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The Passenger

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Summary: REPOST Response to Faith's real father challenge

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Television > AliasbloodyawfulpoetFR1531,452052,70522 Jan 0522 Jan 05No

Meanwhile, back at the farm...

Disclaimer: Do I... nope, still don't own anything. Not even the chapter title. That is Lemony Snickets, all things Alias are JJ's, and all things Buffy are Joss's. Even Vaughn and Angel... damn.

Sydney Bristow followed her father into the soundproof corner of the LA CIA offices. Once inside, she whirled to face him. "Dad, what is this? Where the hell is Sloane? And my sister?!"
Jack sighed. "We don't know, Sydney. As soon as we let Sloane out of our sight, he escaped. And as for your half-sister, all we can assume is that Sloane has found her and that he's administering the fluid."
"Dad, isn't there someway we can find him?" Sydney demanded. "Or find out who my sister is? We have her DNA, can't Marshall find her and we can go from there?" Her heart leapt at the possibility of finding and saving her sister, her only tie to their mother.
"Sydney..." Jack trailed off, choosing his words carefully. "Marshall has been trying to locate your sister already. I've talked to a few of my contacts to try and find Sloane, but even if we do there's no guarantee we'll be able to get to them in time to save your sister from the permanent brain damage she will eventually suffer from if she's over-exposed. She - "
Marshall burst into the small alcove, a piece of paper in his hands. "Sorry to interrupt, but we found her."
"Her name is Faith Wilkins. She's currently living in Sunnydale, California under the employ of the mayor Richard Wilkins. There appears to be no relation between the two besides work, but Faith's record seems clean," Dixon's tone of voice led Sydney to believe otherwise. Vaughn asked the question for her.
"Well, she was questioned about the murder of Deputy Mayor Finch, but those charges were dropped after she came into the mayor's employ. She's 18 years old, grew up in... Boston."
"So, we should ask the mayor about her whereabouts," surmised Weiss.
"No, this report lists her friends, Buffy Summers and Rupert Giles as the main people to question. So, Sydney, Vaughn, Weiss, you'll be going to Sunnydale. It's only about an hour drive from here. Lay low, find Summers and Giles, question them, come back ASAP. You can leave as soon as we're done. Which is now." At this, all the agents in the room stood and left, except for Jack.
"Dixon, I've asked Katya Derevko to help me find Sloane. I'll need the use of a safehouse for our work," he said to the director.
"Done. Find him," Dixon remarked.
With that, Jack left the office.
Sydney sat in the passenger seat of Vaughn's SUV, looking over the Sunnydale file. "We're looking for Buffy Summers. This is her picture. 17, blonde, green eyes, petite, often seen with one Willow Rosneburg, also 17. Red hair, green eyes. Rupert Giles, the other of Faith's friends, is the librarian at Sunnydale High School, where Buffy, Willow, and their other pal Alexander Harris are finishing their senior year. Buffy has been wanted for a murder, though there were no charges, and numerous other mishaps. Any questions?"
"Nope. So, to Sunnydale High?" asked Weiss.
"To Sunnydale High," Sydney answered.

A/N: Okay, sorry if it seemed extremely OOC. The Scoobies and the agents collide next chapter, and maybe even the moment where Faith and Sark meet. Ooh, won't that be fun!
Thanks to my reviewers!

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Passenger" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 22 Jan 05.

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