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Dawn's New Job

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Summary: When the SGC needs a female translator, the President calls the Scoobies. A frustrated Dawn takes the job.

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Stargate > Dawn-CenteredIndraLeighFR134138,27828314439,16112 Jan 0512 Feb 08Yes
CoA Winner

Calling the Calvary

This chapter includes "Dawn's Trouble with Work"

“Oh, Great. How many times is this now?” The feminine moan woke Jack from his slumber. Finding that his attempt to stretch was hindered by chains attached to his wrists and ankles he started to holler.

“What in the world is going on? We’re chained to a wall. Danny what did you do?”

“It wasn’t me. Why do you always blame me Jack?”

“You are awake. You have shown respect and knowledge My Daughter. Now we ask, can you free your self and your friends?” The same woman from the previous evening stood before them with her hands clasped behind her.

“Is there a limit of what I may or may not do to free us from the chains?”

“Only that you must decide how it is done, for you are the speaker for Earth.” Having said her piece the woman turned and walked away.

“How did you know what they were saying last night? That’s the language I couldn’t figure out yet.” Daniel asked peering around Jack.

“It’s similar to Fyar’l. If a Fyar’l lost all of his spit, that’s what he would sound like. I got Spike to teach me.”


“A big brother to me. I got him to teach me a few different languages one summer. Why do they have to have one test after another, first respect then knowledge, now escape tactics?”

“Tell me again why you took this job?” Slowly pulling on his ankle chains Jack asked.

“My Sister wanted me to get some experience out side of what I grew up with. We needed the money. You all needed a female linguist who wouldn’t freak out. The president called us. Buffy freaked, Will hacked, and I had just waited in the bathroom line for 20 minutes just to freekin pee. I took the job cause you guys had at least two working bathrooms at a time. And we needed the money. Good enough for you Jack?”

“Yes Dawn. You and your great wisdom know how to save our butts?”

“I might know someone who can.”

Jack, thinking that this was a rhetorical question, ignored Dawn as he fiddled with the chains binding his arms to the stone wall in the dungeon of the village they were hoping to form a treaty with. Dawn’s mutterings went unnoticed until in a flash of light an imposing figure with horns appeared in front of them.

“D’Hoffryn could you bring Willow here, please?”

“If you agree to make one wish against one of your friends I will.”

“Ok. Next time I go home I wish that Andrew will not be able to cook or serve any Star Trek oriented food dishes. Trust me that will drive him up the wall in aggravation.”


“Dawn? What happened?” Jack was speechless when the slender redheaded young women replaced the horned D’Hoffryn. Sam was sputtering in confusion as to how in the universe people could appear with out Gou’auld technology.

“Hey Willow. Who had kidnapped within three weeks on the job in the ‘What Happen’s on Dawn’s New Job’ pool?” Dawn sheepishly smiled as she held out her bound hands to prove her point.

“I did. Oh, you mean…. I win. I get the money.” The powerful redhead was nearly bouncing from joy.

“Yeah, but who had on another planet?” Now Dawn was pulling at the chains as she burst Willows bubble.

“Drat, do I really have to share with Andrew?”

“Willow, Look around. You’re on another planet yourself. You may have to share the money with Andrew but he hasn’t been to another planet”

“Hey, haven’t either of you heard of top secret?” Carter threw in her two cents worth to the conversation.

“Oh, Piffle. I hacked into check out who Dawnie was going to be working with. Word or warning Giles is getting back to the states on Wednesday next week.” Willow let the criticism roll off her back as she examined the chains.

“Back to the subject kids.” Jack demanded with a vehement shake of wrist shackles.

“Oh yeah, can you free us Will?”

Willow flicked her fingers “Any one who needs bludgeoning, Dawn?”

“No. This is like one of Angel’s great series of trials to help the helpless.” Was the explanation Dawn gave with a hug to Willow.

“Oh. He was always doing that. What else could you expect from the Black Brooder?”

“Hey Jack, can Willow hitch a ride back with us?”


“Who is this wise woman you have brought here?” The village woman was back.

“Willow meet one of the village elder women. She is a sister to me. I decided to free us and I asked Willow to help.”

“A shamaness answered your call?” All attention was on Willow with this statement. Oblivious to all eyes on her Will had sank to sit on the ground, palms pressed to the dirt in front of her.

Looking at the village woman Dawn sarcastically said “What is the next test Mother?”

“You have proven your self My Daughter. You have the Fire Shamaness’s blessing there are no more trials. We will agree to the treaty. When your Willow is ready I will lead you back to the village.”
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