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Fictitious Pentagram

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Summary: Five things that never happened to Drusilla. Five different crossovers. 100 word drabbles.

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Multiple Crossings > Drusilla-CenteredDitzCatFR155500021,79128 Jan 0528 Jan 05Yes

Pirates of the Caribbean

DISCLAIMER: Drusilla belongs to Joss Whedon. Tortuga and Jack belong to Disney.

Smoky, dingy, dirty. Drusilla leaned against the wood of the table and looked up at the man through her fringe. Here they were, all stranded. And Daddy was off playing, leaving Grandmother most upset and prone to strike one if one uttered a word. So, she’d dance off alone, alone and see what crossed her path. The people tasted like rum and burnt sugar. No place for vampires really, too sunny and hot. But nice for a visit until they could get out of Tortugua.
“What did you say your name was again?”
“Captain Jack Sparrow, at your service, luv.”
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