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Moon Shadows

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Summary: Harry stumbles across a new side of life and magic, completely by accident of course. HP/AB Crossover

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Anita Blake > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: Harry Potter
Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: Anita Blake
lessthanlucidFR15742,25350139107,1941 Feb 0515 Mar 09No


Disclaimers in chapter 1

Sorry for the long wait. I'm not sure exactly which stories I'll be updating and finishing but I'm gonna do my best. As with most of my fiction this was not beta read.


Richard’s first instinct had been to attack the platinum haired blonde sitting calmly in his living room but something held him back. He wasn’t sure what it was but it seemed Jamil felt it too. His would have pegged his guest as a vampire with all that pale skin except he could hear his heard beating in his chest. Unfortunately not attacking right off left them staring at each other quite stupidly in his opinion. Shang-Da being more aware of what exactly had him holding back the urge to attack and that was the fact that the blonde smelled of Harry which could be either good or bad.

Draco chose to break the silence as he’d never learned the fine art of letting silence speak for itself. Severus had always told him it was the fact he had no patience for the subtler aspects involved in using the technique. He thought the art only worked when the party involved knew the technique as well which was clearly not the case here since his Father was the only other person he’d ever run across besides Severus that could make you want to spill out your most intimate secrets by letting the silence drag on interminably. “I apologize for invading your house but Potter was quite insistent that I go nowhere until he was back.” Draco shrugged delicately for effect and used his most bored tone as if being confronted with three werewolves was an everyday thing for him. The sad thing was it had been at one point and he’d rather wished he could forget it.

“Harry told you to stay here?” Richard asked he seemed outwardly calm but for all Draco knew, he was anxious of what it could mean on the inside; he looked like the type that would.

“Yes of course. You don’t think I go around calling on strange muggle werewolves for my health do you?” He drawled wondering if perhaps the man standing between the two bookends was a bit slow.

“Actually, I have no idea why you are here or anything about you really so for all I know you do go around calling on strange, muggle was it? Werewolves for your health.” Richard’s eyes were now honey amber Draco could feel his shifter power was spilling around him and into the room like a warm rush.

Draco shivered and found himself strangely mesmerized by the eyes that glowed so strangely, it might also have been the strange warm rush he felt seconds after the wolf who had just cemented the fact that he was indeed Potter’s Richard called on his power. He raised an eyebrow at the theatrics and rolled his eyes before giving a long suffering sigh. “Potter told me about you three though he failed to mention the theatrics and posturing involved. Please allow me to introduce myself before this goes any further. I’m Draco Malfoy.”

Upon hearing his name Richard and company seemed to relax minutely. From the looks he was receiving they were remembering the description Harry had to have given them to a T and the accent matched, though Draco knew they would tread carefully as it could still be a trap. However, they moved to sit across from him not surprisingly, since it was Richards living room after all. “So why would Harry tell you to wait here without letting us know first?”

“I have no idea how his brain works and find myself unwilling to delve too deeply into that cesspit. Suffice to say he is currently telling the Master of the City that he is back in his fair city and brought a guest. Unfortunately that involves telling the vampire who his guest is and well lets just say that Malfoy’s and Belle Morte’s vampires have a long history. However, if you were inquiring about why he specifically brought me here then that would be because I’ve been told that I would just irritate matters further had I accompanied him to his little tête à tête with the Master.” Draco decided not to mention that Potter had also charged him with being the mutt’s bodyguard until such time as he could take over the duties.


Richard chose to believe him for the simple fact that while the blonde didn’t seem in any hurry to attack he was telling the truth in so far as he could tell. He was more than a little relieved and equal parts disappointed not to be included in Jean-Claude’s meeting with Harry. He was sure the amusement value would have matched and most likely exceeded the last meeting. He was pretty sure Anita was there by now or at least on her way and that would definitely up the ante on him enjoying Harry infuriating the duo. “How long have you been here?”

“About four hours.” Came the cool reply which left Richard blinking a bit stupidly. He was fully aware that usually the only time he opened the marks now days was when someone mainly Anita or one of her harem where in danger of dying. Even then it was grudgingly done on his part as he didn’t like letting Anita or Jean-Claude in more than absolutely necessary for the required results. However, he was surprised no one had called him or tried to contact him via the marks beforehand.

“Thats a long time. You think he’s ok?” Richard had to ask since he was now worried what could possibly be taking so long.

“I wouldn’t worry about Potter, he has a tendency to survive these sorts of things.” Richard wasn’t sure why Harry called this cold apathetic individual friend.


Richard hadn’t been aware anyone other than shifters and Anita could move so fast. Draco Malfoy had gone from looking bored and lounging elegantly on his love seat to a hard-eyed awareness in the split second it took for Richard to register that Harry was now standing in his living room. Maybe there was more to the blonde than met the eye in fact he was willing to bet that there was a lot more. He didn’t think it was normal for wizards to be that quick at drawing their wand.

“Draco, you really need to quit being so damn paranoid. I almost splinched myself bypassing your anti-apparating wards.” Harry it seemed was a bit put out by this splinching he spoke of since he was scowling heavily at his friend.

Draco on the other hand didn’t look the least bit intimidated by this. In fact he was highly amused by it if the expression currently marring his features was anything to go by. The smirk was also a dead giveaway in his opinion. “Now, now, Potter no need to get testy. I seem to remember a certain black haired Gryffindor teaching me how to fine tune these particular wards.” The blonde calmly went back to lounging on his love seat as if he hadn’t just been ready to go into battle. Harry for his part just seemed to glare at the blonde before giving a long suffering sigh as he turned around to face him with what he could call a sheepish expression.

“Surprise.” Harry stated somewhat deadpan since it was a bit late in the arrival to express the sentiment.

Richard just shook his head in resignation before enveloping Harry in a hug. He couldn’t help but chuckle at how even something simple as a visit could go sideways with the young man. Richard had never really noticed how small in stature and mass Harry was until just that moment. Harry had always seemed equal to him until just that moment.


Harry was a little tense when Richard hugged him but after the initial response he was able to relax and hug him back. He hadn’t noticed how much he had missed the Ulfric’s presence until that moment. He basked in the warmth enveloping him for a few seconds before stepping back and greeting his favorite enforcers. “So, how’s the pack doing now days? No repercussions from my last visit?”

“Everyone’s great. They’ll be happy to know you’re back. You smoothed over most of everything before you left and we took care of any ruffled feathers that were left since then.” Harry was a little surprised Jamil answered since he remember how hard it had been to get either him or Shang-Da to talk full sentences during his last visit.

“Awesome. Now I can officially introduce you to my best friend and partner in crime, Lord Draco Lucius Malfoy, Order of Merlin, First Class, Honorary Member of the Black Hand, and all around pain in my arse.” Harry knew that those present would not understand what the titles themselves entailed but would understand the importance. He was also aware that Draco only used titles and honoraries in political situations and he disliked trotting them out for show otherwise. He wasn’t however prepared for Draco to retaliate in kind.

‘You missed a couple of titles and honoraries….pillock. If you’re going to be formal do it correctly. Mr. Zeeman allow me to officially introduce you to Lord Harry James Potter-Black, The Boy Who Lived, Deafeater of You-Know-Who, Order of Merlin, First Class, Honorary member of the Wizengamut, Sole heir of the Potter and Black families, and Founder of the Black Hand. There’s more but I think that covers the main points.” Draco lazily smirked in his direction no doubt pleased at the horrified look on his face after his pronouncement. Harry was afraid to look at his new friends knowing they could smell the truth of the titles that Draco had spoken.


Richard knew he should be surprised at the titles but he wasn’t. Harry on the other hand looked like he wanted the earth to open up and swallow him at that very second. Draco looked pleased with this reaction which meant that Harry wasn’t one to put much stock in his titles or he hadn’t wanted anyone to be aware of them. He was saved from his confusion on the proper response by Shang-Da.

“I don’t know who.” All eyes immediately turned to his enforcer in surprise and confusion before both Draco and Harry collapsed in laughter. Richard knew his enforcers where just as confused and he was but at least the completely awkward moment had passed.

Richard decided it was easier to ignore the elephant that had just been trotted out in front of them than to address it directly. “Draco, this is Shang-Da and his partner in crime Jamil, they are my enforcers. You already know who I am but please call me Richard.”

“As you wish, Richard. It’s nice to finally put faces to names; Harry’s stories now make a lot more sense.” Richard wondered what exactly the blonde meant by that but knew better than to ask. The young man in front of him didn’t look the type to spare feelings or words by being polite.


Draco was aware of how many interpretations his simple comment could take; in fact he relished helping dumb and dumber get a clue. It was obvious that Harry had more than a friendly interest in the werewolf. It was simply too bad that both of them were completely oblivious to the undercurrents of their “friendship.” He had only been in the same room with them for 20 minutes but it was extremely obvious to him.

“Not that I’m not happy to see you or meet your friends, Harry, but what exactly brings you by?” It seemed that Richard was not entirely oblivious to the battle weary cautiousness that he was sure both Harry and himself were emanating.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Moon Shadows" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 15 Mar 09.

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