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Drop 'em

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Summary: Strip poker. It's a fun game, garunteed to break the ice at parties...

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Spike-CenteredDitzCatFR181518272,17228 Jan 0528 Jan 05Yes
DISCLAIMER: X-Men are the property of Marvel. BtVS is the property of Joss Whedon. I just like to play in their sandboxes.

Tap. Shuffle. Deal.

The dim light shone over the two poker players, seated around a low table. The girl was sprawled over a decrepit looking lounge, snapping bubblegum and studying her cards. The man’s bleached hair shone oddly in the fluorescent light, and across his bare shoulders. A pile of discarded clothes lay next to him, and after a few moments study and bored voices, they both laid down their cards to see who had the winning hand.

“You bloody minx.”

“Pay the forfeit, blondie.”

“I can’t believe this.”

“Oh, *believe* it. You think I didn’t notice you notching those face cards? I play poker on a regular basis with a Cajun thief, the Wolverine and anyone else we can pull into the game, *including* telepaths and telekinetics. Cable’s a cheating type of guy, don’t let that Askani’son messiah nonsense fool you any. Pay up.”

Spike glared at the smirking Jubilee across the table and stood slowly. He had not expected to be bested at a game of strip poker by a rather pretty Asian girl in a bright yellow coat. Now he was of the opinion that her best weapon was the fact that no one expected her to be tricky. She *looked* open and innocent, dammit. He should have learnt his lesson about innocent looking girls by now.

“I did tell you I go commando, didn’t I?”

“I was *counting* on it, Fangboy.” Jubilee leant back on the heels of her hands, and blew a bubblegum bubble.

“You’ve been talking to Xander again,” he accused her, hands still on the button of his jeans.

“Damn skippy, oh Undead Bleached Wonder. What can I say? He provides twinkies at unreasonable hours of the night. I like that in a friend.”

“Uh huh.” He quirked the scarred eyebrow, hoping to god she’d forget about this pants business. What Wolverine would do to him with those claws of his if he found out...never mind that the Firecracker was legal now and not the little girl the feral had picked up in Australia. It just wasn’t part of his worldview. He’d been planning on stopping the game when he had taken a few items of clothing from her. He hadn’t thought it would go the other way around.

Never trust the innocent looking ones! Never!

Especially if they wore bright colours and chomped gum. And people thought he was wicked. At least he didn’t pretend to be anything but what he was. Demon, dammit! Even with a little bit of a soul, he was still the Big Bad!

“Pants,” Jubilee ordered, pointing a finger at him. “No one likes a welcher.”

“I’m not a bloody welcher!”

“So drop the bloody jeans, wanker!”


“Since when have you cared what Wolvie would say?” Jubilee scorned. “Drop ‘em, Spike.”

“Bloody effing hell,” Spike spat out, then undid his jeans and shoved them down his hips. “Happy now, Sparky?”


“What are you – ah, JESUS!”



Jubilee giggled at the surprised look on his face and kissed his nose. “What, you think I organized tonight just for a poker game? Puh-lease.”

The End

You have reached the end of "Drop 'em". This story is complete.

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