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Unusual Connections

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Summary: Life is unexpected. . . and Gunn's getting a very unexpected visit. crossover w/Lilo & Stitch

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Cartoons > Lilo and StitchJmariaFR1329110112,00323 Jan 0523 Jan 05No

Small and Broken

Title: Small and Broken

Series: Unusual Connections

Author: Jmaria

Rating: PG

Disclaimer: Joss owns Gunn, and Disney owns everybody else. Got it? Good.

Summary: Sometimes family is stronger when it’s pieced together

A/N: Ok, the first chapter (as seen previously in Winter Tidings and again here) got me hooked. I loved Lilo & Stitch, and loved writing Model Citizen. I’ve been kicking this idea around in my head for a few days and yeah, it’s continued.


Small and Broken

Charles Gunn had never thought he’d end up in Hawaii. To go from the house where his parents were killed, to living on the streets with Alonna, to crashing at Anne’s place, to the Hyperion, and to a luxurious apartment set up by Wolfram & Hart had been a big enough leap. Now he was on the porch of a very big beach house with his former social worker.

All because he had nowhere to go, and needed to redeem himself. Gunn sighed as Cobra opened the door.

“Nani? Lilo?”

“Mr. Bubbles - it’s not inspection . . .” A tall light caramel skinned young woman raced into the room. “Who’s he?”

“A former - case of my mine. He’s become quite the model citizen. Charles Gunn, this is Nani.”

“Nice to meet you, call me Gunn.”

“You have the last name he should.” A little girl said, making her way into the room.

“Lilo, you’re soaking wet!” Nani cried.

“It’s Thursday. Pudge was waiting for his sandwich.”

“Pudge? He one of your uncles?” Gunn asked.

“No, Pudge is a fish. Every Thursday I take him a peanut butter sandwich.”

“You take a fish a sandwich?” Gunn chuckled. “He doesn’t like tacos?”

“No. Sandwiches are better.”

“Why do you take him sandwiches?” Gunn asked.

“Pudge controls the weather.” Lilo stared up at him then turned to Corba. “Did he work for the government too?”

Before Gunn could answer, a loud shout came from the kitchen. A high pitched voice followed. Then out came a skinny creature, with one eye and skin the color of a banana followed by a large bluish purple creature with four eyes.

“So, that’d be the ‘unusual circumstances’ you were telling me about?” Gunn turned to Cobra. “They demons?”

“Demons?” Cobra asked.

“They’re aliens. That’s Pleakley and Jumba.” Lilo said happily. “Wait till you meet Stitch.”

“What are you talking about? I’m a beautiful human woman, Lilo.” Pleakley fluffed the wig.

“The kid who needs to learn how to be a model citizen?” Gunn asked Cobra, ignoring Pleakley‘s comment.

“He’s not a child.”

“Yeah, I used Elvis Presley as his example of a model citizen.” Lilo replied.

“Elvis?” Gunn deadpanned.

“Chi-chi babba!” A small, furry, blue creature raced into the room. A baby’s bottle with brown liquid stuck out of it’s mouth.

“That would be Stitch.” Cobra sighed.

“We like to call him Experiment 626.” Jumba replied.


A/N: Ok, enough for tonight.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Unusual Connections" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 23 Jan 05.

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