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Absolute Freedom

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Summary: Waking up in the morgue Buffy decides that it's time for her to end it all. But shortly after building up a whole new life a past she thought lost in the ever changing sands of the desert comes back to haunt her. Post Season 7, Buffy/Methos, *COMPLETE*

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Highlander > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Methos(Past Moderator)FaithUnbreakableFR151836,63655184132,81915 Jan 059 Apr 05Yes
CoA Winner

Absolute Freedom

Author's Note

Disclaimer: OK, I almost forgot this: Nothing mine, Buffy and the Highlander characters belong to whoever made them up, not me. Plot's the only thing that's mine.

Since I have loads to say, this is an extra chappy for once.

First, thanks to all those who voted for this story, I had fun writing it so far.

If everything goes according to plan, which it never does, this story should have about 17 chapters, five of the already written.

The rating is 15 for language and a little violence, and, just as a warning, I hate most of the Scoobies, so they won't get away very well. Faith will play a major part though, later, since I adore her.

Also, this is a plot bunny created in Another Soldier, so you might read that one too.

This story is not betaed, except by myself, so if you find mistakes, which I try to make as hard as possible of course, review and tell me, so I can correct them.

Even if you don't find any, Reviews are always welcome and make the wait for new chapters that much shorter.

Now, after talking off your ears, have fun and enjoy.

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