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Charming Angels: 2. Heart Attack

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Summary: This is the second story in the Charming Angels series. Love and loss, two things that these sister witches have to learn how to keep separate.

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Chapter 1: Affairs of the heart.

Disclaimer: Most of these characters were not created at all by me. Though some have been changed and some left out they mostly belong to Aaron Spellling, Constance M. Burge and Joss Whedon as do the basic plotlines, demons and spells. Though the main story is an original, the sub-plots are based on the TV shows themselves. As for future characters, two will be the creations of Joss Whedon and one of Aaron Spelling - although much more in depth, and two characters will be made by me. There may also be references to other characters that have appeared in the shows Charmed, Angel and Buffy and the credit goes immediately to their creators.

Charming Angels - HEART ATTACK

Summary: Sisters Prue, Paige and Phoebe Halliwell are witches. They each have a magical power and are set to fight evil as it is their destiny. With the help from their Whitelighter, Leo, and the gang from Angel Investigations, the Halliwell sisters take on demons and warlocks while trying to have normal lives. But what happens when your heart gets in the way of your job and you end up putting the ones you love the most into mortal danger? How can you be so blind to what’s in front of you? What does it take to admit to yourself how you feel and how much do you have to lose to realize that? The Halliwell sisters all have to decide what is more important to them, their hearts or their destiny.

Chapter 1: Affairs of the heart.

Prue Halliwell was running as fast as she could, she couldn’t seem to get away. Shawn was following her, gaining on her.

“You can run as much as you like, Prue! I won’t let you leave!”

Then all of a sudden Prue was in a room, there were no doors or windows and no way of getting out. She turned and was face-to-face with Shawn. She tried to use her power and get him away from her, but he was unaffected. He laughed at her.

“Gotcha, Prue. Your powers are useless here.” And with one swipe of his hand, Prue felt herself being killed, murdered from the inside. Like her insides were burning. Prue screamed as loud as she could as she fell to her death.

“Prue?’ called a faraway voice. “Prue, wake up!”

Prue opened her eyes to be looking into the face of her younger sister, Paige. Prue sat up and looked around. She was in her room inside The Manor and the sunlight was shining in through her window.

“Prue, are you alright?” Paige asked her big sister with a concerned look on her face. “I heard you scream from my room, were you having that dream again?”

“Yeh,” said Prue. “Only this time it was more vivid, more real.”

For the past three weeks, Prue had been having this dream about Shawn. After the murder of Prue’s boss, Evan, five months ago, Prue and Shawn had had an awkward relationship. They hadn’t seen each other since Evan’s funeral. For a while, Shawn had been a suspect in Evan’s horrific murder. He had a motive since he’d been fired the same day and no alibi, but then the charges were dropped suddenly and Evan’s death was ruled as unsolvable and filed away. Prue had not spoken or thought of Shawn for months until, out of the blue, she began to get these dreams. They were terrifying for her and so real she could swear she was living them. Prue was always running with Shawn behind her. As soon as he got close to her, the setting would change to this old room and Prue would be stuck. Her powers didn’t work and she would turn to face Shawn and that’s when the pain starts. It seemed to get worse with every dream. Prue felt as though her blood was boiling inside of her body. Then she would wake up, or really be woken up by Phoebe or Paige. Prue had no idea what the dreams meant. Was Shawn a demon? Was he trying to hurt Prue and her sisters? She had no idea.

“I better get up for work.” Prue said.

“Ah, Prue?” said Paige. “It’s Sunday. You don’t work on the weekends. What you are doing today is having lunch with Wesley and it’s almost nine thirty so come on.” Paige pulled back her sisters covers, grabbed her hands and pulled her out of bed.

“You go get in the shower and get ready. You will never forgive yourself if you looked bad on a date.”

Prue grunted and headed towards the bathroom. Paige went down the stairs and joined Phoebe in the kitchen, whom she’d heard laughing as she came down for the morning. As she entered the kitchen, Paige did a double take as she saw Leo with his arms around her sister. And, by the looks of it, he’d been at The Manor all night.

“Paige! OH! I thought you were still asleep! Um, Leo just came by to tell us that…umm.”

“Phoebe? Calm down.” Said Paige. “You two are great together, I’ve always said so. Save your mumbled excuses for Prue. Who, by the way, is currently in the shower and, also by the way, had another one of those dreams last night.”

“Again?” said Leo.

“Yes.” Said Paige. “I’m really worried about her; these dreams are screwing her up.”

“Well, I’ll go and ask the Elders what they think about it.” Leo got up to leave. Before he orbed away Phoebe pulled him in to a kiss that Paige thought would’ve been one she would rather not have seen. Leo then orbed away.

“So.” Paige began. “You, Leo, last night, dish.”

Phoebe looked at her sister. “Look Paige, just because you’ve hit a dry patch in your love life-”

“No, no, no, what, no! We’re not talking about me and I don’t even have a guy in my life so let’s talk about you and Leo.”

“Paige, Leo and I are great, in all parts of our relationship. This isn’t the first time he’s stayed the night…just the first time I got caught. And what do you mean you don’t have a man in your life? What about Angel? I thought you guys were getting closer?”

“Ha, if by closer you mean able to talk for hours about nothing and the occasional pat in the back when we do a good job then, yeh, we’re tight.”

“Okay, okay. On a completely different topic, do you notice how Prue never says ‘I love you’ to us?”

“What do you mean?”

“Whenever I say it to her she always goes, ‘me too’ or ‘same here’.”

“I hadn’t really noticed, but now that you mention it…I don’t think I’ve ever heard her say those words.”

Prue was waiting outside the door of the kitchen as she had overheard her sister’s talking about her and about Angel. Prue still had not told Paige about Angel and his past with Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. She didn’t think she had to tell her, she felt it was Angel’s job. She didn’t even know if Angel already had told her. But Prue knew that Paige was as all over Angel as she was the day they met. Prue took a breath and entered the kitchen.

“Morning ladies.” She said to her sisters.

“Morning Prue.” Said Phoebe, handing her a coffee.

“Wow, you look great. Wesley will like that one.” Said Paige, eyeing her sister’s dress.

“It’s not too dressy?” Prue asked.

“Not at all.” Said Paige, going back to her cereal.

Prue and Wesley had been dating each other for about three and a half months. They had hit if off right from the day they met. They both are interested in artifacts and historical things and both like to take charge. They are also both for trying to fight evil for the greater good and not doing things for themselves, which was until they got together. Prue still got excited when she saw Wesley, which gave her the confidence knowing that she and he were in a good relationship.

“What time-” Phoebe began


“Right now, Phoebes.” Prue said. Prue looked at her watch. Ten on the dot, I love how he’s so punctual! Thought Prue. She put her cup down, waved to her sisters and said: “I’ll be back in the afternoon. Be good, I’m on my cell if there’s a problem.”

By problem, Prue meant demon. The sisters had become pretty good at fighting demons and had learned to control their powers. Phoebe had even got a new one, she could levitate now. She found that out when she was cornered by a vampire in an ally and he’d thrown a crate at her. Prue and Paige assumed they would get something new soon.

Prue opened the front door to see the wise face of Wesley staring back at her.

“Hey, Prue.” He said, leaning in to give her a kiss. Prue liked him so much!

“Ready to go?” he said pulling away.

“Yeh, let’s go.” Prue grabbed her handbag and left The Manor with her boyfriend.

Paige and Phoebe heard a car start and assumed Wesley’s had picked up Prue.

“You and Prue are so lucky,” said Paige. “You’ve got great guys who adore you and you have a new power and a great job. What time are you going there, by the way?”

“My shift starts at ten-thirty.” Said Phoebe. “That makes me late if I don’t leave soon. I’ll be in the shower.” Phoebe rushed out of the kitchen and upstairs. Paige looked around the empty kitchen. How is it that I have no life? Thought Paige. I’m an interesting person. I’ve gotta figure out what my dream is. At that moment, the phone rang. Paige was so out of it, she jumped. She collected herself and picked up the receiver.

“Paige Halliwell?”

“Hey Paige, its Angel.”

Paige’s eyes lit up. She loved it when he rang her!

“Hey Angel, what’s up?”

“I was wondering what your doing today?”

Oh my god, Paige thought, he’s going to ask me out!

“Ah, um, nothing.” Said Paige, trying not to sound like she expected anything.

“Great, because I was wondering if… you would mind coming over to the hotel with the Book of Shadows, we have a demon that we can’t seem to identify.”

Of course, Paige thought, why would he ask me out? He needs help with something evil. That is why we came to them for help in the first place.

“Um, sure, I’d be happy to come over. What time is good for you?”

“Anytime from now is fine.”

“Okay, then I’ll be there soon.”

“Great, I’ll see you then.”

“Bye Angel.”

“Bye Paige.”

* * *

Angel hung up the phone. Why can’t I ever seem to get the words out? He thought to himself. Why is impossible for me to ask Paige out?

“Hey Angel, How’d it go?” asked Fred as she entered the office.

“Bad. I froze up like I always do and I asked her to come over here with the Book of Shadows to look up a demon. And I told her that we had a demon that we couldn’t identify so…we have to find a demon we can’t identify before she gets here.”

“Angel, calm down.” Said Fred. “When Paige gets here just explain to her what you meant and she’ll understand, she’s a very understanding woman.”

“She’s an amazing woman.” Said Angel.

Fred knew that Angel liked Paige, a lot. And she knew that Paige felt the same and would jump at the chance to go out with Angel.

“I can’t tell Paige that I lied to her, that’s not a good way to start our relationship, if we ever get to have a relationship.”

“Well, you better think of something soon.” Said Fred. “Look, I would help you but Gunn and I are going to check out a ghost a woman has in her house that has convinced her that he is Elvis. We’ll be back in a few hours. And Wesley left a while ago for lunch with Prue so, you and Spike are going to have to try and get along for a while. Can you do that?”

“No, but what else am I going to do?”

Fred nodded and left the room. Angel heard the front door shut and he knew that he now had to think of something to tell Paige alone.
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