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Legend: Lady Vengeance

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This story is No. 1 in the series "Lady Vengeance". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Buffy is Immortal, in fact, Buffy is the first immortal, the one responsible for the others. She was also the First Slayer. This is a brief history on her. It is the prequal to some future fics.

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Legend: Lady Vengeance


Title: Older Then I Look

Author: Goddessa39


Spoilers: …hmm…

A Basic: … very AU, but goes along with much of the BTVS story, slightly different. I know almost nothing about Highlander, so it is mostly AU.

Small Summary: …They always knew she had a life none of them knew about. She was different, but there was more then just the slayer to hold that card. There was something about her that drew you towards her, and made you love her and feel the need to protect her. She wasn’t normal though. She had a life, a longer one then anyone else. This is her story…

Timeline: Past, and History…

Pairing: B/A, probably more…

Disclaimer: I own nothing but this fic, and maybe some pieces. I do not own BTVS, ATS, or Highlander. You can ask Joss Whedon with ‘Mutant Enemy’ for BTVS or ATS, but I don’t know who owns Highlander. If you would like to use this fic for any basis on your own fic, just say so in your prologue, cuz I own this fic. Kay? Kay.

Feedback: Please. I need my reason for writing- your ideas and me knowing my work is read.

Rating: (May change. But I cannot write NC-17.) PG13

Changes/Notes: Death, War, Pestilence, Famine... and Vengeance.


Characters Notes:

Joe Dawson

-Immortal’s watcher

Methos/Adam/ (Death):

-Oldest recognized immortal

-30,000 Heads

-Like a brother to Buffy

-Last of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse

Elisibitanne/Buffy/ (Vengeance):

-Oldest and first Immortal

-Was Called when she was young

-100,000 Heads

-Only Immortal Slayer

Connor Macleod

-Duncan’s teacher

-500 Heads

Duncan Macleod

-300 Heads

Ritchie Macleod

-150 Heads


The tale told if it was remembered.

Did you ever wonder where the first Immortal came from? Nobody really knows. But she isn’t ‘nobody’. Elisibitanne Annel Winters was a slayer when she was a small child. Her town was ravaged by demons and bands of bad people seeking loot, money, a good time, and death. These were the simple times and things like this happened whenever a regular crew of demons and bandits came to a town. This just happened to be the Slayer’s. She killed them all after watching her parents and loved ones perish, including her little sister Dawnanine Marinian Winters.

The magic of hatred, vengeance, and the Slayer in her mixed through her and sent off a chain reaction that would affect the earth forever. She became immortal, the first. For years, she ran off of vengeance, killing only those who hurt, murdered, raped, and were evil. The title held. And then she died her first death; she was 26, they oldest slayer that would ever be on record. But she awoke and healed much quicker then before. She was fine, physically.

Then she met others who were suddenly killed, and did the same as she did. They existed with her and they came together. She still had her powers, but she chose to hide them but all for a few. There were four men that joined her, becoming known as the four horseman of the apocalypse. She was their empress, the hold on their reality. Then three fell, and the other scurried home. The Great War was forgotten but for legends.

She called her vengeance on the enemy on the battlefield. She decimated the entire army, giving them a greater death then they gave her comrades. She was known as She Winds. She was Mother Vengeance.

It was said that, when she came, her life force sucked a seed of hatred from everyone, causing a small amount of peace to go to the innocent. When the other four became her team, death was usually later in life, food was finally more bountiful, and not everyone was plagued by disease and illness. Times were more becoming peaceful.

The field was forever quiet after the thousands dead, and it was said that the mountain it took place on sunk into the ground and wetted the bloodied corpses of the enemy in a freezing water of limbo. Where the other three horsemen were buried was said to become an oasis of pleasure and peace. The people multiplied. Like all things, the reign of the horseman came to an end with Disease’s, Famine’s, and War’s deaths. After the claim of vengeance, tales spread even more rapidly. As time went by they were known as a curse, and their empress was forgotten but in a few of the ancient texts and stories past down by superstition and family generations.

Lady Vengeance claimed a friend, one that had saved her without a second thought. The boy had no idea who she was, thinking she was a girl in trouble. He went up against what did not appear to be a vampire and won with an easy staking. That is when Watchers were born. She told him of her slayer line and the immortality that she had become, not that it originated with her. Already over 10 millennia old, she was becoming sad with finding other immortals because they cursed and did not believe her. Slayers still died quickly, not knowing what they had become, and she was saddened to say that she could not always track them down even with her magic and direct link to the slayer line because they did not go out and hunt the evil that surrounded them.

The boy’s name was Zinnias and he was deeply appalled by the many deaths that took place simply because many people did not know what happened to them. He was a favored child in his town, and he gathered many friends. Years later, the first watcher’s council assignment took place when Zinnias tracked down the current slayer. Evelyn Marietta was a noblewoman around 16 years old. With a man able to help him, she lasted years. She died by an infected wound at the age of 21. She lived for 5 years after she was killed. She had a husband and a daughter. When her daughter Kalista was 17, she was Called. Her brother Evan, along with Zinnias, helped her. She too lived to the age of 21.

Many years and centuries passed by. And slowly, the work the Watchers did become corrupt. There was a big argument and the Watchers split in half. 45 percent of the Watchers dispersed from the original Watchers Council, and worked solely for finding, helping, and preparing the Immortals. Another 45 percent of the original Watchers Council based themselves solely on finding the One girl in all the world and teaching and preparing her. The other 10 percent became another team, one to pass the fight against evil on to their generations to come. Thankfully, Zinnias had long died and Elisibitanne was long gone from them. All of Zinnians’s family was in that 10 percent.

Methos and Elisibitanne eventually parted on very friendly terms, planning to only come together when one of them was in trouble. They went their separate ways, sometimes running into each other as they traveled, trying to find their kin, the ones that held the same burden as them. Elisibitanne searched with all her might, trying to fins another immortal slayer. When she failed to, the first smile in hundreds of years touched her face. No one should have to have the mantle of her destiny forever. Now, her only reason on earth is to help others, and find the demons and kill them.

For a long time, she killed evil, never retreating, losing, or stepping down from a fight. Her magic was quite strong and she was better then any slayer before or after. She existed for the hunt, for the fight, and she depleted the rate of evil until it was quite low. Tired as she was though, she wanted some sleep. She set up her accounts and letters and everything, and then she took a house in the most remote part of England, she could, and she went to sleep. It was Methos who woke her up…


The Tale of what happened next.

She woke up groggily and took a look around as her normally supernatural vision had to adjust to the décor of her magically cleaned and cleansed room to the Villa she owned in the rich part of England. They spoke of what they wanted to do. Methos filled Buffy in on what went on, and she packed her bags, and they headed to the new world. They pretended to be a married noble couple who just came across the ocean, and they set up shop. Together, they had a bookstore put up and a large house which many had no chance to venture to. But the two were always looking after the town, and their home became an orphanage with many children. As the town became a full town and the children there became parents, many people learned to take in the parentless offspring. To not draw attention to themselves, they moved to a new town every five years. Together, they prepped many for the fight, and remained on the hunt. The Watchers never found them.

Years later though, the mid/late 1900s, a headhunter came. Finding the two immortals, he charged Death into a fight. The headhunter quickly found that he was no match. He was a sorcerer before he died the first time though, and he came up with a plan to change the girl with him into a child and kill her while she was unattended, thinking she was an easy target. Methos arrived right after the spell was performed though, and he came across Buffy’s soul, after killing the head hunter. It seemed that Buffy was unprepared for the use if magic. She was not defeated, merely taunted with youth. He researched it quickly and found out that this was her soul, before birth. He came up with a plan. As he was in LA at the time, he went out at dark and found the first married couple he could. Chanting a few words, he sent the soul into the woman’s womb. 9 months later, whether it was luck or coincidence, Elizabeth Anne Summers was born. Either way it was irony.

She lived her life like any other child would have, but there was something everyone found a little funny. She was always smarter then most children were. She was always a little different. She always knew things that no one ever knew about. And there was something that Methos never counted on. She remembered. Every battle, every death, every drop of blood and the death of her other three comrades remained in her mind. It was still Lady Vengeance underneath.

She went to high school at the local one and acted as the blonde airhead that many portrayed her to be. When a black De Soto pulled up into the parking lot, she ignored it at first. It was a vampire. When she got the chance, she’d kill it. But she felt a something else sizzle under her skin, and as she told Becky that she’d call her later to talk about pointless things, she could see the man in front of her and knew him for what he was. A Watcher. “Buffy Summers?” he asked, trying to confirm her identity. “Yes?” she asked. That one uttered word stamped her destiny. And she felt the presence of whoever it was exit the school grounds; she wondered why she was sad about it.

She felt like laughing when the Watcher named Merrick had told her of her destiny. Yes, she was a slayer, but he wasn’t looking for her. But she held her cover. She didn’t go into hiding for all of this time just to be caught because the Council messed up. Besides, she was in contact with Methos (now going by Adam) again. She would make sure that he would track the other girl down and that would be that. He would watch out for her. And meanwhile, Buffy would pretend she was the slayer in this line. Peachy.




TBC in other fics. This is just my ‘Buffy is Immortal’ history/Back story for the fics I am planning on making eventually with other ideas. These future-fics can be drabbles, long chapter works, or just short stories.

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