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Charming Angels: 1. Reconnecting the Gift

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Summary: What happens when the totally hot witches of Charmed meet up with the kick-ass gang from Angel? Read on to find out. This series is based on both TV shows and includes the characters, although with some changes, spells, demons and plots from both shows.

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Chapter 12: Spellbinding

Chapter 12: Spellbinding

Phoebe pulled Prue’s car up the Buckland’s driveway. She had to park in a visitor’s space because Wesley, she assumed, had parked in Prue’s space. Paige walked into Buckland’s and went to the front desk.
“Excuse me? My name is Phoebe Halliwell and I’m here to see my sister, Prue. Would she be in at the moment?”
“Yes,” the woman said. “She’s in her office with that charming cousin of yours.”
“Cousin?” Phoebe said.
“Yes, that cute British fellow…Wesley, that’s it! He’s a cute guy. Do you know if he’s seeing anyone?”
Phoebe knew that this was not the type of woman that Wesley should be with, especially with their life, so she did the only thing she thought she could. “He’s gay.” She said. The woman’s face fell. “I should have guessed. He dressed so well.”
Phoebe couldn’t remember the last time old jeans and checked shirts had been ‘dressing well’, but she thanked the woman and headed up to Prue’s office. She knocked on the door as she entered.
“Prue? It’s Phoebe. I’m sorry I’m a little early but-” Phoebe stopped. Wesley and Prue were staring at her. “What?” she asked.
“Ever heard of waiting to be asked to enter a room, Phoebe?” asked Prue.
“No.” said her sister. “Anyway, thanks for telling me about our cousin.” She said gesturing at Wesley. “Hi, Wesley.”
“Hello, Phoebe.”
“Oh, I’m sorry Phoebe. I should have told you about Wes, but I had to think of something. Evan doesn’t like strangers in the building.” Wes? Thought Phoebe, she’s already nicknamed the poor man?
“Well, now that I’m here you can go Wes.” Said Phoebe. “Thanks for watching Prue today.” Wes got up to leave.
“Thanks for a great day, Prue. I had a lot of fun.”
“Yeh, me too.” Prue said.
“I guess I’ll be seeing you girls later. Nice seeing you again Phoebe.” He said to Phoebe as she held open Prue’s door. “Yeh, you too, okay, bubi!” she shut the door behind him.
“Okay, what is with you being so rude, Phoebe? If this is about Leo again-…are you wearing my shirt?”
“Let’s not talk about that, let’s talk about the great job I just got!” Phoebe squealed.
“You got a job? Where?”
“Well, I was sussing out magic shops in the city and you would not believe how many there are; Witch Way, Lunacy, Magic Box, Wicca Ring, Power Palace-so many! Anyway, I was asking them all about work and I went into this one place, Love & Light, and they offered me a job!”
“That’s great, Phoebes. What are you going to do?”
“Well, I’m basically a sales clerk. I man the counter, stack shelves and get 25% off everything in the store. And it’s a great place. You can get, like, every thing you need for spells, even weird stuff like pig’s feet and spawn! Oh, and I picked you up something…” Phoebe rummaged through her handbag. “Here you go!” Phoebe handed Prue a stick of what looked like sage.
“Sage, Phoebe? Are you serious?”
“Yeh! There was this spell in the Book of Shadows: To Free Your Mind. I was looking through it the other night, I’ll show it to you when we get home. All you do is light the sage and say the spell and you’re supposed to become less stressed.”
“Thanks for the thought, Phoebe.”
“Hey, by the way, what was that meeting with Evan all about?”
“It was awful, Shawn got fired!”
“Fired? How come?”
“Well, Evan said that he thought I did most of the work and showed the most sustainability. And that he can’t waste his time with people who aren’t up to scratch. I tired to tell him that it was equal work and that Shawn and I worked together on bringing in the collection, but he wouldn’t listen to me.”
“Prue, that’s terrible.”
“I know, poor Shawn. I feel so bad for him. And Evan didn’t make it any better by announcing that he was giving me the bonus of two workers while Shawn was in the room.”
“When does Shawn have to leave?”
“ASAP. Evan gave him until tomorrow morning to have his office cleaned out. I haven’t seen him since he left Evan’s office, after our meeting.”
“I’m sorry, Prue, I know he was a good…hey do you feel that chill?”
Prue shivered. “Yeh, I do…Oh God, it’s Shaks!” Just as Prue said the words, the white, ugly demon appeared in a whirlwind in the centre of Prue’s office. It roared at them. “Phoebe the spell, say the spell!” Phoebe shuffled through her handbag for her copy and was joined at her side by Prue. Together they chanted:

Evil wind that blows
That which forms below
No longer may you dwell
Death takes you with this spell

Shaks exploded into dust and disappeared. Prue and Phoebe stood there, looking at the place where the demon had stood.
“He’s not dead, he’s just disappeared.” Phoebe said to Prue. “We need Paige to finish this.”
Prue thought for a minute, and then she jumped. “Phoebe! He’s going to go after Paige! She’s on her own, she’s the most vulnerable!”
“Prue, she’s with Angel. He won’t let anything happen to her.” Phoebe touched her sisters’ arm. “We just have to-” Phoebe stopped as she got the now familiar shock as a premonition unfolded in her mind. Paige was at the hotel, but she was alone in a room. Then Shaks appeared behind her. She turned around to freeze him but was too slow. He roared and flicked a hand at her. She was thrown back into a brick wall. The demon roared and disappeared again, just as the door flew open. Angel ran inside and rushed to Paige’s body. She was limp and bleeding everywhere. He began to plead with her not to die and just held her in his arms.
With a shake, Phoebe opened her eyes and looked at Prue.
Phoebe didn’t even answer her sister; she immediately looked above her and shouted: “LEO! Leo!” The blue lights appeared and Leo was soon standing in front of them. “It’s Paige; we have to get to her now! Shaks is after her.” Leo rushed to Phoebe and held her hand and then reached for Prue’s. The three of them were soon rising in a swirl of blue lights.

“So, that’s my life.” Said Paige. “After Grams died, Prue and I sold our apartment and moved back in to The Manor and Phoebe joined us from New York about two weeks ago.”
“I’m sorry to hear about your mother and Grandmother. That’s pretty rough.”
“I know. Sometimes I’m glad I don’t really remember my mother as much as Prue does, it makes it easier to deal with. But Grams…that was hard.” Angel wanted to change the subject; he could see that this was hard for Paige to talk about.
“Hey, how about I take you on a tour of the hotel? You’ve only seen the foyer and my office.” Angel said.
“Yeh, that’d be great.” Said Paige. “Can I leave the Book in here? Will it be safe?” “Oh, I’ll look after it!” came a voice running from the hallway. Fred had just entered Angel’s office. “I’d love to look through it.”
“Okay,” said Paige, “Just be careful with it.”
“No probs.” Said Fred.
Angel showed Paige out of his office and they headed upstairs to look around. Angel showed Paige all the rooms; there was a heap of bedrooms and bathrooms plus a huge library. There was also a smaller room with a lot of artifacts in it. Prue would like this room, thought Paige. She and Angel were having a nice chat when the phone in the hall rang.
“I’m sorry, I’ll be right back.”
“Alright.” Said Paige, smiling at him. Paige was just looking around the room when she heard bells. She knew she would be getting a visit from Leo, pretty soon and that made her worry. Leo was supposed to come if Shaks had appeared. Soon, Paige was greeted by Leo and both of her sisters standing in front of her.
“Prue! Phoebe! What’s wrong?” Paige asked. Her sisters didn’t have time to answer her because a whirlwind began circling in front of them and Shaks was standing in the room with them.
“Quick!” said Prue grabbing her sister’s hands. “Say the spell!”
For the first time, the Halliwell sisters stood together and vanquished their first demon:

Evil wind that blows
That which forms below
No longer may you dwell
Death takes you with this spell

Before Prue, Paige and Phoebe, Shaks began writhing and roaring. The door burst open and Angel, Gunn and Spike ran through it. Shaks let out one final roar and exploded into a great big ball of dust that sprayed all over the girls. They just stood there for a second, marveling in the work they had just completed.
“That was hardcore!” said Gunn. “You girls rock!”
“We really do.” Prue said to her sisters.

Two hours later, the Halliwell trio was sitting in their Lounge Room, going over the days events. Phoebe and Prue had told Paige about Phoebe’s premonition and had done the sisterly thing and teased her senseless about Angel having tried to save her after she was attacked. Paige had yelled at them and now they were just talking. Prue had just finished informing Paige of the dilemma with Shawn.
“Poor Shawn.” Paige said. “Do you think he’ll be able to get anymore work?”
“I hope so.” Said Prue. “He’s a good guy and a great worker. I still don’t understand why Evan fired him.” At that moment, the phone rang. Prue got up to get it.
“Oh, Paige by the way. I got a job.” Phoebe said to her sister.
“What! Where?”
“At this magic place called Love & Light. It’s pretty funky, actually. My boss’s name is Karen and she is more like a pathological witch. Like she casts spells and that, but has no actual powers.”
Prue came back into the room looking shocked.
“Prue? What’s the matter?”
“It’s my boss, Evan. He was just found dead in his office.”
“Oh my God, Prue I am so sorry.” Said Paige.
“Yeh, me too.” Said Phoebe. “How did it happen?”
“The police say he was murdered. He was stabbed in his heart and then his legs and lips were cut off. That was Melany, the girl who works the front desk, on the phone. She said Buckland’s will be closed down until the investigation is finished.”
Paige and Phoebe rushed to their sister to comfort her. Being a witch was one thing, but they still had to deal with pain.

The End

You have reached the end of "Charming Angels: 1. Reconnecting the Gift". This story is complete.

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