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A Slayerette's Slide

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Summary: Four people in Sunnydale end up in trouble, when Xander goes to help he ends up departing on the biggest adventure of his life.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other HetBlackguardFR15937,99401311,9501 Feb 0519 Aug 05No

Chapter 9

Hello all, I’m back with the next chapter of Slayerette’s Slide. Please enjoy and please review.

A Slayerette’s Slide
Chapter 9

Deserted Alley
3 months after last chapter

“Ahhhh!” came a scream just after a swirling blue tunnel appeared in the air a few feet above the street. Along with the scream that came out of the tunnel were two bodies that landed on the deserted street.

“You sure this is the place?” Maggie asked as she looked around to street. All around the two sliders was nothing but destruction. Car’s were overturned, burn marks were all over the buildings and trees where sprawled across the ground.

“The coordinates match,” Quinn replied after checking the timer.

“What do you think happened then?”

“I don’t know but we better get you to the hospital,” Quinn replied as he started off down the street.

“Actually I don’t think we need too, I’m feeling fine,” Maggie told her friend.

Quinn looked thoughtful for a moment. “All that time sliding must have strengthened your lungs,” he said.

“Cool,” Maggie replied with a smile before walking in the direction of the Chandler. “Let’s say we find the others.”

“Right behind you.”

After a few minutes of walking Quinn stopped short as he heard a familiar buzzing sound in the air. “You hear that?” Quinn asked Maggie as she too stopped.

“Yeah, what is it?” Maggie asked as she looked around.

“It sounds like a Kromagg ship!” Quinn yelled just as a large black ship came around a building farther ahead. “Run!” he yelled at Maggie as they began sprinting in the direction they had come, the Kromagg ship hot on their heels.

As the two sliders heard the ship’s weapons powering up and began to loose hope they saw a familiar bolt of blue energy fly through the air and hit the ship, causing it to loose control and crash into the street behind them.

Looking in the direction the blue energy came from the two sliders were relieved too see the from of Xander Harris standing a little ways up the street, Zat gun in hand.

“Xan, your okay,” Quinn said as he and Maggie ran up to him.

Xander in turn just looked the two over, and without warning squeezed the firing stud on the Zat twice, causing both of the sliders to fall to the ground unconscious. He then stared at the two sliders for a second and saw that nothing happened to them.

“Huh, guess they aren’t Kromaggs,” he said with a sigh as he holstered his weapon and went about reviving his friends.

A few seconds later Quinn’s eyes snapped open and he stared at Xander. “You shot us!” he said in anger as Maggie started to come around.

“I had to make sure that you weren’t Kromaggs trying to trick me,” Xander replied with a shrug as he helped them to their feet.

“And so you shot us!” Quinn yelled.

“Yup, if you had been Kromaggs messing with my head, after I Zated you, you would dropped whatever mind power that keeps up the illusion of my friends, but since your not Kromaggs it doesn’t matter,” Xander explained as he started walking down the street.

Quinn and Maggie stood still for a minute, trying to understand what Xander had said to them before running down the street after their friend.

“When did the Kromaggs get here?” Quinn asked as he and Maggie caught up to Xander.

“About a month after me,” Xander replied.

“Where are Remy and Wade?” Maggie asked as Xander walked up to the door of a rundown building.

After hearing the names of the other two sliders Xander stopped in his tracks as a pained expression flashed across his face.

“What happened?” Quinn asked as he saw the expression on Xander’s face.

“It’s not safe here, more of the Maggs could show up,” Xander replied as his face became and expressionless mask and he stepped through the door of the building, Quinn and Maggie close behind.

A few minutes later the three sliders were descending a staircase in the building that led into a long, dimly lit hallway. The three walked down the hallway in silence and when they reached the end there was a large steel door blocking the path with a small keypad off to the side.

Xander walked up to the keypad and quickly entered a series of numbers. When he had finished the sound of something unlocking could be heard the large door then silently swung outward and Xander quickly walked through followed by Quinn and Maggie.

When they walked through the door Maggie and Quinn saw that they were in what they assumed to be Xander’s base. The far wall of the area was taking up by a large weapons rack containing many different human guns and even a few Kromagg weapons, as well as the two magic swords he had gained in Faerun.

Other areas of the large room were taking up by computers, maps of the city, and a small living area containing a kicthen, bathroom, and bed.

“Nice place,” Maggie said as she sat down on one of the few chairs in the room.

“It’s not much, but it does the job,” Xander replied as he hung up his coat and put his weapons on the rack.

“Xander, what happened to Wade and Rembrandt?” Quinn asked again as he sat down next to Maggie.

Xander was silent as he sat down in a chair opposite his friends, a pained look on his face. “After we got here we all got jobs at the Chandler and waited for you two too show up,” Xander began as faraway look took the place of the pained one. “Things were good for awhile, Wade and Remy were happy to be home, and I was just happy to be with friends. Then, about a month after we got here the Kromaggs came and quickly took over. Wade, Remy, and I joined a resistance movement but we were soon captured after that.”

“Once we were caught they started doing that mind probe thing of theirs but luckily I was able to defend myself after awhile,” Xander continued but was interrupted by Quinn.

“How were you able too defend against their mind stuff?” Quinn asked.

“You remember that soldier possession I told you about?”

“Yeah, but you said that the memories were fading,”

“They were but all the poking around the Kromaggs did in my brain somehow brought back the memories and I was able to use those as a shield and was then able to plot my escape. Unfortunately when I did get out I wasn’t able to get Remy and Wade out. Ever since then I’ve been trying to find a way to get in and get them out but unfortunately since I escaped they tightened security at the base.”

“So there’s no way to get and rescue them?” Maggie asked, sadness in her voice.

“I never said that,” Xander replied as he rose from his seat. “I just said that I haven’t found a way yet, but now that you two are here I might be able to come up with something,” the young man continued as he sat down in front of a computer and quickly began to go to work on it.

Quinn walked up behind Xander and saw what appeared to be a large map of the area. After the young man hit a few buttons the screen changed and showed a large building that at one point was a military base. “This is the Magg base,” Xander said as leaned back and allowed his friends to take a closer look.

“If memory serves then the prison is still in the north area,” Xander continued as he pointed at the upper part of the map. “Now you guys probably won’t like this but it just might work,” Xander told his friends as he rose from the chair.

“Won’t like what?” Maggie asked as she followed him with her eyes.

“My plan,” Xander replied with a grin.

“I hate this plan,” Maggie said to Quinn as he pulled the truck he was driving to a stop in front of the gate of the Kromagg base.

“I think it’s a pretty good plan,” Quinn replied with a shrug as a guard walked over.

“Driving into an enemy base without any weapons is not my idea of a good plan!” Maggie hissed as the guard walked up to the door.

“What do you want?” the Kromagg guard grunted as Quinn rolled down the window and turned to face the guard.

‘Here goes nothing,’ Quinn thought as before he answered the guards questions. “We found someone that I believe you’ve been hunting for,” Quinn replied as he climbed out the door and led the guard around to the back.

Opening up the back of the truck the guard was surprised to see Xander in the back, tightly bound by ropes and chains and with a gag over his mouth.

“Where did you find this human?” the guard asked as he turned away from Xander and looked Quinn in the eye.

“We found him in the streets and where able to sneak up on him. We figured that since the Kromaggs are here to stay we should do our best to get along with your people,” Quinn replied, hoping the guard bought the story.

The guard eyed Quinn for a moment, then turned and began eyeing Xander before responding. “I’ll call ahead and let the guards know your bringing in a dangerous prisoner, just keep going forward,” the Kromagg grunted before walking back into the guard shack.

“Yes sir,” Quinn said as he climbed back into the driver’s seat and started the engine. “So far so good,” he said to Maggie as he drove through the open gate.

A few seconds later, once they were far enough away from the guard shack Maggie quickly pounded twice on the small window that separated the two parts of the vehicle. In the back Xander waited patently until he heard the signal from Maggie.

After he did he quickly shook off the ropes and chains that weren’t really tied to him but were made to look like they were. Once he was free of the ropes he reached into a hidden compartment in the truck and pulled out his gear. First went the magic ring from Faerun followed by Radiance and his fire sword into sheaths on his back. Next he pulled out his Zat gun which he put in a specially made holster on his hip followed by a Kromagg handgun he had stolen in his escape into a holster on his other leg, his lock pick kit into his pocket, and his protection amulet around his neck

When he heard another quick pound on the window he pulled out the two handguns and activated his ring, making him fade into nothingness, then he waited. A few seconds later he felt the truck come to a stop and heard voice outside and soon afterwards sounds coming from the door of the truck.

After what seemed like hours but was really only a few minutes the back door of the truck opened and three Kromaggs armed to the teeth walked in and looked shocked at the empty truck in front of them.

Without a moments hesitation Xander pulled the triggers on the two guns in his hand causing the first two Kromaggs fall to the ground and the invisibility spell to be broken. The third Kromagg looked on in shock as his two allies fell to the ground for no reason and his shock only doubled when he saw the smirking form of Xander appear out of nothingness and quickly shoot him with the snake looking gun in his hand.

He then waited a few more seconds until Quinn and Maggie walked into view and looked at the three fallen Kromaggs. “Nicely done,” Maggie said as she and Quinn took the Kromaggs weapons and climbed out of the truck, followed by Xander.

“Now what?” Quinn asked as he looked around for anymore Kromaggs and saw that none were around.

“We find where there keeping Remy and Wade, then we go save them, then slide out of here,” Xander replied as he began walking towards the nearby building, Quinn and Maggie following close behind.

A few minutes later the trio walked into the building and say that it appeared to be a work area for the Kromaggs Xander had just disposed off. Quickly moving over to one of the computers he began to hack into the system so as to find where on the base his friends were being kept.

“Can you understand that?” Maggie asked as she looked at the odd symbols flying over the computer screen.

“Yeah, once you learn the vowels the rest is pretty easy to pick up,” Xander replied as a picture of Rembrandt appeared on the screen followed by more text. “Found Remy!” Xander called as he began to read over the text on the screen.

“Where is he?” Quinn asked as too looked over Xander’s shoulder.

“He’s in this building,” Xander replied as he brought up a map of the building. “Go through that door over on the far wall and head down the hallway. Take the third door on the left and you’ll be in his cellblock. You guys go and get him I’ll stay here and find Wade,” Xander said as he once again began typing and pictures started to flash across the screen.

“You gonna be okay on your own?” Maggie asked as she and Quinn picked up their weapons.

“I’ll be fine, go get Remy,” Xander replied, his attention on the computer screen in front of him.

Quinn and Maggie exchanged looks before the scientist shrugged and headed for the door, his weapon held at the ready.

A few minutes after the two had left a smile appeared on Xander’s face as a picture of Wade appeared on the screen, however after reading the text the smile was soon replaced with a look of anger and sadness.

“Oh shit,” Xander muttered as he quickly printed up the page and then ran to catch up to Quinn and Maggie just as an alarm started to sound.

“Third door down, this is it,” Quinn said as he turned to face Maggie. “You ready?” he asked as he held up his gun.

“You bet,” Maggie replied with determination in her voice.

Quinn nodded down at her before pushing the door open and quickly running through, followed closely by Maggie. The two quickly opened fire on the few Kromaggs in the room that were to surprised to by the humans suddenly bursting into the room to make it to their weapons before they were hit by the blasts and fell to the ground.

“That was easy,” Quinn commented as he quickly went to the fallen guards and began to search the bodies. He quickly found a set of keys and then went about finding the cell containing his old friend.

“Remy!” the two called as they made their way down the dimly lit rows of prison cells, weapons held at the ready.

“Remy where are you!” Quinn screamed again, and soon heard a reply from the darkness.

“Who’s there?” a voice called out that they quickly recognized as Rembrandt’s.

“Remy it’s us,” Maggie called back as she and Quinn approached the cell the voice came from.

“Maggie, Q-Ball, is that you?” Remy asked as he approached the cell door.

“In the flesh,” Quinn replied as he quickly started testing the different keys in the lock, hoping to find the right one quickly.

“How do I know this isn’t some Kromagg trick?” the singer asked as he backed away from the door.

Maggie was about to answer when she heard gun shots back the way they came followed by yells and shortly after that an alarm. “We’re running out of time Quinn,” Maggie said to her friend.

“Just a minute,” Quinn answered as he put the next key into the lock and was relived when he heard the click of the lock opening. “Remy let’s go,” Quinn said as he opened the door.

“Like I said, how do I know this isn’t a Kromagg trick?” Remy asked again as he back away from Quinn.

“Would a Kromagg give you a gun?” Maggie asked as she tossed on the handguns they picked up off the dead guards.

Remy looked at the weapon in his hands for a second before looking back at his friends. “Man oh man I’m glad to see you guys,” Remy said with a laugh as he walked out the cell and quickly hugged his friends.

“Likewise man,” Quinn replied as he returned the hug.

“Where’s Xander and Wade?” Remy asked as the three sliders started back down the way they came.

“We’re not sure at the moment, Xander found out where you were and sent us to get you, saying that he would find Wade and meet up with us,’ Quinn explained as they reached the door.

To the great surprise of the three sliders Xander burst through the door, followed by several blasts from Kromagg weapons. “We need a new exit,” he stated as he slammed the door shut and locked it.

“What the hell happened and where is Wade?” Quinn asked as he helped Xander prop stuff against the door.

“Well, I assume someone found the bodies of the Kromaggs out in the truck and sounded the alarm,” Xander replied as he checked over his weapons. “And as for Wade, they shipped her off world to a breeding camp,” the young man continued with sadness in his voice.

“What the hell are you talking about!” Quinn screamed in anger just as the door shook from a blast.

“I’ll explain once we get out of here,” Xander replied as he started to run back down the line of cells, the other sliders close behind.

“Where are we going?” Maggie asked as he reached a dead end at the end of the hall.

“I memorized the blue prints of the building, there should be an escape tunnel around here somewhere,” Xander replied as he began to feel around the wall and soon enough a small passage opened up. “Let’s go,” he said as he started ushering his friends through.

Once everyone was through the entrance Xander quickly closed it up and the three friends made their way down the dark hallway in front of them.

Close to an hour later the three sliders were back in Xander’s underground ‘home’ and the young man was explaining what he had found out about Wade.

“After you guys went to go get Remy I was able to find the information on Wade, unfortunately I found out that she had been shipped off to a Kromagg breeding camp on a different world two weeks ago,” Xander explained.

“So how are we supposed to rescue her?” Maggie asked.

“We slide to the world with the camp and get her out,” Xander replied.

“And how do you expect us to do that without the coordinates for that world?” Quinn asked, anger in his voice.

“I don’t,” Xander replied, causing Quinn to get madder. “Which is why I printed up the coordinates,” he continued as he held up a piece of paper containing the coordinates.

“Does this mean we can get Wade back?” Remy asked, hope in his voice.

“It means we can get to the world she’s on, but once we get there, who knows,” Quinn replied as he took the paper from Xander and began to enter the coordinates into the timer.

A few minutes later Quinn held up the timer and told them that he was done and all that was left was to wait for the slide, which was in fifteen minutes.

Once the time was up Quinn opened the Vortex and quickly jumped in, followed by Maggie and Remy.

‘Hold on Wade, I’m coming,’ Xander thought as he followed his friends into the portal.

End Chapter 9

There’s chapter 9 hope you liked it, please review.

And just to let you know the fic that I had a small preview of back in chap 6 should hopefully be done soon.

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