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Dragonball Z - The Legendary Super Saiyan

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Buffy Z". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Reimagining of the 8th Dragonball Z movie; part of the Buffy Z multiverse; The South Galaxy is being attacked by a Legendary Super Saiyan, our heroes need to stop him.

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Epilogue: The Man Gohan



Gohan hangs in the air, hands by his side. Ki flame
crackling around him, electricity flashing in it. His tense
arms and fists next to his body. He calmly regards the
planet, explosions ripping apart what's left of the crust,
lava flows from the planet's wounds. It shakes and rumbles.
A caped figure appears behind him.

I see you don't need a senzu bean.
I brought these for nothing then.

Gohan laughs and turns around, regarding his old sensei.

No, but I'll take one anyway. All
these cuts abrasions and bruised
bones hurt!

Piccolo grins and throws the young warrior a bean. Gohan
pops it into his mouth and starts chewing.

(still chewing)
We should dock to the other ship
though, there are a few people
there who need one. Vegeta's got
some broken ribs.

Gohan swallows the chewed bean, while Piccolo nods in
agreement. Gohan's wounds heal rapidly and he tries out
his newly healed body, par Saiyan physiology he already
feels much stronger.

(pointing upward)
Of course, that is providing we
survive this place.

Gohan looks up and regards the very close comet with a


Go get the ship and bring it here,
I'll slow it down.


The Namek blasts off going back toward where he landed the
ship. Gohan looks up at the plasma comet for a few more
moments, then he looks down and contemplates the planet as
it breaks up bit by bit.

(calmly irritated)
Damn! This would be so much easier
if I could go to level three, but
if I do that, Piccolo and I can
enjoy the merits of breathing

Gohan turns back to the comet and then places his hands
next his body and charges up.

KA... ME... HA... ME... HA!!!

The Kamehameha wave blasts upward and soon meets the comet.
The two powers vie for supremacy, energy bolts crackling
between them. The comet slows down slowly. The bolts lash
down onto the planet eviscerating it, sending more and
more chunks flying into space.

Piccolo, hurry up! This planet is
hanging on to a single one of the
thinnest threads.

I'm on my way back and going as
fast as I can!

Gohan groans, his arms tremble as he pours more energy
into the wave. The two gargantuan forces each trying to
overdo the other, and the comet, practically a star was

Finally Piccolo arrives holding the ship in his left hand.

(urgently, stopping
the wave)
Get in and start the engines, we're
going on a trip!


Piccolo flies into the ship and Gohan grabs it, extending
his ki around the big spherical ship in a shield and pushes
it upward.


Faster and faster, the shield withstanding the bolts of
energy the comet sends out.

Keep it steady! I can't start the
engines if I can't push the damn

I'm doing the best I can here, I'm
fighting off a plasma comet nine
hundred times the size of the Earth

With increased determination Gohan forces the ship more
steady and breaks the atmosphere and enters space. The ki
shield holding in the air. The energy bolts of the comet
are attracted to energy and they lash out at Gohan and the
ship, each one shaking the ship and the Super Saiyan. Then
with a thunderous roar the ship's conventional engines
kick in, Gohan doesn't budge and keeps pushing the ship
upward and protecting it with his ki.

Piccolo! How long on the warp
engines. My air is starting run

Just a minute!

(muttering to himself)
Easy for you to say!

Several more devastating bolts of raw energy jar the ship,
at which point the planet far away blows to pieces, soon
to be engulfed by the comet.

Gohan get in here now!

Gohan obeys, opens the hatch, enters the ship and
immediately closes it behind him in less then a second.
Once inside he lowers his power and transforms back in the
nice looking black-haired boy. The moment he is inside the
ship blinks out and disappears into warp.

All right! High five!

Gohan and Piccolo slap their right hands together.




Goku and King Kai yell out their jubilation. They clasp
hands a make a quick happy dance.

Yes! For a moment there I thought
I was going to be stuck with two

(totally happy with
a big happy grin)
Yeah, alright Gohan!

Well, South Kai, since my people
saved the rest of your galaxy I'd
say you owe me a thank you and a
big favor!

They also caused it in the first
place, you little...

(taken aback by the
still continuing


Roll credits

The End.

Author's Notes:

Well, I hope you enjoyed it. A few notes on my decisions. (Spoiler alerts for the real movie 8 and the reimagining) One: I never quite got the whole Legendary Super Saiyan bit in the original movie. After all if a normal Super Saiyan, seemingly without even powering up to Ultra or Ascended stage, with a little extra help from energy of his friends, can beat the guy with one punch he can't be much now can he? So I took it out (the one punch thing, the beaten by a normal Super Saiyan thing and the he's definitely the Legendary Super Saiyan thing). In my version I kind of left it in the middle whether Brolli is really the Legendary Super Saiyan or whether he's some sort of new mutation, a slight leaning to the latter. (Did anyone notice how before Vegeta's added power, Goku's hits don't do Brolli a single scratch of damage, and then one hit? Makes one wonder what Vegeta could have done if he wasn't so ridiculously scared, huh?)

Which is point 2: A scared Vegeta? What the hell was that about? It doesn't make any sense to me. Even if it's another timeline I just can't see how a Vegeta with the attitude of 'can't win, let's give up' (as opposed to his comments when Goku fights Cell; keep fighting no matter what; no help, no senzu bean power up, continue fighting even if it means death) would have reached Super Saiyan status; shouldn't he have had the same attitude when he saw Goku first transform then? Unless in that time-line every two-bit Saiyan can transform in a golden colored warrior. So I took that out, and gave Vegeta back the attitude invisioned by Akira Toriyama.

Point 3: Master Roshi in the original movie has nothing tocontribute not even humor. The jokes around him I just didn't find funny, especially the smack across the hand with the hammer part and powerful medicine. So I figured, since I had to have Laldya, one of those who fell through Glory's rip in space, in order to show that Bulma has started work on her own dimensional ship, I give him something useful to do: give Master Roshi his medicne. Of course I had to give him actual funny jokes, and thought wouldn't it be funny and great if the weakest of the bunch actually manages to damage Brolli the most: the laxative jokes were born.

Point 4: Tie in with Buffy Z/Littica. Originally I hadn't planned to feature Xander/Littica and his father so prominently, only the later voice overs would be in there. It's one of those things that comes to you when you write. I had already written the whole flashback scene with advisor 1 and advisor 2 until it suddenly occured to me I could tie it in nicely if it was Xander's father, the one opposed to the ruthless slaughtering of innocent, makes the cold calculating suggestion to kill the baby, folding later back on Xander's voice over that all Saiyans carry the killer, the warrior inside of them. Now there was also suddenly a much better reason for Paragas appearing in the ruined city in the end for the whole 'Who is the Legendary Super Saiyan' conversation. I thnk it enriched the whole thing.

Point 5: Gohan. If you've read the story, you know: Gohan just became a man. He just went through the androids, and (more importantly!) in order to keep his promise to Littica he stood up (well, worked with and around) to his mother. Now comes this monster Super Saiyan, show that Littica's line about more powerful enemies after another, is very much true, and not only that he's just accepted his own judgement above his father's. There's no way Gohan will ever become a blithering goof ball, (still can't see how he could possibly become one in the first place, but hey!)

As always give me your feedback!

The End

You have reached the end of "Dragonball Z - The Legendary Super Saiyan". This story is complete.

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