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Baby Steps

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This story is No. 4 in the series "More Than Tea". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Charlie and Buffy have a lot of issues to cover before they can move on. Part of the More Than Tea series

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Harry Potter > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Charlie WeasleyJmariaFR1535,2630137,37313 Jan 057 May 10No

Baby Steps

Title: Baby Steps

Part Title: I Wish

Series: More Than Tea

Author: Jmaria

Rating: Pg-13

Spoilers: Some for my story Chamomile, so basically 5 (6ish) by 5 (set in books 6 &7) by 2 (3ish) . . . confused?

Disclaimers: Puppet master here, claiming no ownership on the parts of the HP or BtVS people. I do, however, very muchly own Chamomile and Edgar.

Summary: Buffy and Charlie, at the end of all the choas-y ness of trying to rescue Cammi, get a brief moment to talk about their relationship.

A/N: Ok, this is because I kinda cut Charlie/Buffy out in the end of Chamomile. I wrote those last three chapters in the span of five hours, and wanted to get over to the computer lab before they closed to get it out. This fic is set between the battle and the wedding (the one in Chamomile’s epilogue) Now this is major fluff, and I don't expect you to consider it anything other than that.

I also seem to be following a theme here (Friday, I’m In Love! was a song title, all of the chapters in Chamomile had songs as the part titles, and this in it’s four parted glory, has songs for it’s titles. Obscure ranting done now, on with the ficcage.



Baby Steps

~*~ I Wish ~*~


Buffy Summers didn’t get much sleep that night. Okay, she didn’t get any. All she cared about was that her daughter and her sister were safe and sound, and not being the unwilling sacrifices for an evil wizard who wanted nothing more than to kill most of the world’s population in order to prove a moronic point.

Once Madame Pomfrey had checked little Chamomile Weasley-Summers over, she’d been handed not to the mother, but to the only one they really knew. Cammi’s father. Charlie.

Their entire relationship span had lasted all of seven days. In those seven days, neither participant had ever given the other the slightest hint that they were more than just a normal man and woman. In reality, she’d been the Slayer and he’d been a Dragon Taming Wizard. Charlie Weasley had swept out of Buffy Summers’ life as nearly as fast as he’d swept into it. Buffy convinced herself that it had all been just a silly little fling, until she realized two months later that it wasn’t her ex-military boyfriend Riley’s child that she was carrying. The fact that it might have been Riley’s child honestly never even entered into her mind. She knew that it was Charlie’s child she’d carried.

For a long time, Buffy thought Charlie would never even meet his daughter. But then, when the hell god Glory had attacked her family, went after her daughter and her sister, Buffy had gone to great lengths to unearth the scrap of weird paper that Charlie’d given her more than a year ago. When Dawn had been taken, when Giles had told her how unlikely it was that she would survive, that Buffy might have to kill her sister to save the world, the wheels in her mind started to shift. Somehow she knew that there was a chance that not everyone would survive the battle. It wasn’t until she was up on that tower built by crazy people that she definitely knew it would be her that wouldn‘t survive. Granted the odds were kinda swayed in her favor.

Now, one death, resurrection spell, and major battle later, she was standing in a Wizarding Hospital, shivering from her rain drenched clothes watching on as the man who’d really changed her life held her daughter. He held her for only a minute. Then he turned to her and handed her over. Unshed tears shone in his eyes as he gave her a small, tight smile.

“She’s -” He couldn’t get anything else out. His voice was raw. “I should check on Ginny.” He turned to leave.

Buffy cradled her little girl in her arms, tears starting to run over her cheeks. Then something amazing happened. Cammi blinked her eyes open, staring deeply into her mother’s hazel eyes.

“Mama?” The infant cooed.

Charlie turned back to stare at Buffy dumbstruck. He stared at the little strawberry blonde baby curling herself around the one woman she’d desperately wanted to hold onto in her darkest hours as she spoke her first word. It wasn’t Papa, or Dada as he’d been trying to get her to say. It was ‘Mama’. He composed himself as best he could. Buffy stared at him, a little uncertain herself.

“Her first word.” He said simply.

* * * * *

Charlie never did end up leaving the room. Cammi burst into tears the second he tried to leave. The head mediwitch finally led them to a private room so she could get some rest and where her stressed and exhausted parents could as well.

“Charlie, I think you can put her down now.” Buffy said softly. He’d been pacing around the room for nearly an hour now. Charlie just nodded as he set the baby in the middle of the bed. “I can’t believe how big she’s gotten. It’s almost surreal.” She murmured, rocking back on her heels to watch her daughter sleep peacefully.

“Babies do that you know.” Charlie replied. “Grow, I mean.”

“I almost missed it - I almost missed her growing up.” Buffy sighed, willing Charlie to meet her eyes so she could explain it all. “I couldn’t let Dawnie die. I just couldn’t, just like I couldn’t let the world end. No matter how many times I try to explain it, it never seems to get any clearer, you know?”

“Yeah. I mean, I get it.” Charlie turned to face her. “I get why you felt you had to do what you had to do. I get why you couldn’t tell me, and I get why you couldn’t let Dawnie die. She’s a hell of a girl, Buffy. I get everything you did, while I may not agree with your reasons, I understand why you did it.”

“Charlie, she always came first. Her and Dawnie - they’re all I have left. I’ve lost far too much and it seems so hard to do anything, to feel anything save the things I have to do for them.” Buffy’s voice faltered when he looked her straight in the eyes.

“Dawn’s been accepted to Hogwarts, she really shouldn’t drop out.” Charlie said, looking away for the first time. “She’s got a talent. She’s a very special girl.”

“Yeah, she’s digging the whole wand aspect of it.” Buffy said tightly. “Maybe Dawn can commute, or transfer to the American branch.”

“She could always stay here, with my family. Mum would never turn her, or you away.” Charlie said softly, digging more painfully into Buffy’s heart.

“I can’t stay here, Charlie. You say you understand? Well, then you understand that I have an obligation to protect the world, and to make sure no one ever tries to open the Hellmouth again.” Buffy cried, angry that he was making her say these words. “I can’t give it up, because there is no one who can fill in for me. I’m all there is.”

“Right then. I’ll just swipe my memory to forget that I have a daughter. Then you’ll whisk her off to the bloody Hellmouth, where she’ll most likely be kidnapped by whoever the new ‘big bad’ is.” Charlie said angrily.

“Because she was oh so safe from the forces of darkness while she was here with you?” Buffy retorted. “No, but let me give up everything to cater to what you want, Charlie. Let me give up what I’ve been building for five years for a man I knew a total of seven days.”

“You didn’t have a problem with shagging me.“ Charlie snapped. “And as for you giving up on your fantastic life? Guess what Buffy, you already did that. You died.”

Charlie couldn’t stay there anymore. He couldn’t fight her, and say all the things he’d said over and over again to her because she wasn’t even listening anymore. He yanked the door of the room open and stormed out. Buffy felt herself crack, as she sobbed silently. She lowered herself into the chair beside the bed

“I wish it could be different. I wish we were different. I wish we really loved each other.” Buffy sobbed. “But most of all I wish you still loved me. God knows, I still do.”

* * * * *


A/N: Ok, angst-ier than I had hoped. But there it is. Hopefully it won’t be as angsty in the next part.
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