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FFA Responce(s)

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Summary: #547 Fred/Professor Utonium. Chapter 2: Dawn & John Sheppard (Stargate:Atlantis)

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple Pairings > Ficlet Collections - FFASadieFR1321,570051,39721 Jan 0519 Apr 07No

Just Another Friday. -- Dawn&John Sheppard

Title: Just Another Friday.
Author: Sadie
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Joss Whedon own BtVS and MGM Studio owns Stargate: Atlantis
Spoilers: Stargate: Atlantis - season 3 episode 9. Buffy season 7 finale I guess.

Note: FFA # Dawn & John Sheppard


John Sheppard was surprised to have his lazy evening walk marred with falling flat on his face.

On Earth for two days and already he was being attacked. And here he was worried he'd be bored after the fast paced Atlantis. Rolling onto his back, John pushed himself into a seated position.

"Ah ah! I wouldn't move another inch buddy. Hands, where I can see them."

The young, feminine voice surprised John, as did the fancy looking crossbow she was confidently wielding.

"Buffy, I got him! Come quick!"

So, here he was, alone on a deserted street, just inside an alley, legs all tied up and a female teenager with a weapon trained on him, calling some person on a walkie-talkie.

Well, this was just...peachy...

"So, where the hell is it?" Dawn asked, glaring down at her catch.

"Where the hell is what?!" John yelled right back. He gave an aggravated sigh and went to reach for the bindings on his ankles. How the hell had she managed that? It kind of looked like the things Ronon used to go hunting.

Dawn shoved her crossbow into his face, "Move another inch and I shoot you. I want the sword."

"What the hell are you talking about?! I haven't got any sword!"

"Hey, stop moving!" Dawn yelped, training the crossbow on his stomach, "I know this won't kill you, but it will certainly hurt, stupid little, Sidhe!"

"She?! What? I'm clearly not a woman!" Goddamn, he didn't have anything on himself for defense. And he certainly wasn't in the mood to talk down some random crazy girl.

"Yeah, just try to play dumb you freaky little elf!"

"Little?! Wait, elf?" John found himself reddening, just a bit. "You've got to be kidding me," John muttered, letting himself fall back flat to the ground. "I'm not an elf, kid."

"Oh please. You are so Sidhe. You just happened to be hanging around this building tonight? You just happen to be all pretty boy with unnaturally pointy ears? You just happen to be giving off ooky vibes? Right. So, I ask you again, where's the sword?"

"Who the hell put you up to this?"

"We need the sword, you can have it back in under a week. Hand it over, Sidhe."

"Was it Lorne? How much is he paying you? I knew those 'short' jokes were pissing him off. Wait, elves and crap, this is totally McKay, isn't it?" John twisted around, squinting down the darkened street, "Very funny Rodney! You keep this up and I'm telling people you see aliens! Rodney!"

Dawn just ignored the outburst and brought the walkie-talkie back up to her mouth. "Come on Buffy!"

The pair jumped when the walkie-talkie crackled life, "Gimme a minute Dawn. I'm almost finished."

John sat up, a brief flicker of worry crossing his face. Would Rodney really go this far to get a rise out of him? "Uh, who's coming?" There was nothing in the immediate area that John could even imagine trying to defend himself with. If he caught the girl off guard, he knew he'd have no problem taking her down. But adding more people to the equation?

"Oh, that got your attention, huh, Sidhe?" Dawn gave a grin as she jutted out her hip. "You should have just given me the sword. Now Buffy's going to kick your ass."

Flopping back to the ground, John shook his head. "Again with the 'Sidhe' thing. I'm not a friggin' Sidhe! And do I look like I'm concealing a sword, kid? Look, I'll put my hands up and you can check. I haven't got anything on me."

Dawn snorted, "Right, I get all too close and you enchant me with your prettiness or something. I know how sneaky you are with us poor humans!"

"Listen, I'm going to give you one last chance, kid, because I'm getting pissed off here. You either--"

Buffy finally rounded the corner, much to Dawn's relief. "It's about time! You're lucky he didn't attack me! He's refusing to speak and playing dumb."

Frowning, Buffy walked up next to her sister and showed her a long, cloth wrapped object, "The sword," she clarified, "Uh, Dawn, who've you got tied up here?"

"The Sidhe."

A bright smile spread across Buffy's face as she turned her back to the man. "That's not The Sidhe...or any Sidhe for that matter." Giving a pat to her sister's shoulder, Buffy finished, "You have fun untying this nice human man and saying goodbye. I have to get this to Willow."

Dawn stood in the alley silently for several moments after Buffy left. Casting a look to the man laying on the ground, Dawn gave a sudden, forced laugh. "Oh! Rodney got you good! You should have seen your face! Ha!" Dawn made it a few feet away before turning back, "Uh, could I get my boleadora back?" At the confused look, she pointed to the leather strap, steel ball contraption entangling John's legs.

John unraveled the boleadora from his ankles and handed it back to the girl. Narrowing his eyes, John said, "I'll tell McKay you say hi...what'd you say your name was?"

"Uh, you do that. I've gotta go. People to play pranks on. Very funny and randomly odd, perfectly harmless pranks." Dawn gave a jaunty little wave and fled from the alley.

John caught some muttered curses from the girl as she disappeared. A few pieces of gravel were brushed off his face as John began walking as well. "And Stargate Command wondered why I didn't want to leave Atlantis."

John was several blocks away from where he'd been 'attacked' before he reached up and self-consciously rubbed at his ears.

"They're not that pointy."


The End?

You have reached the end of "FFA Responce(s)" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 19 Apr 07.

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