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Weapon X

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Weapon X". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Xander is kidnapped by the Weapon X during his summer road trip.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Xander-CenteredDragonhulkFR1599,45754259,24914 Jan 0530 Aug 05Yes

Weapon X

Weapon X

Author: Dragonhulk

Disclaimer: I own nothing and get no money from writing this. If you are one of the people that own the characters I'm using and like the story contact me and we can work something out.

Summary: Xander is kidnapped by the Weapon X during his summer road trip.

Rating: FRT-13, possibly FRM in parts.

Author's Note: Messing with the X-Men movie timeline, but probably nothing too extreme.


Part One: Conversations in a Bar

Xander was tired, hungry, and the happiest he had been in years. The reason for his new found joy was simple; he was in northern New York and the Hellmouth with its entire demon problems were on the other side of the country in California.

"Hey chuckles, stop grinning and get back in here! I pay you to help me serve drinks, not stand outside!"

Ah, trust a boss to ruin a good mood. Dave may not be the best employer but he paid in cash under the table, and at the moment cash was what Xander needed. Well Dave's tendency to pay in cash may have more to do with the fact that Xander was under twenty one and couldn't legally work in a bar, but Xander was earning good money with tips, so he wasn't going to complain.

Getting back behind the bar Xander wasn't surprised to see Dave flirting with a customer and talking to his friends, so that left Xander to deal with everyone else. Luckily at the moment everyone else just consisted of Ted, who was already drunk, and a new guy.

After dropping off another bottle of Jack Daniels for Ted for when he woke up, Xander went over to take the new guy's order.

"Hey, my name is Xander and I will be giving you your booze today." Yeah it was over the top but it was his last day and he would be different today if he felt like it.

To his credit new guy just raised an eyebrow and asked for a beer. While working on the draft Xander kept one eye on the clock. 12:59; if he held true to form, Ted should wake up right about…

"Mutants! It's all their fault! They're meeting in secret, trying to come up with new ways to screw us working folks over."

Xander chuckled as he thought over what he planned for Ted. Seeing the open look of disgust on the new guy's face, he decided to try to strike up a conversation, just to pass the time until last call.

"You can ignore Ted, we all do." Xander's attempt was met with little more than a grunt from the new guy.

Usually Xander would take the hint and leave the customer alone, but he was drunk on the idea of being on the road again so he decided to start Operation: Mess With Ted's Mind early.

"Hey Ted, I got a mutie for you to rant about for awhile!" Xander noticed that the new guy's grip tightened on the table but otherwise remain the same.

"Who is he?! Who is the stinking mutie, and more importantly, where is he?!"

"Well Ted, he is someone known by everyone here if they admit to it or not, in fact he is in the bar right now." At this the new guy sat back in a position that made Xander's inner army guy scream to play this carefully.

"Who is he?! Tell me, and I'll take him with my own hands!" So saying Ted stood up to his full five feet two inches, and flexed what muscles were on his thin one hundred and twenty pound frame.

"It's you, Ted."

Ted simply blinked a few times trying to process what he had been told before asking, "What?"

Xander smiled, Ted had taken the bait. "Think about it Ted. Every night you wake up and start ranting about mutants at one a.m. on the dot. If that isn't one of those dangerous mutant powers you are always talking about I don't know what is."

As he delivered his punch line, the rest of the bar burst out laughing; even the new guy started to chuckle. Confident that he was indeed the class clown despite what the student council said Xander took a bow and then took a seat with the new guy.

"I've wanted to do that ever since I started working here," Xander told the new guy.

"So why didn't you do it before now?"

"Today is my last day. Ted is a rich regular that drops a lot of money here, so when he comes back tomorrow Dave can honestly tell him that I don't work here anymore."

"Decent of ya kid. Also got to say it's interesting to meet someone who doesn't hate and fear mutants."

"Never said I wasn't afraid of mutants, I'd have to be nuts not to be afraid of them. As for the hating part, I just haven't met any mutants that I know of yet. If I met every mutant in the world I'm sure that I would hate some of them and some of them would hate me, it's just how things work."

"Mind explaining that fearing mutants part a bit more?"

"Sure thing, Mr..?"

"Logan, just Logan."

Xander grinned, he loved doing this. When he talked to a stranger he could be whoever he wanted to be. Back in Sunnydale he was and always would be the lovable yet slightly goofy Xander Harris, and was expected to only have conversations that lovable yet slightly goofy people have, but here he could talk in any way and not have people give him looks of shock that he had deep thoughts.

"Think about it Logan, everyone wants to feel safe. That is why we put locks on everything and have cameras everywhere, so we can protect ourselves and continue to feel safe. Now mutants come, and some of them can break down any door or move so fast that cameras can't catch them on film. They can do all of these things and no one feels safe any more, so we start being afraid." Xander smiled openly when he saw a spark of understanding in Logan's eye. Then just as soon as it had formed the spark turned from one of understanding to one of rage.

"So what's your solution then, round up all the mutants and put them somewhere out of the way so people can feel safe?"

Xander decided to work his response carefully. Logan's voice was little more than a growl at the end, and Logan's growl reminded Xander just a bit too much of his hyena possession. "That was a knee jerk reaction by some senator. As far as I'm concerned, humanity has two options. Either we start building better locks and cameras or somehow we build a better society, one that doesn't need locks and cameras."

Logan sat back and considered Xander's words before deciding that there wasn't any thing there go get upset about. "You better start investing in a new lock bub, because I doubt that people are going to change to fit that society you explained any time soon." With that Logan paid for the beer and left Xander a decent tip before taking off on his motorcycle.

Xander sighed and started to clean up. Last call was in fifteen minutes, and with a bit of luck Dave would let him out with full pay early. Well unless things started to go bad, but what bad, were the chances of that happening this far from the Hellmouth.

Outside two figures waited in a van. They had detected a mutant signature here right before their equipment had failed. Standard operating procedures dictated that they mark everyone in the bar and then follow them to see if any demonstrated mutant powers. They were to continue with this course of action until a technician could be dispatched to their location to fix the short range mutant locator.

They were professionals and they will follow their commands with little to no deviation. They would keep an eye on the people in the bar and the first one to do something remotely mutant like would be brought back to base with them or terminated, no exception.
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