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Charming Angels: 2. Heart Attack

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Summary: This is the second story in the Charming Angels series. Love and loss, two things that these sister witches have to learn how to keep separate.

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Chapter 12: New beginnings.

Chapter 12: New beginnings.

“Phoebe? You better get out of there soon. We have to be at the church in two hours and we have to do your hair and make-up.” Paige rapped on the door to the bathroom as she spoke.
“Paige?” came a voice from her bedroom. It was Fred; she was getting dressed in there.
It was the day of Phoebe and Leo’s wedding. Four months had passed since Prue’s death and Paige was now able to get through some days without falling apart. She and Angel were still together, Prue’s death had somehow brought them closer. They’d gone on that first date they’d been waiting to have and now were going out two or three nights a week. Paige loved being with Angel because it gave her a distraction. Phoebe had also been distracted; she’d been planning her wedding. She didn’t want a big affair, just the gang they’d come to know and love and a few friends from around town. Leo had had such a hard time choosing two best men out of the four on offer that he and Phoebe just decided to let everyone be in it. Fred and Paige were bridesmaids and Fred was getting dressed in her gown at that time. Phoebe was in white, of course, so the dresses were in a deep red, the colour of roses. Roses also happened to be Phoebe’s favourite flower and she had a bouquet of them made for the ceremony.
“What’s wrong?” Paige asked Fred.
“I can’t…seem…to…do…this…up!” said Fred, referring to the dress. Paige giggled and helped zip her up.
“Oh, you look so pretty!” Paige exclaimed. “What else do you need to do?”
“I have to straighten my hair and do my make-up, and then I’ll be done. You better get started, though.”
Paige looked down at herself; she was still wearing her pajamas.
“You’re right, I’ll be in the downstairs shower; don’t let Phoebe get ready without me.” Paige rushed down the stairs and almost knocked out Angel.
“Angel! What are you still doing here? You were supposed to leave half an hour ago. The guests will be at the church soon!”
“Paige, relax! I forgot the rings. It’s okay; I’ll be going right after I get them. Leo is already waiting in the car.”
“Okay, well don’t let him get out. Phoebe is done in the shower and she’ll be out soon.” She gave Angel a quick kiss and dashed off to the bathroom. When he was sure she was gone, Angel called out. “Okay guys she’s gone. Now think, Wes, where did you leave them?”
Angel wasn’t talking about the wedding rings, he was talking about the rings that Fred had given to he and Spike the day of Prue’s funeral, the one’s that allowed vampires to go outside.
“I definitely put them in the Living Room.” Said Wesley. All five guys began turning over cushions and looking behind tables. About a month before, Leo had walked in on Spike after he had transformed into a vampire. Even the vampire’s with souls can still change back to vampires; they just don’t have the evil desire anymore. Angel had had no choice, he can Spike told Leo all about themselves. Their pasts and how they became good. Leo had checked this with the Elders and they said that it was true. These were the only two still living vampires with souls in the world. After he had been convinced that they were not going to hurt the girl’s, Leo had reluctantly agreed to keep their secret. All he asked that was when it came out, that he not be involved. He didn’t mean to get involved in the first place. The last thing he needed was Phoebe and Paige mad at him.
“Found ‘em!” said Gunn. Pulling two rings out from under a cushion on the couch. He threw one each to Angel and Spike.
“Alright, come on. I don’t want to be late for my own wedding.” Leo said, and all five guys hurried out the door.
Phoebe came out of the bathroom and headed towards her bedroom. She kept her hair-dryer in their so she began to dry it. Paige wanted to curl if for her so she didn’t dry it completely. Within twenty minutes, Paige was running up the stairs and into Phoebe’s bedroom. She picked up the curling iron and began to do Phoebe’s hair.
Fred walked in. “Paige! You’re not even dressed! Your hair is still wet! Look, give me the curler and I’ll finish Phoebe’s hair and you go and start yours.”
Paige gave the iron to Fred and walked briskly to her room. She just sat on the bed for a minute. Then she walked down the hall and into the bathroom to dry her hair.
“Are you nervous?” Fred asked Phoebe.
“You know what, I’m not. Not as much as I thought I would be. And that makes me nervous. I mean, you see all those brides on Oprah going on about how hard it was and putting on a fake smile all day and I don’t feel that. And I fell nervous that I don’t feel that.”
“Hey, you and Leo have a very different relationship then the people on Oprah.
They didn’t have to fight the Elders for the right to be together.” Fred finished spraying hair spray on to Phoebe’s hair. She’d put on so much she was sure that those curls would stay.
Paige came running past the bedroom.
“I’m almost ready, bathroom’s free.”
“Okay.” Fred said to Phoebe. You stay here and put your dress on and then Paige and I will come and do your make up.”
Soon, Phoebe was alone in her bedroom. She knew it wouldn’t be for long though. She got up and put on her wedding dress. She loved it. It was simple, yet elegant. With an open back and a short veil held with a tiara. It did have a bow on the back but there was no way Phoebe was walking down the aisle with that thing on her back, so Fred sewed it off for her. It had a halter neck and was made with a pearl-white silk fabric. Phoebe just looked at herself in the mirror. Paige knocked and then she came in. Her eyes welled when she saw Phoebe.
“Oh God, Phoebe.” She put her hands on her face. Fred came up behind her and put her arms around Paige’s shoulders.
“Hey.” She said. “Don’t you start crying. Phoebe will kill you if your mascara runs during her wedding.”
Paige laughed. “Okay, Phoebe, put our bathrobe on and Fred and I will do your make-up.”
“Why do I have to put my robe on?” Phoebe asked.
“Because I will not take any chances of having that dress be ruined.” Said Paige.
Once Fred and Paige had made sure that every part of Phoebe’s gown was covered, they started on her make-up.
Just over and hour later, Paige was crying her eyes out as her baby sister began to walk down the aisle. Their father had, of course, not returned. He had called to say how sorry he was for Prue’s death and had said he would come to the wedding, but he called later that week and said he couldn’t make it. So Spike had stepped in and was now walking Phoebe down the aisle. He left her in Leo’s capable hands and went to stand on the Groom’s side. The priest began. After the usual openings, he opened the floor to Phoebe and Leo as they had prepared their own vows. Leo began: “Phoebe. I never thought in my whole life that I would ever meet a woman like you. You are so kind and so special and you just have a gift for making people love you instantly. You have the most beautiful soul I have had the pleasure of knowing and I am honoured today to make you my wife.”
That sent Fred over the edge and she was now fighting with Paige for the tissues. Paige could see that Phoebe was using all of her strength not to cry. She had heard Phoebe practicing her vows and Phoebe had told her that she would not cry while saying them. At that moment, Paige knew that theory was out the window.
“Leo. In all my life I have never met anyone so pure and loving. You give me love that’s unconditional. No matter what I do, I know that you will always be there to help me. You are the most brilliant man I have ever known and I never thought I would be so lucky as to meet the man of my dreams. And I know in my heart that I will never stop loving you.”
If people weren’t crying after Leo’s vows, they were crying now. Paige heard sniffles from everyone. The priest took it from there
“Family and friend of Leo Wyatt and Phoebe Halliwell, you have just witnessed the joining of two individual souls as they become one. Please join me in congratulations as we welcome this new couple into our lives. Leo, you may now kiss the bride.” Leo was crying too as he grabbed Phoebe and kissed her. There was a thunder of applause and shouts from the crowd. Paige looked over at Angel. She hoped that she would find herself in this situation one day, and she would not mind at all if it were with Angel.

The End

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