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Moon Shadows

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Summary: Harry stumbles across a new side of life and magic, completely by accident of course. HP/AB Crossover

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Anita Blake > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: Harry Potter
Harry Potter > Non-BtVS/AtS Stories > Crossover: Anita Blake
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First Impressions

Title: Moon Shadows
Author: lessthanlucid
Rating: PG-15
Pairing: Slash Harry/? (I’m debating between Richard, Asher, Nathaniel and Jamil)
Content: Weird stuff, m/m
Distribution: If you want it, please let me know where it’s going.
Disclaimer: I don’t own a butt cheek of these guys, Rowling does LKH does too, the wench.
Spoilers: AB to Cerulean Sins, though some things have been changed. Richard never cut his hair and is not the complete ass he was. So basically anything Richard related is AU as well as some other stuff but nothing major. HP up to OotP after that I made shit up.
Summary: Harry Potter stumbles across the other side of the magical world, by complete accident of course.
Notes: I know I have many unfinished stories but I’m trying to update them but sometimes plot bunnies refuse to leave me alone.

The POV switches around between Harry and Richard a lot just a warning. The first part is rushed for the simple reason that if I didn’t summarize and add a detail now and then I would be writing a novel not a 20-part story. Well, I’m shooting for 20 might be more or less depending on how my plot bunny works.


Harry Potter thought he was really clever; after all he’d been hiding from the combined forces of the Order of the Phoenix and Ministry Aurors. As things he’d achieved in his life he ranked that particular feat in the top ten. He was also consequently hiding from the Death Eaters that had made it out of the final battle, where he had finally put an end to Voldemort for good. He’d been in hiding for six months and it didn’t look like they were giving up on finding him any time soon. He was willing to bet no one had an inkling he had been hiding in knockturn alley all this time. Of course he knew he couldn't stay in knockturn forever but it was a pleasant thought.

Harry had gone to Gringotts two weeks after the final battle to see if there was a way for him to access his money from the muggle world. He’d been pleasantly surprised when he’d been shown their version of muggle credit cards. He’d decided on having both Visa and MasterCard as well as a debit card for getting cash out of those machines he’d seen in the few outings the Dursley’s had had to take him on. After arranging to get them owled to him once they were ready he’d done a little more shopping mostly just clothes since the ones he’d had were rags.

While he waited for the tools he’d need to disappear into the muggle world, he’d done his best to play the martyr and recluse. He spent those first two week after the death of Voldemort in the infirmary and therefore happily comatose most of the time. After his little outing to the bank he’d been told quite firmly that he wasn’t to go anywhere without supervision. They, being Dumbledore and all the other people on the side of light, told him it was for his protection because of the Death Eaters that had evaded capture. He’d shrugged and told them he understood all the while wondering at their logic in the matter. He’d after all gone against Voldemort and succeeded; what possible danger did third rate minions hold for him?

Harry hadn't been able to so much as walk the halls of Hogwarts without escort and a week into it he’d finally figured out why. He’d overhead a couple of Aurors stating that he was being watched for signs of going dark. A lot of coughing and choking had occurred before he’d been able to think clearly once more. He shouldn’t have been surprised but he stupidly was, and that was rather pathetic of him. He’d fulfilled the prophecy, saved wizarding kind, as they knew it, and his thanks was house arrest because he just happened to be too powerful at his young age. Although he felt old in everything but years, Harry had been fighting far longer than anyone else in his generation. He’d fought since his first year at Hogwarts and had never stopped, not until the bastard was dead. It had taken ten years after their encounter over the sorcerer’s stone for him to finally beat him. He was a twenty-one year old war veteran and he was tired of fighting, he wanted time to relax and learn to be Harry away from the wizarding world and all its expectations and fears.

Harry didn’t claim to know the future or know what he’d turn into but he rather thought anyone who knew him would have seen that there was no way in hell he would become the next Voldemort. It was at times like this that he missed his godfather, the man had known him better than anyone and he missed that. He was quite sure that it would take a long time to unlearn the practices he’d picked up during wartime. Though peacetime hadn't helped his paranoia just increased it to the point where he felt everyone was after him. Of course it wasn’t really paranoia because everyone was actually after him but after he’d almost killed a house elf that had popped into his room to deliver dinner, he rather thought it was time to move on. It seemed his time in knockturn hadn't helped his twitchiness just honed it to an even finer edge, something he hadn't really wanted to do in the first place.

Gringotts’ had finally owled Harry two weeks after his visit and he’d disappeared that same night. He’d gone down to the Chamber of Secrets since he’d figured Slytherin wouldn’t have built a chamber without another exit besides the obvious one. He’d been right, inside the mouth of the statue where the basilisk had dwelled had been a tunnel one that led him right past Hogsmeade. The exit was inside a tree that for all intents and purposes grew like one but was much bigger and hollow on the inside than it seemed. A simple open using serpent tongue had a door appearing and he’d stepped out and found himself away from any wards.

Harry had then quickly apparated to Privet Drive then taken a muggle taxi to the Leaky Cauldron. After renting a room for the night under his name, he’d climbed out the window in his invisibility cloak. He’d quickly and quietly made his way towards knockturn alley, where he’d paid a hag to rent a small flat for him. He’d obliviated her after she had handed him the keys and sent her on her way a wee bit richer. The flat came furnished and meals were provided for a fee something he saw was a plus. He’d been living there not really venturing out much and when he did it was after midnight. He only went out when all respectable witches and wizards were abed and therefore not likely to stumble upon him.

Since almost killing the house elf however, he’d decided he was moving on. Harry knew he needed to leave the country but he was also aware that all normal venues out of England were being monitored and watched, wizard and muggle alike. It was a good thing he was ridiculously powerful and apparating to France was easy for him. No one had ever been able to do that and he hadn't let on he could either, good thing too, since it came in handy now. France had been were he’d gone because, a.) It was really just across the English Channel and not as far away as say China, b.) The French Ministry of Magic hated its English counterpart and it was much the same with the muggle government. So unless he was arrested and or found doing something illegal, if any French official recognized him they’d just keep it to themselves to spite the English.

While packing his meager belongings, he’d told Hedwig she couldn't go with him. Leaving Hedwig behind was very painful but it had to be done. She was too easily recognized and in the muggle world no one kept owls as pets. Harry had debated long and hard and had decided to send his owl to Draco Malfoy. He and Draco had grown closer as they were sent out together for missions, as they’d had to rely on each other a lot. After saving each other’s lives countless of times they’d formed a strong bond. He’d found that Draco was a product of his upbringing much like himself; the only difference was that Draco refused to apologize for who he was. He’d eventually come to discover that the blood purity most Slytherins harped about had basis in fact. Draco had gloated for weeks after that discovery as had most of the other purebloods. Hermione had been furious at his lack of reaction; he hadn't really cared one way or the other. His advice to her had been to make sure she was smarter than any purebloods she dueled; she’d been less than amused by that. Draco had laughed his off and taken him out for a butterbeer to celebrate his newfound wit.

Harry knew Draco would take good care of Hedwig because while the blond had a cruel streak a mile wide, it didn’t extend to animals and children. Draco would know how much it pained him to give Hedwig away. That same understanding would make him treat Hedwig like a queen among owls, which she had always been, but Draco would make sure she lived the rest of her life out in the lap of luxury. He knew the blonde expected him to get in touch at some point and let him know he was all right. He had plans to do that but not for a while yet. He’d written a short note explaining the how and had told Hedwig to deliver it and to stay with Draco. He knew that when the good guys saw Hedwig with Draco they’d try to send her out to find him.

Harry had spent time planning his exit, making sure he knew where he was apparating to in France. He’d rather not end up splinched or apparate into a wall or something equally dire. In fact he’d found an abandoned cottage he could apparate to and not have muggles see him appear out of thing air either. It had taken him eight hours to charm a mirror so he could see his location in order to apparate there. After that he’d researched a way to make himself unplottable to everyone instead of just dwelling somewhere that was unplottable. That bit of magic had drained him quite a bit so he spent an additional three days resting for the journey and saying his goodbye to Hedwig. He’d sent her off at midnight and walked out of knockturn into Diagon Alley under his invisibility cloak. He’d exited by way of the Leaky Cauldron and taken a taxi to Privet Drive, since he could apparate to France from there.

No one would be able to trace his magic because of the blood wards that still covered the place. While they were not as powerful as when he’d lived on Privet Drive they were still useful in the fact that they were designed to protect him and therefore some aspects would always be as long as he had blood relatives living in the house. One of those aspects was no one being able to trace him from that location which was really awesome to his way of thinking. He was also the only one allowed to apparate in or out of number four Privet Drive, another plus. Once the taxi driver left and he looked around and saw no one awake or watching at that time of night, he immediately put on his invisibility cloak. Harry quickly focused on the cottage in France and let his magic take him there, disappearing seemingly without a trace, a mystery that would be questioned and investigated by many but never solved.


Richard Zeeman had known the minute they had been intercepted on the lonely stretch of road that nothing good would come of it. He’d been right though for once he’d been hoping to be proven wrong. The Black SUV that had blocked the road and the matching vehicle that had pulled up behind them had been ominous enough but to see the people that had stepped out of them had been worse. Twelve vampire’s familiars had surrounded them all carrying an assortment of shotguns, knives, and side arms, they knew exactly whom they were kidnapping, meaning it wasn’t a random thing. He had known Shang-Da and Jamil had smelled the over abundance of silver content that the familiars had carried, which was the reason they hadn't shifted and fought.

It would have been a pointless battle and they all knew it. Richard had ordered them to stand down anyway just in case they decided to do something heroically stupid. It had been surreal getting kidnapped in the middle of the day, they’d calmly knocked them all out with a well placed hit to the back of their heads after getting them out of the car. He’d woken up when the plane had taken off. He’d tried to get the familiars to tell him why they were kidnapping him of all people but he had a feeling it had to do with the triumverate. They had known enough to keep him wrapped up in silver chains that were magically re-enforced, making him weak and basically pliant enough for them to deal with.

Once Richard had figured out they couldn't do anything but do as asked he’d reached for Anita through the marks. She had closed her side of the marks or at least was blocking him purposefully since their last blow-up. He hadn't been surprised but in desperation he’d reached for Jean-Claude. He’d felt the vampire answer, even though it was noon and Jean-Claude was technically dead to the world, with a rush of power so cold it felt like ice flowing through his veins. He’d done his best to explain what was going on but the familiars had caught on and he’d been knocked out before Jean-Claude had been able to answer.

He was pretty sure that he hadn't been flown across the country but to another country all together. The whole thing was strange since he didn’t know why anyone would go to so much trouble to get him out of the way. He knew he was in a private jet because otherwise he was pretty sure he couldn't have been taken out of the country tied up and without passport. That wasn’t really a comforting thought to Richard but it made sense though it still left a lot of questions unanswered. He figured the Vampire’s Council had something to do with his impromptu jaunt after he’d heard his kidnappers talking in French. The fact that he’d seen the Eiffel tower as they flew over it and landed in a private airport somewhere in the outskirts of Paris, had just cemented the fact in his head.

Richard could hardly believe it had only been two days since he’d been snatched from St. Louis. He’d also gotten the feeling his chains were more than just magically re-enforced because he was as weak as a day old puppy and the analogy irked him. He also couldn’t sense Jean-Claude or Anita; the connection was blocked somehow though it wasn’t broken. No answers had been forthcoming from anyone during all this time, though he had the feeling their master was on his or her way. He hoped to God it wasn’t Belle Morte who was behind his kidnapping because from all he’d heard and what few things he’d been able to wrestle out of Anita he was one scary bitch. The only good thing was they fed him power bars and water for which he was grateful, though if he didn’t eat some meat soon he was going to eat one of them out of spite.

They’d brought him to a run down cottage in the middle of nowhere, and deposited him inside. They hadn't bothered to guard him since without outside help in taking the damn chains off he wouldn’t be going anywhere. He wondered just how bad thing were going in St. Louis with the pack. He had never asked to be a werewolf and certainly never aspired to be Ulfric but regardless of his wants he’d slowly but surely been making headway into becoming the Ulfric the pack needed. He didn’t deny the facts that he’d screwed the pooch on more than one occasion but he’d learn from his mistakes. He honestly knew he’d done and said those stupid things because he resented the hell out of Anita. It seemed stupid now but at the time hurting her had made him feel less hurt by her betrayal and rejection.

Richard could smell the familiar’s anxiousness in the air as the sun went down it made him wary. He’d been sleeping off and on all day more because he felt completely drained than any conscious decision on his part. The vampire would be visiting during full dark and he rather not be asleep when she or he came. He had a feeling that ransoming him off to Jean-Claude wasn’t in the cards, but since they fed him somewhat that meant they needed him alive for some reason. Though he wasn’t stupid enough to bank on that thought too much because they could just wish to have a live and fit specimen to torture. Vampires weren't known for their ability to be cuddly and cute after all. He couldn’t help but think that knowing who kidnapped him and why would at least tell him something. Richard knew he was too drained to stay awake and quickly fell asleep even against his better judgment.


Harry James Potter wasn’t surprised when his well thought out plans went to hell in a hand basket. It just figured with his luck that it would happen, suffice it to say, it felt alarmingly familiar. In fact he barely batted and eye when he apparated to his supposedly deserted cottage, in the middle of nowhere, only to find it very much occupied. He knew he should have checked the mirror before apparating, damn, now he’d have to memory charm a bunch of muggles and wasn’t that just peachy. He sighed looking around the dimly lit cottage to see just how many memory charms he’d have to cast when he finally really looked at who was occupying the cottage. He didn’t bother hiding under his cloak since it was obvious they heard him arrive, no doubt the crack had been very audible.

“Bloody hell!” He explained seeing the figure chained to the wall and looking none too good. He didn’t miss the other three figures that were slowly moving towards him their intent wasn’t to welcome him with a cup of tea either. He could almost picture Draco saying only he would apparate into a situation as dangerous as the one he’d stumbled across. He wasn’t sure who was the good guy or bad guy but he rather thought the pitiful looking man in chains definitely had victim written all over him.

“Who the hell are you? What are you doing here?” One of the figures asked in French and wasn’t it a good thing he’d cast a translation charm on himself before arriving; things could have gotten really awkward otherwise.

“Would you believe that I accidentally landed here?” He looked around giving them his best smile. They glared in return. “No? Well, shit so much for getting out of here peacefully.” He muttered more to himself than his would be captors by the looks of things.

“Put your hands up!” The one on the far right ordered whipping out a muggle gun of all things. He knew his eyes widened at that because guns weren't something he’d ever seen in real life. Well, except that one time when his Uncle tried to shoot Hagrid but that didn’t really count.

He hoped to hell the wandless protego he’d cast would also stop bullets because there was no way he was letting anyone capture him. He slowly lifted his hands and quickly sent off three stunners, as he dived behind some rickety couch. He followed that up with three Petrificus Totalus in their general directions. He knew he’d gotten two of them but he wasn’t sure about the third, or if he’d gotten the one with the gun. He cast a silencio on his shoes and a disillusionment charm on himself as slowly got up and moved towards the last position he’d seen the men at. He idly wondered if he’d hit the prisoner with anything but then decided he’d worry about it after he’d made sure the others were out of commission. The guys were out though one of them had been knocked out by flying debris from the table that had shattered when one of his spells hit.


Richard had heard the crack and felt the air shift and turned in its direction and watched as someone appeared out of thin air. He was shocked to say the least, he’d never heard of such a thing. It seemed his captors where as baffled as he was though they covered it with an angry spat of French, to which the person answered. The tone used was calm and steady showing no signs of discomfort at the scene he’d appeared in. He knew however that the person was male and somewhat anxious by their scent something his captors couldn't know. He hadn't dared draw attention to himself or ask for help once the gun was shown. He knew the bullets in the gun were silver and in his condition a bullet wound could be fatal. He’d watched amazed at the guy sent some kind of magic spells at his captors that seemed to knock them out. He hoped the guy would help him out because he didn’t want to wait around for the vampire.


Harry quickly cancelled the spells on him and moved to help the guy chained up and almost tripped when he was close enough to see the guy clearly. Damn, but the guy was huge, he matched Ron in height and Charlie in muscle. He idly wondered how the hell those three thugs managed to tie him up without suffering some serious damage. Then again the spelled chains might have something to do with that. When he was close enough to reach the lock on the chain he understood why they were spelled. As soon as he saw the eyes he knew the man was a werewolf, there was no way warm honey brown colored eyes happened naturally in muggles. They were too much like his late second godfathers eyes and Remus had been a werewolf.

“You’re a werewolf.” Harry stated calmly trying to figure out how to open the chain without a key. He had a feeling a simple Alohamora wouldn’t cut it.

“Yes.” Richard was surprised by how quickly the kid caught on since it had taken Anita a long time to figure it out. He could see his rescuer better up close and found a young man with Jason’s physique, though he had about three maybe four inches of height on his wolf. The coloring was different as well; green eyes and messy black hair dominated his rescuers face. He might have looked young but his eyes were old and haunted. “My names Richard Zeeman.” Introductions seemed like a good thing.

Harry was surprised at how easy going Richard was being and he’d finally placed the accent. “You’re a yank. You’re a long way from home. I’m Harry Evans by the way.”

“Nice to meet you.” Richard said it sincerely because he was glad Harry, who had hesitated before giving his last name, had shown up when he did. “We seem to be in the same boat.”

“Huh?” Harry looked up at Richard confused by that statement as he’d been focusing on unraveling the enchantments on the chains.

“You’re British and that’s far away from France too.” He didn’t quite know what Harry was doing but he was starting to feel a little better. He’d feel great once the silver chains weren't touching any part of his skin.

“Oh, right. Yeah, I’m from England. Long live the Queen and whatnot.” Harry wondered if he was laying it on a bit thick, but shrugged it wasn't like Richard would be in any position to question him.

“Right. So…know many werewolves?” Richard was starting to get antsy and he had a feeling his senses where trying to tell him something.

“Err…not really. My godfather was one and yeah that’s about it.” He wasn’t about to tell Richard that yes he’d run into others but that he’d killed them because they were on Voldemort side. He didn’t think now was the time to be swapping life stories.

“Oh, and you were OK with that?” Richard knew he was prying but it was either that or fidgeting.

“Well, yeah. Remus might have been a werewolf but that wasn’t all he was. He was a great person.” Harry spoke in a neutral tone as he unraveled even more enchantments because if he looked Richard in the eyes he wasn’t sure he could his emotions from spilling over.

Richard felt like a heel for bringing up things the kid didn’t want to talk about. He hadn't missed the past tense used in reference to the man and he’d rather not pry further. “Um, what are you doing anyway?”

“Well, the short version is I’m unmagicking the chains. The long version is somewhat more complicated and I rather wouldn’t know how to explain it, so lets just not go there.” Harry grinned at the man before turning his attention back to the chains.

Richard wondered if telling Harry that what he was doing was something that was suppose to be impossible would change the fact. As far as he knew magic couldn't be undone, it would always be there just shifted or dispersed differently. Maybe Harry just didn’t know how to explain it better than that; yes that was probably it. “Sounds complicated.”

“Err, sort of but…not really. Anyway why were those guys holding you anyway…you don't look like any raging psycho to me so its not cause you’re not a nice person.”

Richard laughed at the strange assessment of the situation. “Truthfully I have no idea why I was kidnapped from St. Louis. The familiars weren't talkative though I know a vampire’s involved.” He didn’t think lying about the potential trouble the kid was embroiling himself in would benefit anybody.

“I’ve never met one, we talked about them in DADA and learned how to err…fight them off but never met one. So what are familiars? I haven’t heard of that.” Harry wondered if he was cursed, it seemed like he was. Bloody hell, he was taking some vampire’s plaything from him or her and he was sure that wouldn’t go over well. He was glad he was almost done unspelling the damn chains.

Richard wasn’t surprised it wasn’t something advertised or known outside the preternatural community. He wasn’t too sure what this DADA thing Harry mentioned was but figured it couldn't be too bad since it involved learning to fight off vampires. “Familiars are normal humans that a vampire feeds off on a regular basis. The vampire then gives them some of his blood and they become something like his slaves. The humans feed and protect their Master.” He didn’t think he’d succeeded in keeping his disgust to himself at the practice.

“That doesn’t sound all that good. In fact I’m willing to bet it very not good. Finally!” He exclaimed once he had the last spell undone. Now a simple alohamora should do the trick, he thought happily. Except it didn’t and that sucked. “Fuck.”

Richard had thought the chains would be coming off at the first exclamation, when he heard profanity, he knew things had just stalled. “What wrong?”

“I got them unspelled but the lock won’t pop open like it’s suppose to. I could try a more powerful unlocking charm but well I don’t really want to draw that kind of attention.” Harry knew that if he stuck to simple spells ad charms he could go under the radar but anything more than that would be sensed by the ministry.

“So they’re just regular silver chains at the moment, no reinforcements of any kind?” Richard wanted to clarify what Harry had said before he tried brute force. Whatever Harry had been doing had been making him feel less drained though he was still pretty weak.

“Yeah, all normal except for the blocking ward that’s on them.”

“Blocking ward?”

“Yeah, it’s strange but it basically blocks magic. Effectively cutting you off from whatever it is they wanted you cut off from. I would have disarmed it but it would take more time than we have.”

“Oh, well then, lets see if I can get myself out.” Richard didn’t bother to answer the unasked what are they blocking question. He was more interested in being able to break out of the chains. Normally he could bench press a car without sweating, hopefully even worn down he could at least rip apart metal links. He felt his hands burn as he strained against his bonds. The silver in contact with direct skin caused it to burn but pressure made it worse. He closed his eyes and strained with all he was and was gratified when it worked. Though he was sweating, dizzy and exhausted it was great not to feel chained anymore.

Harry was more than a little surprised, when Richard was able to rip the silver chain. He looked completely done in by the act but then again who knew how long he’d been wrapped in the damn things to begin with. He quickly banished all the pieces not wanting anyone to be able to use them again. He was caught off guard by the strange rush of power that flowed from Richard. It was warm, natural, and he had the strangest desire to bask in it. “You feeling better?”

Richard did his best to get up and stagger towards the rickety couch before answering. “No really. Feel like shit actually.”

Harry winced in sympathy but figured the man wouldn’t want his pity. “Sucks to be you mate. So you have someplace I can take you or what?” He wanted out of the cottage, he wasn’t sure why but it was important.

“Not unless you can get me back to St. Louis. So for now I’d settle for anywhere but here.” Richard groaned in pain when the marks flared to life. It seemed that both Jean-Claude and Anita had been trying to sense him through them. He felt the cold flow of power that was so much a part of Jean-Claude rush through him in a huge wave, making him feel like ice was running though his veins. Anita’s power flared through him too a bit warmer but still cold and painful to feel against his own. “Fuck.” He growled as his own power rose to meet theirs.

Harry had been about to ask where St. Louis was when he felt the magic flare from Richard. He’d immediately backed away from the werewolf not really sure what the hell was going on. The werewolf seemed to be in some sort of pain but he wasn’t getting near the feeling of death magic, it felt too much like Voldemort’s for his peace of mind. The flavor was different of course smoother and cleaner but it still carried death and it made him uncomfortable as hell. “What the fuck was that” Harry spoke loudly hoping to jar Richard out of whatever was going on.

The marks settled and though Anita and Jean-Claude power was still rushing through him it wasn’t as bad as before. “Complicated. It would take more time than we have to get into it.”

“If you say so. So where is St. Louis?”


“Oh. I don't think I could take us without seriously splinching us.”

“What do you mean?”

Harry wondered how to explain apparating to a muggle and decided he’d wing it. “You know how I just showed up here after a loud crack? Well, I could do that again, I call it apparating but you'd probably go for something like transporting or teleporting.”

Richard knew he was slack jawed with amazement but he couldn't help it. He’d never in all his years heard of something like that. “That’s impossible.”

Harry shrugged. “So were vampires and werewolves until a couple of years ago.”

“Got a point. So can you get us to St. Louis?” Richard asked hopefully because even if he thought it impossible if Harry could do it everything would be so much simpler.

“Not without killing us. I don’t have that sort of power.” Harry would have apologized but he was not going to start that again. He’d promised Draco to start living his life and to stop apologizing for things he couldn't change.

Richard rolled that around in his mind a bit before he remembered what Anita had done a few months ago at NiC. He didn’t think just anybody could pull that off but he was willing to bet Harry had a good chance of it. “Can you use mine?” He knew through him Harry would have access to Anita and Jean-Claude but if it got him to St. Louis he’d apologize later.

Harry was stunned by the offer; he knew the other man wasn’t one to offer something like that to just anyone. Then again desperation made for a strange bedfellow. “I could try but I’m not sure it will work.” Harry had ripped the magic out of more than one Death Eater in the heat of battle but never outside of that setting. He’d learned from Draco that to be able to do that was taboo in the wizarding world and so he’d never told anyone else about his ability. He knew taking Richard to St. Louis would take a lot out of him and though he trusted Richard, he had no idea about anyone else. He wasn’t dumb enough to think Richard would protect him just because he’d saved his life, he’d learned better than to trust in the good of mankind.

“Well, it can’t hurt to try…. right?” He hadn't liked the high he’d gotten when Anita had shared the power with him but it should be different this time, he hoped.

“I’m not going to lie, I have no idea about the pain factor involved. I’ve never done this before…” Harry hadn't lied; he’d never done this with a willing victim so he had no idea how different or similar it would be. He rather hoped it wasn’t painful though.

“I’m willing to risk it if you are.” There was urgency beating at the back of his mind and something kept telling they needed to leave soon.

“There’s just one more thing you’d have to do in order for me to be able to apparate us to St. Louis…”

“What?” Richard asked warily, he hadn't missed the way Harry winced when he said that.

“Um, well, I need to have a clear picture of where I’m going or we could end up Merlin knows where. The only way for me to have a clear picture of where I’m going would be through you.” Harry had hated Snape digging through his mind as well as Voldemort; he wouldn’t wish legilimency on his worst enemy. He shuddered remembering the attacks he’d suffered before he'd learn to occlude.

“I’m with you so far…so what's the catch?” Richard got the feeling he wasn’t going to like it.

“I need permission to violate your mind and look for the place we are going. I need to see it and since you’re the only one who knows where we are going…” Harry trailed off he didn’t need to elaborate.

Richard knew he should really stop being surprised at all the magic tricks the kid had but really they were just so fucking bizarre. He in no way wanted to be mind raped but he really wanted to go home, he couldn’t afford to leave the pack any longer than he had. He swallowed his distaste and nodded his consent. He didn’t think he’d be able to agree to this verbally.

“Alright then, um, you have to be thinking of where we want to land so to speak. Make sure its somewhere safe, where no one can see us appear out of thin air and preferably not near a lot of inanimate objects. A clearing would be nice.” Harry knew he was babbling but he was nervous, it wasn’t everyday he got to stroll though a werewolf’s brain and he knew it was going to hurt him more than Richard.

Richard tried figured his house but then thought about just how many people would be there and decided against it. The Circus was out by the simple reason that he wasn’t about to expose Harry to vampires if he could help it. He rolled the requirements around in his head trying to find a place but could only come up with the Lupanar. He wasn’t all that keen on showing Harry were the pack met but he didn’t have anywhere else. “I have the place but you have to swear not to reveal its location or my position to anyone, no matter what.”

Harry raised and eyebrow wondering just where he would be taking them exactly but decided he had his own terms to negotiate. “All right but you can’t tell anyone about me or what I can do, no matter what. Do we have a deal?” Harry asked Richard holding out his hand.

Richard decided quid pro quo was a good thing and shook Harry’s hand. He hadn't expected the rush of magic that came with that contact but it didn’t worry him…. much. “What was that?”

“That was a magically binding oath. You can’t speak about my abilities or me even if you wanted to. I can’t speak about this place I’m taking us to or your position even if I wanted to. Wicked huh?” Harry smirked, for a werewolf the guy was awfully trusting.

Richard knew he should be angry since he hated Anita for doing stuff to him without permission but he wasn’t. Harry had been protecting himself and as a by-product, Richard as well. He couldn't blame him for it and he was rather glad neither Jean-Claude or Anita could get him to blab. “Sneaky, but better than threats of dismemberment and painful death.”

“Mate, I’m not sure who you’re hanging out with but you need new friends. Then again mine threaten death and hexing…. I think we both need new friends….” Harry was kind of glad Richard understood where he was coming from if not the why if it.

“Now that we got that out of the way let me introduce myself properly. I’m Richard Zeeman, Ulfric of the Thronnos Rokke Clan, third member of a triumvirate.”

Harry stopped breathing and when he tried to resume he choked. Fuck he thought wildly now glad he’d magically bound Richard as he’d been repeatedly told to stay away from certain places by the Headmaster. He finally remembered the places one of them was St. Louis, Paris, and basically, as he’d told the Headmaster in huff, anywhere populated and cool. “Wolf king of the throne rock people and third in a triangle of power.” Harry immediately muttered his layman terms translations more for himself than Richard. Things just kept getting better and better, he was definitely cursed.

“How did you know that?” Most people couldn't translate Norse words that fast unless they were professors, scholars, Anita Blake, and or few others.

Harry waved a dismissive hand. “Not important just now. Anything else you’d like to reveal? Serial killer? Maybe? Related to Tom Riddle…somehow?”

Richard knew sarcasm when he heard it but didn’t know why his revelations triggered it. “What part of what I said is bothering you?” Richard asked calmly.

Harry gave him a are you daft stare. “Well gee I don’t know…how about the whole fucking thing? Good lord man…err…werewolf king…whatever…helping you is leading me to places I’ve been told to stay away for obvious reasons. Main one being triumvirates bad, power hungry vampires live predominantly in these cities so they are also bad. Harry was told to stay clear of those places and triangles of power on pain of death. Do you get where I’m going with this?” Harry paced and waved his arms about furiously as he ranted.

Richard would have been offended had the delivery not been so funny. He also knew the kids power would definitely attract more than one vampire but he rather doubted the vampires would come out the winners. He could see Harry’s point clearly and thought it strange that whoever had warned Harry about places to stay away from and people forgot to mention that not all triumvirates where inherently evil. “I would apologize but I’m kind of glad we ran into each other. Truthfully I can’t tell anyone about you so unless you plan on a public demonstration you’re as safe as you can get around the preternatural community.” Harry seemed to think on that before nodding sharply.

“All right.” Harry cocked his head for a second as if listening to something but it was more to the point that it was quiet too quiet. “We’re about to get visitors and I rather not be here, if its all the same to you. Think of where you want to go and look into my eyes.”

Richard didn’t miss the urgency behind the request, though he was surprised Harry picked up on the quiet before he did. Then again he had been chained up for the past two days and half so he could take the blow to his ego. He made eye contact with Harry and tried his best to keep focused on his green eyes. He came to the startling conclusion that they were most brilliant green eyes he'd ever seen. He also did his best to picture the Lupanar, specifically the clearing in front of the throne. Richard saw and felt the room swim before his eyes, as image after image of the lupanar's he had experienced raced though his mind. The images were so vivid he was blinded to his surroundings until his beast rushed to the surface breaking the connection.

Harry hated the fact that he’d violated Richard so completely but he didn’t have time for finesse, so he’d just called up everything regarding the image he’d first seen in his mind. He didn’t have time to process all he was seeing but was satisfied that he knew where they were apparating to. He’d been caught off guard when Richard’s beast struck at his shields, breaking the connection and leaving him reeling from the blow. He had the mother of all headaches and no time to do anything about. “Fuck, Richard are you ok?” The room was swimming and he could sort of make out Richard but he wasn’t sure. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath hoping his vision would come back to normal.

Richard was completely disturbed at how easily Harry had probed his mind. He also felt as if someone had been trying to pull his brain from his skull. It didn’t look like Harry was in much better condition judging from his shaky stance and how pale he looked even in the dim light. “I’m all right. Could use some aspirin but otherwise I’m fine. Did you get what you needed?”

Harry slowly opened his eyes; aware that time was of the essence. His was glad that his vision had cleared though he still felt like he’d been hit by one too many bludgers. “Yeah, just in time too because something not nice is coming this way fast.”

“I sense it too. What now?” Richard asked and Harry didn’t answer just moved towards him and Richard automatically stood.

“Now you hug me and hold on, no matter what don’t let go. It would also help if you let you power rush to the surface.” Richard felt awkward holding the much smaller man in his arms but he had a feeling this touching thing would be important. Richard opened the mark and let their combined power bubble up from him and spill over onto Harry.

Harry for his part shuddered at the pins and needles sensations Richards’s mixed magic caused. It wasn’t painful but definitely uncomfortable as hell. He was also feeling a bit weird having Richards’s arms around him. Harry had never really gotten comfortable with people touching him in an affectionate manner and Richard was a complete stranger making him double strange. He pulled Richard’s power into himself and mixed it with his own, hoping it would be stable enough to use and that it wouldn’t cause him to burn out. They’d run out of time, since he could see the headlights of the vehicle coming up the drive. The magic was wild, so much harder to control than anything he’d ever encountered. He hoped they had enough power between them to pull this off because otherwise who knew where they would end up.

Richard was aware of their predicament he could feel Harry pulling more power from him and he in turn took it from Jean-Claude and Anita. Their connection was dim across such vast distance but they were aware of what he was doing and he could feel their panic but he couldn’t do much about it. He hoped all to hell they wouldn’t shut down the marks because they would be fucked. Harry’s magic was unlike anything he’d ever encountered which was surprising considering he lived in the preternatural capital of the world.

Harry closed his eyes focused on the image he’d taken from Richard and let their combined magic flow through his wand. He was hoping the magical core would direct the mixed magic better than if he tried it wandless. He felt the strange displacement of mind and body he always felt when apparating except it seemed to last longer than before. That was to be expected since he was apparating across a continent and a huge body of water. He was aware but blind at the same time and it was the strangest sensation, he felt the magic start to falter and pulled even more of Richard’s power combining it with his reserves and hope it was enough.

Richard felt the strange sensations and wanted to never do it again. He felt Harry draw more power but not from him but directly from Jean-Claude and Anita. He knew he shouldn’t be able to discern that in the strange form that they were in but he was aware in a strange way. They landed hard was his first thought as his senses came back, his second was to wince as his hearing caught the tale end of a the loudest noise he’d ever heard. It echoed around before dieing away. He knew he was home, he could feel his pack once more. It was late afternoon by the position of the sun and he was rather glad since it would be easier to walk without the sun beating down on them mercilessly. He became aware of the smell of blood and found the source immediately. Harry’s nose was bleeding and he was passed out on the ground next to him. His breath came shallowly and ragged, as he seemed to be struggling to breath. His color was chalky and he felt feverish. It seemed the distance had almost cost Harry his life and might still claim it.

Richard felt something strange and protective rise up in him as he gazed at the strange man/boy that had risked so much to help him. He knew Harry needed medical attention but he was out in the middle of nowhere without any means to get him to the hospital. He thought for all of two seconds before he rolled to his feet. He quickly picked up Harry and gently placed him on his throne making as comfortable as possible. He knew what he was about to do would cause problems but he owed Harry his life and wouldn’t back out of his chosen course. He concentrated feeling his beast rush to the surface, and he sent it searching around the lupanar grounds, were their dead were buried, gathering power as it rushed back to him. He let the power build and roll inside him before he released it calling his wolves to him. Richard was aware than no werewolf would be able to resist the call, he’d ordered them here and they would obey. His pack would come because they wouldn’t be able to ignore the call not even the most alpha of them. It would cause trouble for many of them not out but he’d find some way to make it better. It was reckless to put one life ahead of his pack but he wouldn't start doubting his decision, he’d deal with the fallout to the best of his ability. Richard looked down at Harry and hoped his pack would arrive in enough to time to save Harry.


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