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Summary: Faith wants something and there is only one person to get it from: Sawyer.

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Author: Jesmin


Rating: PG (bit of swearing by the way)

Crossover: Buffy/Lost

Summary: Faith wants something and she knows exactly who to see: Sawyer.

Disclaimer: Buffy is owned by Joss, the WB, FOX and UPN. Lost is owned by CBS. I own nothing and am making nilche for this.

Spoilers: Most of the way for the first half of the first season of Lost.

Feedback: I would love feedback! This is my first Lost crossover!

Author's note: Sorry this is so short, but I just wanted to get a slight feel for writing the Lost universe.


“What the hell was that for?”

Faith narrowed her gaze at the man standing in front of her, rubbing the jaw that she had just clipped. He was one of the many survivors that she had been stranded with after the crash that had changed her life. If she had known what was going to happen when Giles provided her the chance to visit Australia then she would have stayed put on the Cleveland Hellmouth with all the vampires and demons. Then again at least here she had a clean start – a clean start on a deserted island that appeared to be inhabited by a large enough monster to knock down trees.

Since the crash she had pretty much stayed to herself, watching as amongst the wreckage on the shore people started to form small cliques. Then the groups started to grow larger, and before long, the survivors had branched out into two different areas. There were those that stayed on the beach, several who moved solely to caves where there was fresh water and a few others that seemed to travel back and forth to both. Faith, herself, had stayed on the beach – as had the man in front of her. Her reasoning was only that she felt comfortable there. She had a feeling his was all about salvage.

As she had kept to herself, Faith really hadn’t allowed herself to get to know anyone personally. She had, however, observed a few of who appeared to be the more prominent members. There was the good doctor Jack, the ever popular but mysterious Kate, the strange silent hunter Locke, the ex-soldier Sayid, the pregnant Claire and her rock band friend Charlie along with many more. However, this man she had watched the most.

Right after the crash there had been so much confusion, and he had taken advantage. While people had been trying to simply cope with the situation, he had gone into the wreckage and pilfered most of the bags. Since then, he had a reputation of being the one who had stolen your belongings, and he wasn’t going to give them up without something in return. Because of this he was probably the most hated and despised person on the island, which meant Faith wasn’t.

Faith had watched for quite some time as people became frustrated with him. The man was so callous, thinking that he had every right to keep items that did not belong to him, making people trade for their own belongings. It was sick, especially when one of the survivors needed one of her inhalers. Everyone knew that he had them. Here she was, suffering from asthma that could very well kill her, and he wouldn’t give them the inhalers unless there was a trade. Then, in the end, he didn’t even have them! Personally, even Faith thought that was low.

Now though, now she had stopped watching. Faith had finally caught sight of what she was looking for – something that belonged to her. Standing across from him, glaring, Faith answered his question by saying, “Let’s get one thing straight, Sawyer, I don’t trade for my own stuff. Consider this me asking for my bags one more time.”

Sawyer eyed her. “And if I say no, what? Are you going to hit me again?”

“I could beat you senseless if you want, and then just take what I want.”

Studying her for a second, Sawyer remarked sarcastically, “Yeah, right. A pretty little thing like…”

He was cut off as one of her fists connected with him again, sending him to the ground. Looking up at her, eyes in shock again as he rubbed the side of his face she had fully connected with this time, he stated, “Damn.”

“And that’s still holding back. Now where are my bags?” When he didn’t answer, she crouched down beside him and took a hold of his bandaged arm, squeezing slightly just to hurt him. “Most people give you what you want, but I’m not. I shouldn’t have to buy what is rightfully mine. There will be no trading with other items I’ve salvaged or with me kissing or sleeping with you. Got it, Sawyer? Now if you will just point me towards my bags.”

“Fine.” Pointing towards the forest, he added, “You’re bags are in there. Just keeping going straight from here and you’ll find where they’re stashed.”

Leaning in, she surprised him by giving him a rough kiss, going against what she just said. Then again, fighting in even the slightest way always left her needing. It was something she had teased B about several times. After pulling away, she smiled and stood up over him. “Thanks, Sawyer. Nice doing business with ya.”

“Sure. Anytime, uh…” Damn, the girl had just beaten him up with only two punches and here he was not caring because of the kiss he had just received. Too bad he couldn’t even remember her name.

Grinning over her shoulder as she started towards her bags, she answered, “Faith.”

Watching her disappear, he muttered her name, “Faith,” before wondering why he had never noticed her among the survivors before now.

The End

The End

You have reached the end of "Baggage". This story is complete.

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