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Lost and Found

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Summary: Buffy is a transgenic (Buffy/Alec)

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Television > Dark Angel > Buffy - CenteredJennaSummersFR783,71322512,62920 Jan 0525 Mar 05No

Lost and Found

Disclaimer: I don't own anything from either BtVS and Dark Angel

Lost and Found

LA: June 2021

It had been a while since she had really thought about her past. And what a past it was, none would believe what she was, who could believe that she Buffy Summers was a transgenic. She was to busy trying to survive to dwell on her brothers and sisters she had left behind so many years ago. Her whole family was out there in the world somewhere and she had been to busy to consider that they would need her help. The baby of the group, well she wasn't really that much younger than them. Zach the oldest and leader was only 9 months older than her, and her best friend in the whole entire Max was a little over a week older than her.

Max and her were always together even from the beginning. They were the babies and even if no one admitted it they were always being more protected than the others which immediately drew them towards eachother. They acted like twin sisters, always knowing what the other was feeling. But they couldn't be more different. Max was always 2 or 3 inches taller than Buffy with dark brown eyes and sark hair. Buffy was always short even for her age, she had blond hair now since it had grown out and jade green eyes the only feature that would distinguish her for her missing brothers and sisters, they wouldn't recognize her with her blond hair since the last time they were together she was bald, they all were.

Now after hearing about Manticore exploding near Terminal City she was finally going to start her search. Luckily for her Rupert Giles, her father figure, had an open job offer in Seattle so soon they would be on their way. Ready or not Buffy was going to find her family again.
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