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New Journeys

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Summary: The fight with Glory does not end how expected

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Chapter 12

Title: New Journeys 13/14 Book 1
Author: David A. Knapton


Archived: If you want but it’s polite to let the author know you are doing so.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but the crossover idea. The characters belong to the owners of BtVS and Lord of the Rings.

Spoiler: End of season five of Buffy and other than including Buffy and Dawn LotR follows the book not the films.

Rating: 12A/PG-13

Pairing: Dawn-Amaurëa/Legolas Buffy-Elenwë/Haldir plus book pairings

Summery: More explanations, and a little supposition, and farewell to Lórien

Notes: Sorry this has taken so long, I actually finished it mid July but Sarah who took over the betaing of my stories has failed to reply to any emails so I am having someone else go through the backlog, in the meantime I am posting this part unbetad (If my new beta finds any errors I will repost it).

‘’ = Thought.

Feedback: If you wish.

Please note I am English, so is my spelling. Live with it.


Both sisters smiled as they looked at their friends and family stood around the grove, “We’re back,” said Buffy.

“No, we’re home,” amended Dawn smiling at her sister.

“Yes, home,” smiled Buffy getting a faraway look. After a moment, she looked to her grandmother, “Thank you, our friends in Sunnydale will fare better now and we were at least able to say a final farewell.”

“It was only possible because of Amaurëa’s blood and Nenya, but once the One is destroyed its power will fade. But it pleases me to know that you were able to aid your friends one last time.” Galadriel looked around, “Come we will adjourn to the fountain at the foot of my home so that you may tell us of your tale.” She led the others up the steps from the grove.

Buffy walked next to her sister, “I thought you might like a reminder of your previous home,” she said digging into the small pouch attached to her belt and pulled out a small off-white stuffed rabbit, smiling she offered it to her sister.

“Miss Hoppy,” Dawn squealed, causing the rest of the group to stop and look at her, making her blush slightly. Dawn turned and hugged her sister, “Thank you, I didn’t think to pick-up anything! So what else did you bring?”

Buffy smiled and pulled out Mr Gordo, “Just her big brother,” she laughed as they left the grove.

When they got to the open area in front of the great tree, they found many of the Lords of Lórien had gathered and a great feast awaited them.

Buffy looked at Galadriel for an explanation, “It is in celebration of your return to us child,” said Galadriel, she looked at Dawn, “And to welcome you Amaurëa. We had planned to hold the celebration the day after you arrived but of course your little adventure prevented that.”

Both sisters smiled, they both loved parties. Unlike back in Rivendell, the Elves of Lothlórien did not use tables but spread the food around the grove on blankets in the form of a very large picnic.

Buffy and Dawn handed their arms over to a couple of elves to return to their rooms before following their grandmother over to where their grandfather and the rest of the Fellowship had gathered to enjoy the celebration. They all sat around eating while the four elves recounted their tale.

“My Lady, how would a mortal child be skilled enough to see through your enchantments?” asked Haldir.

“What mean you Haldir?” asked Galadriel.

“Our friend Tara was able to see our true form even though we wore the necklaces grandmother,” elaborated Buffy.

“Strange indeed, when I walked through your dream Elenwë, I saw something within her that called to me, but I could not identify it,” said Galadriel. “But no one but those with elvish blood could have seen your true form.”

“There is the story of Nimrodel my dear,” said Celeborn somewhat sadly.

“Who is Nimrodel?” asked Dawn.

“Nimrodel was an Elven maiden of Lórien who was lost to the Kindred many years ago, no word of her fate has every come back to Middle-earth after she passed into the White Mountains on her way to the sea to sail into the West,” explained Galadriel. She looked at her husband, “And you feel Nimrodel may have somehow gone to the other place?”

“If this Tara could so easily see through your enchantment and Nimrodel was somehow sent to the other world, maybe by the Valar’s design, it would explain much,” Celeborn pointed out.

“So Tara could be Halfelven like us?” asked Dawn.

“To a point, yes, but she and any that proceeded her would be mortal as either of you would become if you choose to join with a mortal man,” explained Galadriel.

“But what of Nimrodel? She was pure Elven,” pointed out Buffy.

“I think her fate would have been that of Lúthien Tinúviel who was also lost to us,” said Celeborn sadly.

The celebrations went on late into the night with music and song throughout, the most stunning being Dawn’s, when the whole gathering sat or stood in silence as her voice enchanted them. The teenager no longer feeling embarrassed to perform in front of others, as she sat back down Celeborn looked with awe at her, “You are truly the equal of Lúthien Tinúviel. Never did I think I would hear the like again in the waking world.”

“Yes grandfather,” smiled Buffy with a little pride for her sister, “And we found out that Amaurëa’s singing causes pain in demons... We were hoping it will have the same effect on orcs.”

“Indeed child, of all the Kindred only Lúthien Tinúviel had such ability, but she was also able to do many other things, not least being skilled in changing the waking world,” said Celeborn.

“You will need training Amaurëa, I will assist as I can,” smiled Galadriel.

“Thank you grandmother,” said Dawn hugging Galadriel warmly.

“What are these things you and Amaurëa brought from this other world, Elenwë?” asked Gimli curiously pointing at the stuffed animals.

Buffy smiled, “Well this is Mr Gordo,” she held up the stuffed animal, “On the other world such things are given to babies and young children, it helps to comfort them while they sleep or upset about something. Females tend to keep their stuffed animals when they grow up and often give them to their own children...”

“I think quite a few males keep them as well, but keep it secret so their friends won’t make fun of them,” interrupted Dawn, knowing that Xander still had a teddy bear in the bedroom of his apartment.

Buffy smiled at Dawn, “You are probably right,” she turned back to the others. “Anyway my Earth mother Joyce gave me this stuffed pig when I was about two. When Dawn was about three she wanted him, so Joyce bought her a stuffed rabbit and she named it Miss Hoppy.”

“The people of the other place skin other creatures and stuff them before giving such things to children,” said Celeborn with more than a little disgust.

“Oh no grandfather,” said Buffy shaking her head, “Every part of the stuffed animals, including the fur, is made from other things similar to the way cloth is made,” she explained.

“I see,” Celeborn said, “This other place seems wondrous as well as strange.”

“As Middle-earth would be to someone born on Earth,” pointed out Dawn a little mischief in her eyes.

“Yes indeed Amaurëa,” laughed Celeborn.

“Come Amaurëa you told me back in Moria that you would tell me the story called movie! Will you not do so now?” said Legolas.

“Of course,” said Dawn smiling over at Legolas, Buffy exchanged a knowing smile with Galadriel; “But the story is not call movie that is just a form of the story, the name of the story is The Highlander... In the land of my birth in a great city called New York a dark haired man sat watching a boxing match, a type of combat tournament...”

“A very sad tale Amaurëa, I too would have chosen mortality over living forever alone,” said Celeborn as Dawn finished the story.

Galadriel rose then and looked down at her granddaughters, “Come children, your grandfather and I would like to talk to you privately,” she said.

Buffy nodded as she stood and looked at Galadriel, “Of course grandmother.” She looked at the others, “See you all tomorrow,” she smiled weakly.


Buffy and Dawn followed behind Celeborn and Galadriel as they led them to their private rooms high above the city. Dawn would occasionally exchanged curious looks with her sister who looked a little worried.

Galadriel and Celeborn seated themselves in a couple of well-stuffed chairs, Galadriel indicated the other chairs, “Sit children,” she said in a commanding type of voice.

Dawn looked a little worried at Buffy before taking the offered seat and looking at Galadriel, “What is wrong grandmother?” Dawn asked.

“Your grandfather and I wish to discuss Elenwë’s omission to us as well as your father that there were only two slayers,” answered Galadriel. “Why did you deceive us?”

Buffy hung her head before looking up into her grandmother’s deep eyes, “I am sorry grandmother, at first it was just an error in the way I explained the Slayer to father. But later when I realised he had misunderstood, I was going to tell him, but the idea that there were many other slayers that I could have called on to aid me in fighting the evil gave him comfort, so I continued the deception.”

Dawn looked strangely at Buffy, “I didn’t realise,” she said, “But I guess that the way you explained it, it could seem like there are lots of slayers?” Something suddenly occurred to her. “Maybe that was why you had to die at the hands of the Master, so Kendra was called! I mean if you hadn’t when you returned here, still being the Slayer, Earth would have been without one.”

Buffy looked at Dawn, a frown on her face, “You know I think you’re right it would have wouldn’t it.”

“Ilúvatar would have left nothing to chance child, if it was necessary for you to become the Slayer to protect Amaurëa, being immortal would seal the Slayer to you for ever and as Amaurëa pointed out would leave the other place unprotected,” said Celeborn.

“Yes grandfather I know,” agreed Buffy.

“When next you see your father you will tell him the truth,” said Galadriel.

“Yes grandmother,” nodded Buffy.

“Come children, stay with us for a time and tell us more of this other place and your friends and family,” said Galadriel as she sipped the wine Celeborn had pored for her.


The rest of the Company saw very little of the sisters or Legolas while they stayed in the Golden Wood, other than at meal times when all three would return before disappearing again, sometimes taking Gimli with them. As the time passed they began to heal the lose each felt at Gandalf’s fall, they would sit around eating and exchanging tales of the Wizard. Many tears were shed, even by Gimli.

The rest of the time, Dawn spent in the company of her fellow elves, as Buffy showed her and Legolas the wonders of Lórien, Haldir had returned to the north with a great company of elves to guard the borders. Buffy would have left Dawn in the company of Legolas but felt she should act as chaperone, not because she thought she could not trust them but because Dawn was very young, especially for an Elf, and may have embarrassed herself with the much older male!

When not with Buffy and Legolas, Dawn would be in the company of Galadriel as she grandmother taught her how to refine her ability to alter her surroundings with her singing. At meal times, she would demonstrate the things she had learned to the rest of the Company, at first it was only little things such as making the many flowers dance to the sound of her voice. Later they all looked on in wonder as she caused a young mallorn tree to move using its roots as if they were legs before returning it to its starting place. She told them that she could also cause it to bloom if she wished but this late in winter, it would cause it untold harm.

Then there came an evening when the Company sat before the fountain eating when the Lord and Lady joined them. Sitting Galadriel looked on each before announcing, “In the morning you must depart, for the tides of fate are flowing onwards.”

Frodo sighed at his fate; he looked at Galadriel, “I would ask one thing before we go, a thing which I often meant to ask Gandalf. When I have used the Ring, why cannot I see all the other Ringbearers and know their thoughts?”

“You have not tried,” said Galadriel solemnly. “Do not attempt such a feat, it would destroy you. Did not Gandalf tell you that the rings give power according to the measure of each possessor?”

Frodo said nothing as he nodded.

Celeborn looked to each saying, “Now is the time when those who wish to continue the Quest must harden their hearts to leave this land.” He looked worriedly at his granddaughters. “Those who no longer wish to go forward may remain here, for a while. But whether they stay or go, none can be sure of peace. For we are come now to the edge of doom.”

“Elenwë and Amaurëa are resolved to go forward,” said Galadriel even as she wished, as Celeborn did, that they would stay safe in Lórien. “As do the others.”

“As for me,” said Boromir, “My way home lies onward.”

“That is true,” agreed Celeborn, “But is all this Company going with you to Minas Tirith?”

“We have not decided our course,” said Aragorn. “Beyond Lothlórien I do not know what Gandalf intended to do.”

“Maybe not,” said Celeborn, “Yet when you leave this land, you can no longer forget the Great River. It is not my part to choose for you; but I will help you as I may. I will furnish your Company with boats, but still you will still need to choose your path when you come upon the falls of Rauros.”

Aragorn thanked Celeborn many times, because there would now be no need to decide his course for some days.

The Lord and Lady then rose looking upon the Company. “All shall be prepared for you and await you at the haven before noon tomorrow,” said Celeborn, “Now we will wish you all a fair night and untroubled sleep.”

“Good night, my friends!” said Galadriel. “Sleep in peace! Do not trouble your hearts overmuch with thought of the road tonight,” she smiled at her granddaughters, “Good night, Elenwë, Amaurëa, we will talk again tomorrow.”

The Company now retired to their own talan, the three elves went with them, and in spite of the words of Galadriel, they wished to take counsel together.

They debated long into the night on how the quest could be fulfilled! Most of them desired to go first to Minas Tirith. They would have followed Aragorn over the River and into Mordor, but he was still divided in his mind and Frodo spoke no word.

Aragorn and Buffy’s, and by default Dawn’s, plan, while Gandalf was with them, had been to go with Boromir to help deliver Gondor. But Moria had changed that, he felt the burden the Wizard had laid on him. He would not now forsake the Ring and the Hobbit who held the fate of Middle-earth on his shoulders and nor would Buffy.

“If you wish only to destroy the Ring,” said Boromir, “Then there is little use in war and weapons; and the Men of Minas Tirith cannot help. But if you wish to destroy the armed might of the Dark Lord, then it is folly to go without force into his domain; and folly to throw away...” Buffy looked closely at the man her eyes narrowing, she noticed that Frodo also looked closely at him!

“...It would be folly to throw lives away, I mean,” finished Boromir.


In the morning, as they collected their things many Elves came to them, bringing many gifts of food and clothing.

Dawn looked closely at the leaf wrapped food, it was in the form of very thin cakes, she looked at the other elves, “What are they?” she asked.

It was Buffy that answered, “They are called lembas, it is more strengthening than any food made by other races... Grandmother once tried teaching me on their making... but failed,” she finished blushing.

Dawn laughed at her sister’s reddening face, she looked around at the rest of the Company, “I would advise everyone here to never except any food Elenwë has had a hand in.”

“Wise words Amaurëa,” said Haldir walking up to them from behind Buffy who turned to glare at him.

“I thought you were busy in the north?” asked Buffy, happy to see him again.

“I could not allow you to leave without seeing you again,” Haldir said taking her hand.

Buffy blushed again looking at the ground before looking deep into his eyes, “Nor I beloved.”

“Aaah such a cute couple,” teased Dawn, Buffy turned from contemplating Haldir’s face to narrow her eyes at her sister who raised her hands, “Okay, but you do,” she said as they all began putting the clothes on, it consisted of light, but warm, hood and cloak made according to each members size. Each cloak was fastened about the neck with a brooch in the style of a leaf. Dawn, even with her Elven sight found it hard to see the others clearly, as they moved around.

After they had eaten their morning meal Haldir led the Company to the haven, which they reached near noon, there Celeborn and Galadriel awaited them with many others to say their farewells.

A noon meal had been laid out for everyone; minstrels played haunting music, after all had their fill they finally prepared to depart the Golden Wood.

Celeborn and Galadriel drew their granddaughters to one side, seeming to draw a veil of privacy about them, Celeborn held the sisters hands, sadness in his ageless grey eyes, “I wish there was something I could do to persuade you both to stay here where you would be safe,” he said quietly.

“I wish it also grandfather,” answered Buffy equally as sadly, “But I feel in my very being that this is what the Valar want.”

“But what of Amaurëa?” asked Celeborn.

“Is destined for great things my love. I think she is Ilúvatar’s gift to the Eldar for the lose of Lúthien Tinúviel. She has great power that will only grow with the passage of time,” said Galadriel just to the side of her husband.

“Are you sure my love?” asked Celeborn.

“No my husband, I can see very little beyond the Quest of the Ring. But the lose of Lúthien was such a grievous loss to the Eldar. But should we prevail we will see what we shall see,” answered Galadriel mysteriously.

“When we were living in Sunnydale... I felt like a burden; no Elenwë let me finish,” said Dawn when she saw Buffy about to deny it. “I felt like a burden because I always needed protecting as well as feeling out of place somehow? But since coming to Middle-earth I no longer feel that way. And grandfather I can protect myself and as you pointed out last night, Lórien will not remain safe if the Ring is not destroyed.”

Celeborn sighed as he drew them both into his arms, where Galadriel also joined him, “Please be careful and look to each other, know that your family loves you and will be awaiting your return,” he said hugging them warmly.

“We will grandfather,” said Buffy tearfully.

As the four returned to the others, Buffy drifted inevitably towards Haldir and they passed someway into the trees. Celeborn and Galadriel asked Legolas to speak privately with him. The Lord and Lady of Lórien led Legolas someway from the other members of the Company. Celeborn looked somewhat sternly at the Elf Prince, “Tell me Prince Legolas, what are your feelings for Amaurëa?” he asked.

Legolas frowned as he quickly glanced in Dawn’s direction, where she spoke with several Elf maidens she had befriended while in Lórien, “I feel drawn to her presences! I have never felt like this before... Her very proximity has a calming effect on me. I first felt it as I taught her the bow in Rivendell,” he said looking back at the Elf Lord.

Galadriel smiled knowingly at Legolas, “Amaurëa is also drawn to you. Prince Legolas, she is for you as you are for her.”

A look of awe crossed Legolas’ face as once more he looked to Dawn who had turned and smiled at him. The look of awe was quickly replaced with concern, “But she is so young, even for the Race of Men, this cannot be,” he said looking pleadingly at Celeborn and Galadriel.

“Yes she is yet young, but you are both immortal. Please say nothing of this to her until you are sure you wish to pursue a relationship with her, if you wish to speak with someone, speak with Elenwë, she also knows. But take care, the spell cast on Amaurëa to protect her is strongest on her sister,” said Galadriel.

Legolas nodded as he contemplated this development, he walked by the Lord and Lady’s side as they returned to the others.

Buffy looked Haldir, she sighed.

“Why such as sigh Elenwë?” asked Haldir.

“I need you to know something that happened while I was in the other world, beloved, and I am fearful of your reaction!”

Haldir took both Buffy’s hands in his, “What is it my love? I promise to listen to anything you wish to tell me.”

“First you must remember that I had no knowledge of this existence...”

“You fell in love with a mortal in the other place,” interrupted Haldir.

Buffy shook her head, “Would that it was that simple!” sighed Buffy. “No I fell in love with an immortal, though at the time I was unaware that he was a Vampire...”

A look of shock crossed Haldir’s face, “You loved a Vampire?” he exclaimed, “What could have possessed you?”

“Beloved, please listen,” pleaded Buffy. Haldir nodded but kept silent. “As I said I was unaware at the time that he was a Vampire, I learned later that he had been cursed a hundred years earlier with his soul, what we call his spirit. He had killed the daughter of the headman of a powerful clan of gypsies... ah a people that followed a nomadic type of life.

“Before the curse, he was one of the worst of his kind to ever exist. But after his soul was returned he spent most of the following century before meeting me in Sunnydale in a state of regret at what he had done. Then the Beings there, that are as the Valar are here, sent him to aid me in the battles against the evil that was drawn to Sunnydale.

“Over the three years he was with me, he saved me many times as I did him.” Buffy looked deep into Haldir’s eyes, “For even a mortal I was young. We had just escaped from a very powerful demon that at the time we had no means to destroy... It was a very emotional situation... I had been hurt near my right shoulder blade... In the heat of the moment, we both gave into our growing feelings for each other and we made love. We were punished afterwards because the joining ripped his soul away and he became the creature he had been before the curse! Willow, the woman you met in the other place, restored it months later but by then he had caused much pain.”

Haldir remained silent for sometime, Buffy had to stop herself from biting her fingernails, while she waited for him to say something. “As you said my love you had no knowledge of this life, there is nothing for me to forgive you for. I would ask you one thing though. Do you still love him?”

Now it was Buffy’s turn to remain silent for sometime. “Yes beloved I will always love Angel, but that does not mean I do not love you as well. I now have two sets of memories, but as my love for him is the love of a mortal and our love is that of immortals there will never be any doubt in my mind as to whom I wish to spend my entire existence with Haldir,” she said with the love she felt shinning in her eyes.

They remained on the banks of the Great River, saying nothing more but looking into each other’s faces. Finally Haldir spoke, “Please do not leave me again... I could not endure such a time again my Elenwë.”

Buffy took both his hands, a smile to light up the Forest on her face, “Never beloved, when all is finished I will come back to you, though all the orcs ever spawned stand between us, I would find a way.”

Haldir returned the smile, “Let us hope such a thing does not come to pass. I will count the days until we met once more my love,” he leaned forward too lightly kiss her, but Buffy was having none of that and using her considerable strength advantage she pulled him into a passionate kiss.

Haldir was sure his toes were curling as Buffy continued the kiss. She finally released him smiling innocently at him, “By the Valar, where did you learn to kiss like that?” he asked touching his bruised lips.

Buffy giggled a twinkle in her eyes, “That would be telling beloved, but one thing I will say, slayers by their very nature are passionate creatures and at least you will have something to remember me by! Come let us rejoin the others,” she said gently pulling the Marchwarden towards the others waiting for her.

The Company gathered before Galadriel and Celeborn for the last time, “Before you leave we have gifts for you as is the way of our people,” said Galadriel. “Here is a gift for the leader of your Company,” she said giving him a scabbard for the sword Andúril. “The sword that is drawn from this sheath shall not be stained or broken even in defeat.”

Aragorn smiled then, “Lady, you know all my desires, and have long held in keeping the only treasure I truly seek. Yet it is not yours to give me, only through darkness shall I come to it.”

“Yet may this lighten your heart, for it was left in my care should you pass through this land,” said Galadriel stepping forward and pinned to his breast a brooch that was wrought in the likeness of an eagle in which sat a large clear green stone. “This stone I gave to my daughter Celebrían and she in turn to her eldest daughter, and now it comes to you as a token of hope. Now is the time for you to take the name foretold for you, Elessar, the Elfstone of the house of Elendil!”

The Lady bowed her head before turning then to Boromir, and to him she gave a belt of gold; to Merry and Pippin she gave belts of silver, all with a clasp wrought like golden flowers.

To Legolas she gave a bow like those used by the Galadhrim.

“For you little gardener I have only this,” said Galadriel placing a smallish wooden box in Sam’s hand, “It will not be of use on the road ahead but if you should win through at last and come to you home, no garden in the mortal realms will grow as yours does! For in this box I have placed soil from my own garden and also a nut of the mallorn tree that is my home.”

Sam blushed, unable to speak, so he just bowed as best he could.

Next Galadriel turned to Gimli, “And what gift would a Dwarf ask of the Elves?” she asked smiling at him.

“None, Lady,” said Gimli solemnly. “It is enough for me to have seen the Lady of the Galadhrim, and to have heard her gentle words.”

Galadriel looked around the gathered host, “Hear all ye Elves,” she said. “Let none say that Dwarves are grasping and ungracious.” Buffy and Dawn laughed, their grandmother smiling at them. “Yet surely, Gimli son of Glóin, you desire something that I could give? Name it, I bid you! You shall not be the only guest without a gift.”

“There is nothing, Lady Galadriel,” said Gimli bowing low before looking into the Elf’s eyes, “Nothing, unless it might be... unless it is permitted to ask, nay, to name a single strand of your hair, which surpasses the gold of the earth as the stars surpass the gems of the mine. I do not ask for such a gift. But you commanded me to name my desire.”

Galadriel smiled down at the Dwarf as many of the assembled murmured, “It is said that the skill of the Dwarves is in their hands rather than in their tongues,” she said glancing at her granddaughters as they giggled. “Yet that is not true of Gimli. For none have ever made to me a request so bold and yet so courteous. And how shall I refuse, since I commanded him to speak?” she looked back at Gimli, “But tell me, what would you do with such a gift?”

“Treasure it, Lady,” answered Gimli, “In memory of your words to me at our first meeting. And if I should by chance return to the smithies of my home, it shall be set in imperishable crystal to be an heirloom of my house and a pledge of good will between the Mountain and the Wood until the end of days.”

Galadriel then called forward one of her maids and unbraided one of her long tresses and cut three golden hairs and lay them in the Dwarf’s hand. “These words shall go with the gift. I do not foretell, for all foretelling is now in vain. But if hope should not fail, then I say to you, that your hands shall flow with gold, and yet over you gold shall have no dominion.”

Galadriel turned to her granddaughters, “For you Amaurëa I have this,” she said taking a beautiful crafted bow from one of her maids, “This was given to your grandfather by his kinsman Thingol of Doriath, no arrow draw from it will miss its target,” she handed it to her youngest grandchild.

“Are you sure grandmother?” asked Dawn a little awed.

“Yes child, use it well,” said Celeborn from behind his wife.

“Thank you,” said Dawn hugging them both.

Galadriel then took a scabbard sword from her maids and turned to Buffy, “This sword has abided with me since the fall of Nargothrond, it was once the sword of my brother Finrod and was a gift to him from Fëanor who crafted it while still in Valinor,” she said handing it to Buffy.

Buffy’s face was in awe as she reverently drew the sword from its scabbard, she looked at the light dancing along its length before looking at Galadriel, “I will carry it in honour grandmother,” she said solemnly.

“And you Ring-bearer,” said Galadriel turning to Frodo, “I come to you last who are not last in my thoughts. For you I have prepared this,” she held out a phial like the one she had given Buffy for Tara. “Although unlike the creatures that dwell in the place Elenwë and Amaurëa have been, it yet will aid you when all other light fail you. Remember Galadriel and her Mirror.” Frodo stood looking into her eyes for a moment before bowing deeply.

“And now it is time for you to leave us and continue your Quest, know that the hopes of all the free peoples of Middle-earth go with you, farewell my friends, when next we meet may it be in happier times,” said Galadriel.

The Lord and Lady looked on as the Company made ready to leave, knowing that most would never see the Golden wood again.

The last that Galadriel and Celeborn saw was the light reflecting off Buffy’s sword as she lifted it high above her head.

The End?

You have reached the end of "New Journeys" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 30 Aug 05.

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