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Charming Angels: 1. Reconnecting the Gift

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Summary: What happens when the totally hot witches of Charmed meet up with the kick-ass gang from Angel? Read on to find out. This series is based on both TV shows and includes the characters, although with some changes, spells, demons and plots from both shows.

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Chapter One: Tell me a story...

Disclaimer:These characters were not created at all by me. Though some have been changed and some left out they belong to Aaron Spellling, Constance M. Burge and Joss Whedon as do the basic plotlines, demons and spells. Though the main story is an original, the sub-plots are based on the TV shows themselves. As for future characters, two will be the creations of Joss Whedon and one of Aaron Spelling - although much more in depth, and two characters will be made by me. There may also be references to other characters that have appeared in the shows Charmed, Angel and Buffy and the credit goes immediately to their creators.

Charming Angels - Reconnecting the Gift.

Summary: What happens when Phoebe Halliwell discovers that she and her two sisters are witches with powers? A whole lotta hell, that’s what happens. Seeking help with their newfound powers, the sisters discover a group of people who specialize in this “type of thing”. Led by a tall, dark and handsome man named Angel, the girls are learning to come into their magic and embrace it for what it is: a gift. But there are many hurdles they need to get over. Why they were never told about their magic? Why wait until now to receive their powers? Why is Angel so vague about his past? What is a Vampire Slayer? Why, whenever the Vampire Slayer’s name is mentioned, does Angel freak and quickly change the subject? And who are the Charmed Ones? These girls will have to overcome pain and anguish to fight for a cause they no nothing about. They will have to face demons, pure evil and, most importantly, themselves.

Chapter One: Tell me a story……

Beep, beep, beep. Why do I even set my alarm anymore? Paige Halliwell thought to herself. It’s not like I have anywhere to be. The 26-year-old hit the snooze on her clock radio and started at her ceiling. Seven o’clock in the morning, she thought, I can lie around for a little while. Paige sat up a little and looked around her new room. Well, it wasn’t really her new room. It was the room she grew up in, but she hadn’t been in it, or this house, for over six years. It was her Grandmother (Grams) old Victorian home, nicknamed The Manor, which was situated on the edge of the city in San Francisco. It was beautifully built with plenty of space and heaps of old antiques. Paige and her sisters, Prue and Phoebe, had been raised there since they were small children. Their mother, Patricia, and father, Victor, used to live in a house outside the city. That was until their parents divorced and Victor took off, leaving Patty with no money and no where to stay as they could no longer afford to live in that home. So Patty moved with her daughters back into her mother’s home, in which Patty had been raised herself. Paige was about four at the time, Prue was six and Phoebe was two. Patty worked as a waitress at a diner while Grams stayed home to watch the girls.

It was only mere months after the girls had moved into the Manor that Patty Halliwell died. Grams told the sisters that she had drowned in a boat accident. So, Grams had to raise the three girls alone. Prue, being the eldest, has always felt responsible for her younger sister. She also had a huge hand in raising them which, in turn, has made her the control freak she is now. Paige loves her sister dearly, but sometimes she is really annoying. She likes everything to run smoothly, is super-organized and is overly responsible. Though this irritates Paige sometimes, she knows that Prue basically gave up her childhood to raise her and Phoebe, and they is eternally grateful for that. Paige has always been the mediator between her sisters. Prue and Phoebe never got on that well; their personalities were way too different. Prue is a conservative, working class, sophisticated business woman and Phoebe is a free-spirited, light, spontaneous girl who has never held a job for more than a week. Paige is also quite wary. She likes to think things through and make sure it’s the right decision. She doesn’t like to jump into things without thinking it over, like Phoebe would, but she doesn’t want her whole life planned out to a ‘T’ like Prue, either. Phoebe, who had always been a wild one, took off at eighteen to no ones surprise. She went to New York to search for their father, though Paige and Prue knew this was a dead end. They hadn’t seen or heard from Victor since their mother’s funeral, of which he showed up late.

Seeing as Prue and Paige were so close, they decided they would move out together and got a great apartment in downtown San Francisco close to Prue’s work. She was an auctioneer at Buckland’s Auction House. Paige had been working as a chef at a restaurant, Earth, but quit because her boss was a dirt bag. He kept hitting on her after closing hours. Since then, Paige has had a few jobs and local bistros and cafés, but nothing has really appealed to her. On the advice of her big sister, Paige is trying to figure out her dream job.

Prue and Paige had been living a good life for about six years. They regularly chatted to Grams on the phone and met up for lunch once a month. It was a brisk winter morning when Paige and Prue got the call that Gram’s was in hospital. She had had a heart attack. No knew how she got to the hospital as she was alone in The Manor, but the police said that there may have been a burglar, though nothing was stolen and the door was unlocked, and he may have not meant to hurt anyone and had an attack or conscience. They also said that sometimes people do good deeds and don’t want the recognition so they don’t own up for it. Grams died the day after the heart attack, quite soon after Phoebe had returned from New York to see her. Phoebe stayed with her sisters while the funeral was arranged and then took off again a week later. Grams had left the girls everything she had, including The Manor. Prue and Paige made a joint decision that it would be best for them to move into that house. They couldn’t sell it, it was like and heirloom. Three generations of Halliwell women had been raised there. So Prue and Paige sold their apartment and moved back into the Manor.

That is why Paige felt a sense of reminisce when she work up that morning. Her room had sure changed from all those years ago. When she and Prue moved back into it six months ago, it still had posters on the walls and that horrific bedspread of orange and teal that she had been so fond of at twenty. Now, as Paige looked around her room, she saw the beautiful white and light yellow curtains she found in the linen cupboard, a beautiful old desk with her new computer on top, and her huge bed with the florally, frilly, girly pattern Paige had come to love. She did enjoy the quiet mornings. It wasn’t fun to wake up after Prue and Phoebe, bickering over how to make coffee. Phoebe had moved back with her sisters after Paige and convinced her too. She had been in regular contact with her since Grams’ funeral and Phoebe finally agreed to come home. It was, after all, her house too. Phoebe had been back a week and already The Manor was like home.
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