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Twisting Paths, Winding Tales

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Summary: Collection of my drabbles/ficlets. Some of them are for the FFA, some of them not. Multiple Crossings/Pairings ... some non-BtVS crossings.

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple Pairings > Ficlet Collections - FFAEmmyFR152015,81801812,85729 Jan 0521 Apr 07Yes

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR13

And Fluff Was Had By All (Connor/Pansy, mainly)

Title: And Fluff Was Had By All
Author: Emmy
Disclaimer: Joss would *NEVER* write something this happy, and I'm still not JKR.
Summary: Connor and Pansy are getting married.

Note: I make no excuse for this. Just . . . just go brush your teeth after you finish reading to prevent any lasting damage, okay? :)

Connor tugged at the collar of his tuxedo. It was tight already and he had not even added the tie. He scowled at his father as he held out the strip of black cloth, offering to tie it. "I don't want it."

"It goes with the tux. I'm wearing one. Draco's wearing one. Hell, Connor. Spike is wearing a tie. There's no way you can get out of it."

"It's my wedding."

Angel chuckled. "And if you really believe that, since you're one of the people getting married, you can call the shots, you haven't been paying attention."

Connor scowled harder. "She wouldn't mind."

"Like hell," Draco said coming into the room. "I don't even know what we're talking about, but I know she -- if we're talking about your future bride -- would mind. Trust me. I just came from there. She is in a mood."

"What? She's mad?" Connor began to panic. "Is she okay? Is there something to kill? Do I need an ax?"

Angel placed a hand on his son's shoulder. "Would you relax? There are about forty Slayers here. And me and Spike. Oh, and your sister. Dru loves you, Connor. Nothing, no demon or vampire, is brave enough to crash your wedding."

"What he said," Draco assured the nervous groom. "And with all the Wizards and Witches here, no rogue Death Eater would attempt it, either."

Connor relaxed slightly. "Then why's she upset?"

Draco rolled his eyes and sneered, "I've known her my whole life, and I've never seen her this nervous."

Angel chuckled again. "She's just nervous?"

"Yes," Draco said. "And biting the head off of anyone that looks at her wrong. I actually felt bad for the poor bloke who delivered the flowers. Wasn't his fault the florist buggered up the order."

"The flowers are wrong?" Connor asked.

"You care?" his best friend countered.

"She . . . Pans . . . it's important to her that everything goes smoothly. Like she - like we - planned."

"Her bouquet turned out all pink instead of all white."

Angel and Connor both winced at the same time. "She didn't kill the delivery boy did she?" Angel asked.

Draco shook his head. "Dawn came to get me before that happened, and I calmed her down. Charmed the flowers the right color even, and I don't know why Pansy didn't think of that. Seems she's forgotten she's a bloody witch."

"Nah," Angel said. "She's just a woman. Give up now trying to figure them out. Sometimes they just act crazy. Ask Spike sometime. He's got more experience in that department than any of us."

"It's bloody annoying," Draco said with a scowl.

"Spike has more experience with women than you do?" Connor asked Angel suddenly.

Angel glared at his son. "No, that's not what I said. I said Spike has more experience with crazy women."

Neither Connor nor Draco had the chance to respond. Behind them, the door suddenly opened, and Buffy breezed into the room. Her eyes widened as she looked between Angel and Connor. "No, no, no, no. I knew there was a reason I felt drawn to come check on you guys."

"What?" Angel asked.

"Tie. On. Now."

"Oh," Angel said, looking at the tie he still held in his hand. "Right."

"I still don't want to wear it."

"So?" Buffy asked, walking over and taking the tie from Angel. "You think Dawn wants to wear that . . . that thing Pansy has her in?"

"Dawn doesn't like the dress?" Draco asked, mock disbelief written all over his face. "I didn't know that!"

"Stow it, little brother," Buffy began to slip the tie around Connor's neck. "You know as well as I do that Dawnie's all ticked off that the dress is as tight as it is. She says it shows off her baby bump too much."

"Yes. The 'baby bump' that appeared yesterday afternoon. The 'baby bump' that was apparently so horrible that it was necessary for Dawn barricade herself in the bathroom for an hour crying over how I wouldn't think she was sexy anymore. Nonsense, all of it. I can barely tell the difference."

"I told you," Angel said with a grin. "Give up now. Just give up trying to understand them."

Buffy finished tying the tie and smiled at Connor, pride shining in her eyes. "Yeah," she said to them all. "Women are weird, huh?"

All three men laughed as Ginny stuck her head in the door. "Guys . . . and Buffy, it's time."

"I'll make sure they get into their places, Gin," Buffy said before the redheaded bridesmaid ran off again.

Turning to Connor, she looked him up and down before nodding. "You look great. All three of you do. Now get out there, and don't forget to tell the bridesmaid you're escorting down the aisle that she looks pretty."

Draco grinned. "Dawn always looks pretty."

"Good answer," Buffy said before walking toward the door. She looked back once, her eyes meeting Angel's just for a moment, and she smiled. He smiled back. "See you later," she said.

Connor, Draco, and Angel stood staring at the door that Buffy had just walked out of, and took a deep breath, collectively. "You ready?" Angel asked, softly.

"Yes," Connor answered without hesitation.

And in that moment, he knew he was.

The End

You have reached the end of "Twisting Paths, Winding Tales". This story is complete.

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