called something like ‘a formal introduction between two institutions who strive toward the same goal.”


“Always eloquent, eh, Jack?” Dawn grinned, “I think that since the SWCI and you guys met under what for us is normal circumstances, and got along the President thought there should be some sort of formal official hello we fight aliens, and hi we kick vampire butt.”

SG-1 nodded or made noises of comprehension as Davis almost stared at Dawn, in bewilderment and confusion.

“Dawn, come on. We’re supposed to leave in twenty minutes.” Jack stood at the door to the closet down the hall from Daniel’s office that was Dawn’s unofficial office.

“Just a minute. Giles thinks this old book may be some sort of coming apocalypse prediction.” Not looking up from the translation work Dawn continued to make notes about the old possibly leather bound ratty looking book thing.

Jack watched her work for a bit more before she cursed and picked up the phone to dial out of the mountain. “Giles, I figured it out. It’s on of Andrew’s combination journal, notebook, and cookbooks. I think one of the girls may have buried it in the back yard to make it look so old. Yeah no apocalypse unless he decides to make that Klingon tofu thing again. Giles, I have to go we’re about to head out.”

Slamming down the phone Dawn picked up her gear vest as she followed Jack out of her office. “Where are we off to today?”

“Jacob’s got some rumors he wants our help to check out.”

“So we’re either going to get a planet that is all miserable with nothing worthwhile on it, not even an artifact, or we will end up captured, tortured, insult the big-dog Goa’uld, and end up running for our lives after blowing something up?” Dawn figured as she shoved her notes and the ratty book into a cardboard box with SWCI written on it in big permanent marker letters.

“You got it.” Jack stated as he allowed Dawn to lead the way down the corridor to the locker room that kept SG-1’s gear.

“Cool. So a normal day at the office for us.”

Authors note: I do declare this story finished. I heartfully thank everyone for reading, and for taking the time to review. I do hope you enjoyed, and well thanks again for reading.

The End

You have reached the end of "Dawn's New Job". This story is complete.

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