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Legend: Lady Vengeance

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Lady Vengeance". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Buffy is Immortal, in fact, Buffy is the first immortal, the one responsible for the others. She was also the First Slayer. This is a brief history on her. It is the prequal to some future fics.

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The Beginning: Parts5-8

Title: The Beginning: Part 5-8
Disclaimer: I do not own BTVS, ATS, or Highlander. If I did, well, Angel and Buffy would be on screen full time.
Possible Fic Pairings: Buffy/Angel, Vengeance (Buffy)/Death/War/Plague/Famine family,
Part 5

She awoke to the sun shining on her face. Her hair was quite messy and the heat and brightness of the hot light that reached her face told her that she had been asleep for a while. She moved her arms to brush the blonde strands of hair from her face, only to find that her hands were scratchy and what she could only describe as greasy.

Putting her hands to the floor and pushing herself up, the strength her body produced hadn’t occurred to her. She stood with a grace that did not seem off, and went to the exit of the cave naturally. It took her a while to realize that this was a familiar place.

She walked outside to the bright shining sun that she felt should be drearily hidden behind dark clouds bringing bad omens of the future. Her feet hit the cold dirt and she looked at her feet. Her gaze followed her body upwards, to find that she was covered in a dark substance that seemed to have blended into her skin and changed the tint. She put her right hand over her left arm and dragged it down to find that it smeared.

Her head nodded absently. If it smeared, it could be washed off. She felt dirty and that bothered her. Her feet trudged to the river side as the stream of water a few feet deep could be found beaching off of a rock that was smoothe. If you weren’t careful, you might slip on it with wet feet. She had done that regularly. It went unnoticed by her that her legs were less inclined to slip on the wet, slippery rocks then usual. She passed over the earthly materials like any old piece of ground.

The spring had a waterfall with a high rock that clear blue liquid continuously flowed off of. The roaring of the moving liquid triggered her memory. What had happened the day before? In small flashes, images of ‘Eyebrow,’ ‘Staff Guy,’ and ‘Wiggy’ came to her. The experience of pain and a burdened strength hit her at once. She would have cried out in pain if she hadn’t felt relieved. She just spotted her little sister across the stream. The little girl was washing the blackness away from herself already.

Not nearly as dirtied as her big sister, but still uncomfortably so, she was pushing the water over her skin to get the ugly color of blackness off. Buffy joined her, but only took the stuff around her face off. She was too tired to do anything else.

Noticing Elisibitanne across the stream, Dawn smiled. She too was exhausted by the mental torture from the day before. After washing her own hands and face, she retreated back to the cave beneath the waterfall, hidden by the brush with her sister. They slept heavily.
Hours later, the sun was going down. Neither of them noticed the shadows caressing the frightened earth. The movement went on and brought no attention towards itself. The two survivors of a peaceful city were left alone in the only untouched piece of earth they could find, a place the shadows could not touch because only joy had remained there.

But things would change soon, for the worst, and then the better. Neither Winters child knew, or liked it. But destiny is a funny thing. You’re never ready for the big things when they happen. Fate took a hold of the reigns when someone messed with the weaved path of earth.

Part 6

That night, the two girls awoke to the sound of someone outside. Elisibitanne followed her little sister outside of the cave quickly to see who was there. Elisibitanne could not save her sister. When she reached her, the little brown headed, blue eyed girl was already dead. Her neck was snapped quickly, the only thing that Elisibitanne would later be thankful for.

With a cry of rage and anguish, she let go, and the slayer made her way into the world. She traced the demon to her burnt down village, her skin already dyed by the heavy smoke and ash around her. Like paint, it seeped onto her skin and dried. She looked like an African Amazon by the time she was finished. It took her hours to clear them, but all of the demons that had settled in her village were dead, massacred for taking over her village. Ripped apart by a grieving daughter, best friend, and big sister.

The way Dawnanine’s neck snapped forever remains in her mind. It played before her over and over and over. Insanity was her only release from weeping, so she avenged her sister and her family with the flowing blood of those that killed them.

But the demons had already spread through multiples holes in her dimension, earth, and the one place that the people who loved her had lived with her throughout her life. Her parents, her friends, everyone she had ever known had been murdered by things that she only knew as demons.

Her first true battle was that of killing everything that had taken part in the murders and destruction of her village. Like classical tales, she did her deeds in mindless acts.

Her insanity then left to leave a broken girl of thirteen years old. She took time to bury her family in a large grave dug by herself. But she buried her sister in a grave separated from the others. She got a piece of ground by the waterfall, the place that her and some of the other kids had had so much fun and lived life in innocent days that were now forever gone. Only she was left to remember.

Over night, the magic that had spilled into the valley created a haven of life in the forest; animals and supernatural creatures that were on the side of light, just living, had much longer lives and were now protected from the hunters not of their own kind.
Surrounding the greenery though, sat a desert that stretched a long ways away. Yellow sands caught the breeze and somehow hid the once-village from view. None but the Slayer could enter the place of a raped mind, and an intruded body, a broken heart and soul and spirit. This is where she resided. Elisibitanne traveled from the waterfall cave to the desert, sleeping on a bed of bones, trophies of her enemies.

This gave her power. She had magic in her. The blood flowing through her veins was a rapid fire of magic that hummed under her skin like a volcano about to erupt, the ash a sign. Her sign that something was about to happen was the little bitty connections to the greenery before her as she felt her body tingle to the world, and the forest protection was fulfilled. In the night, she bled, her feminine walls were moved and the last of her innocence taken. She was no longer a virgin, her womanhood invaded my nature.

Every piece of magic asks a price. This was her payment. So when the sun rose, her skin burnt under the harsh heat. She left her home and the magic in the desert that would call slayers too for years to come. She left to avenge her family and other people on the demons that entered through other portals. She went looking for those that spread death and destruction to the innocent, like she was once on a sunny day on a waterfall with Dawnanine, Anleum, and her other friends.

She remembered being the only one brave enough to jump from the top of the waterfall. She remembered how Anleum, who always looked out for her, and her Anina followed. Her Anina always had looked up to her, depended on her to protect and keep her safe. She was eager to be like her big sister.

She had died years later,caught off gaurdtrapped in a corner. She managed to make it to a side where she jumped off the ceiling, killing herself. She would not give a demon the honor of killing her. So she killed herself. She always knew, even when she was little, that she would be the one to kill herself. She never thought she would make it to old age. So when she woke up, it was a disorienting process.

She felt her senses even farther reaching then before. She had died, and the storm above had shot blue lightning into her on the way down. She hadn’t died until she hit the ground. Entering her, the nature had saved her from death. Because of this, she found, she would never be gifted with death. Her curse was to travel the world forever. She was 27 years old, 15 years spent fighting off evil, and she had outlived her life of peacefulness with her life of crime and vengeance.
Traveling more, she attracted attention, what with her unconscious beauty and odd ways. She had no one to help her or gain her entrance. There was no man to greet her. She was alone, which was soon a banishment that she, time and time again, staved off. She was a warrior of Light in evil eyes. A mysterious enigma in the suitors’ eyes, a suspicious character to those of police not looking at her for her body, a person to look up to for those in servitude of men.

Part 7

Eventually, she found others that were like her; people that had died and come back from the dead only to remain the same forever. The first she had found had made her gasp for breath. He was older then when he died before, but she could easily tell who he was by the eyes, the window to the sould.

It was her Anleum, back from the dead, she thought at first. But he was reincarnated she alter found. And like her, immortal. She tracked him for a while, not wanting any harm to come to him at all. Eventaully, she showed herself. When he died, they started their relationship immediately, feeling the bond to one another. They felt their love almost like it was a living creature all on its own. When she told him the story of what had happened, it solidified the bond. They were meant to live forever, her and her Angel…

It was her that had discovered that, to kill an immortal, you head to cut off the head. A man, an immortal, had been attacking a young woman, preparing to rape her when she came upon him. Instinct told her to kill him in any way possible to let the girl escape. The girl ran around the corner while Elisibitanne took care of him.

The head was soon gone and she found the lightning entering her body. It pinched her nerves, like something was sending needles into her. She stood up, a little clammy with the experience, and leaned against the wall for support. The girl ran back to her, seeing the guy was taken care of. Elisibitanne could see the girl was quite skinny. She made up her mind.
They had a conversation and the Slayer was soon offering a place to stay for the girl. The girl accepted with a vow that she would someday make it up to her. Elisibitanne just smiled, having no idea that the girl would some day truly make it up to her.
Many, many years later, she returned to the desert with five men and the only daughter of the girl she had saved in an alley so many years ago. Three of the men, brothers in their own right, were already immortal, while the other two were pre-Immi, as she fondly called any immortal before they died.

She poured her blood and magic and hope and love into the fire as she created her first weapon, a design she had only dreamed of. When the fire died down, though in the circle, it never wavered, she gripped the red leather hilt of Her Weapon, the red and silver sides appearing as the metal cooled. It was now an extension to herself; unnecessary, but welcome.

Her brothers, and her lover, her mate, created one of their own, though nothing like Her’s. The daughter’s name was Ammon. Black hair the color of midnight without stars and green eyes that looked a little like her own was with the body of a tall girl with beautiful features and knowledge. She was wife to one of the pre-Immi brothers, Methos. Though he was the oldest of the four men, he had also not died yet.

The Slayer settled down in her forest and her desert with the five friends and her mate, and they lived. They did not sleep on a bed of bones, but became a family. Elisibitanne taught Ammon how to do certain magic. She needed something to focus her energy on, and Elisibitanne created a wooden knife for the girl she had raised with the girl’s mother. Inside the wooden knife was water from her waterfall. The water had become enchanted, almost glowing. The Fountain of Youth and Life, she lovingly called it. Though not really a fountain, the water running through the forest gave the blessing of slower aging and healing. Ammon and two of the brothers drank from it.
Over time, Ammon was gifted with seven sons and seven daughters in the forest/desert. Elisibitanne immediately felt a bond with the girls, something more then familial, but a bond that would one day be known to her as Potential.

One day, a storm made its way over the desert, something Elisibitanne felt was a bad omen. The lightning came down with the rain, blue slits hitting all seven girls and all seven boys as well as Elisibitanne. It killed the Slayer, but she came back as she knew she would. The girls were fine, but the eldest was stronger. She had better sight and feeling. Her ears had a range of even farther then normal and her agility was greater then before.

Through dreams, Elisibitanne found what had happened. “One dies, another is Called.” She had spoken aloud. Arima, Ammon’s eldest daughter, was now a Slayer. The shadow men had not seen that happening. Their purpose was just to experiment though. Elisibitanne was directly involved in nature through, and through her dreams and visions, she knew the true nature of the Slayer.

The three Shadow Men were responsible for the demons that constantly wanted to roam the earth and kill. They created a force in Elisibitanne to wipe them from the earth, and that’s what the Slayer’s life was created for. So the family spread over the land for a few centuries, until Elisibitanne brought the brothers in on her idea; to create a group of them to defeat the big evils around the world, while the slayer traveled with a family member to defeat the smaller evils.
Arima lived for sixteen years after she was Called. She was killed in an ambush at the age 34. She too had family, 5 daughters and two sons. Her sister was Called for nine years before her second daughter was Called for eleven.

The Callings remained in Elisibitanne’s adopted family. The desert was their home, and only those that had come from those that had called the desert/forest ‘Home’ before had the Potential to be Called. Whether a curse or not, the honor of being a Slayer always came back to the desert where Elisibitanne left her insanity, the dark warrior that swam in the blood of her enemies.
The bigger wars were fought by five legendary men, and a woman. She killed those who deserved death. She killed those out to kill others and innocents. She felt no pity for those who preyed on the weak. She protected small cities from oncoming armies and decimated those who challenged her.

She was holy in almost every sense of the word. She laughed at Jesus, knowing the duty he accepted would come. She rolled her eyes at Noah, with his Ark. The flood only last for a piece of the world, and the Ark flowed down the large river. It was his test.

Elisibitanne herself traveled a lot, meeting plenty of people. She was an empress in Egypt. She later faked her death and helped Joseph lead his people to a new better home away from slavery, her mate always beside her. She was fond of Cleopatra II, who was indeed a slayer, and her pet/friend cat (jaguar) always liked her too. Joisel (the cat) made a good watch ‘dog.’ She had easily recognized the Slayer as the bigger and better, the alpha predator.

Elisibitanne came across many people in her long walk through history, included in them is Gaius Julius Caeser. He was okay, but she was happy to be out of there when she left. Aurelia, Caeser’s mother, wouldn’t quit pissing her off. The large woman thought odd of her husband and tried multiple times to set her up with her son.

She was known to spy for people, kings and queens, when they were ‘fighting the good fight,’ as she once put it. Somewhere along the line, she earned the title ‘She Wind.’ Elisibitanne found it sexist, but she put the fear in the people going into battle, and hopes for the families left in the villages she protected.

The Slayer traveled to many places, keeping track of her adopted family as much as possible. But they had children, who had more children, and it was quite difficult to keep track of families when you’re moving from one member to another to help out the current Slayer.

As many do in history, the woman and her mate became lost among many tales. But a few never forgot about the empress and her mate, the true power that held the four horsemen together.

When her mate, three of her brothers and her sister were lost in a single battle that should have been déjà vu to them, a little insanity made its way back to her, and she killed all but a few of the soldiers with powers only she had known of, and some she did not. She swept across the wind without thought, using the weapon made by and for her. She decided to teach someone about the ways of the world hidden from the simple mortals. She found Zinnias, who tried to save her from a vampire selflessly before he knew what she was.

Time past and he became the first Watcher. He gathered people as time passed, and the families had more children, and those people eventually fell into place as Watchers or demon hunters most of the time through generations.

Ammon had died a long time ago along with her own mate, and Methos wanted to travel more. Yet, she was just so tired. She came up with a plan and filled Methos in. She was so tired, so she bought a large place over 700 years before Liam Angelus O’Connor was born. And she slept.
But in the earl 1800s, Methos woke her up and filled her in on a few details as they made their way to America. They made their home in various places there, setting up orphanages and taking care of the children that were on the streets. Elisibitanne started using the name that the brothers, mate, and her sister Ammon had started calling her; at first it was Liss, what her Anina had always called her with her Anleum when they were young. But one of Ammon’s children had never been able to say her name correctly when they started talking. So eventually, it became Buffy.

That was, from then on, her name. Publicly, they called her different things depending on where she was settled for a while. But Methos and the few who truly were her friends called her Buffy.
In the 1980’s though, a Head hunter changed things. She was reborn as Elisabeth Anne Summers, daughter to Joyce and Hank Summers, and someday sister to Dawn Marie Summers, her Anina. But you don’t really need the details now…

Part 8: Epilogue of the Beginning

When the doorways between realms opened and the Shadow Men set the demons and forces of darkness inhuman were set upon the world…

The woven threads to destiny had come undone, and were now re-weaving themselves to fit this unexpected detail to the way of the world. Demons had come, but they were never suppost to be there. People who were meant to rise up and strike against evil were dead and burned, or turned. Who ever it was that sews the threads of destiny together chose a single key figure immortally wound around with certain others. This one person would save the world time and time again, but the Weaver didn’t know what to do with her yet.

She was only a girl now, but Destiny swore to find some way to reunite her with the two others, and maybe a few more, that were suppost to be together throughout their lives. It prepared her for facing her truest enemy through ages of traveling and living in the shadows.

But this is Buffy we’re talking about. Do you really think she’ll let destiny lead her through?

No. She keeps getting underestimated. So, how will she get to finally live?




Hey! FYI: the knife that Buffy build for Ammon was indeed what would later become a wand.

Depending on the fic, that may be a point in history. The knife thingy may be a thing for a fic, as the desert/forest thing.

To answer questions, I’ll put it this way for all of the fics. Buffy took the place for one of the slayers because of the Watchers Council mistake. Because of this, she has to stick to the rules and only use power as she receives it. She can only use power as an ordinary slayer would have it. Only slayers and family can know. Faith will probably know in the fics, but whether Dawn knows is going to vary from fic to fic. Same with Angel.


If you want to know anything else, you’re gonna have to wait for an upcoming fic…

The End

You have reached the end of "Legend: Lady Vengeance". This story is complete.

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