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Dawn's New Job

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Summary: When the SGC needs a female translator, the President calls the Scoobies. A frustrated Dawn takes the job.

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Stargate > Dawn-CenteredIndraLeighFR134138,27828314438,04012 Jan 0512 Feb 08Yes
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Meet the Locals

“What a rush. Is it like that every time?”

“You’re not nauseous?” A flabbergasted SG-1 was surprised by Dawn’s exclamation upon exiting the wormhole.

“Nope. Where’s the village at?”

Sam took the lead in the procession toward the village. Daniel and Jack each walked on one side of Dawn. Teal’c silently herded them along, a shepherd with his staff. Daniel and Jack almost hovering around the new civilian, both trying to figure her out. This young girl was no ordinary academic. From a presidential recommendation and threatening housemates to a veteran landing from the gate this girl had raised questions. The village of circular wooden huts was in sight when the group was stopped by a woman standing in the middle of the path. “You have returned. You wish to resume our talks?”

Daniel stepped forward, dragging Dawn by her elbow. “Yes. We ask that you allow Dawn Summers the honor of speaking to your elders.”

The woman looked at the group that had visited before, who now stood before her with a young woman. “Are you here of your own choice, Daughter?”

Daniel held his breath, hoping that they were right to bring Dawn with them. Dawn shook his hand off and stood in front of the woman. “I am mother. I am Dawn Summers. Sister of Buffy and Daughter of Joyce. I am here with my sister’s blessing.”

“Your sister’s blessing? What of your mother’s opinion?”

“She died some time ago leaving my sister and I. My sister had to earn food and shelter for us, and I continued to learn.”

“You have respect for others My Daughter. Yes, we will continue with the treaty talks with Dawn as your speaker.” The woman stated grasping Dawn’s hand to lead the group to the largest central structure.

“Sit Down. It is time for the sunset meal. After your travels you must be wanting to break your fast.”

“Thank you Mother.”

Having filled plates brought to them SG-1 sat down upon some logs around a camp fire. Dawn slowly ate the unfamiliar food looking all around the village.

“Hey, Dawn why did you call the lady ‘Mother’ when you were talking earlier?” Jack asked through a mouth full of what looked to be a chicken leg.

“Calling her Mother is the same thing as ma’am or sir back home. It’s showing them respect.” Her attention was on the guide who was talking to three older women near by. As Dawn listened to the discussion Jack and Daniel traded looks saying I have no idea what their saying.

After a few minutes of listening Dawn cracked up laughing. Her almost falling off of the log in hysterics caught the attention of the women. Once she could speak she offered an explanation of what set her to laughing. “Mother, though he is a good man, he is not my father. I was laughing at the thought of the man who is a father to me, he is called Giles, wearing Jack's clothing. My sister and I made a family with Giles, and our friends.”

“Who led your family, Daughter?”

“My sister Buffy, Grandmother. I learned much from her.”

“You have knowledge for understanding our High Language, but do you know how to use your knowledge? Please, eat we don’t want you to go hungry.” The Oldest woman smiled indulgently at Dawn.

“Mother hens all of them.” Dawn mumbled to Daniel before chewing on something green and orange. Very soon all five travelers were draped over their logs, asleep.
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