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Dragonball Z - Spoiled Brat's Birthday Present

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Buffy Z". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Reimagining of the 9th Dragonball movie; part of the Buffy Z multiverse. A spoiled brat gets a tournament with 'aliens' for his birthday, but unknown to everyone real aliens have switched with the fake ones.

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Epilogue: Satan Does It Again



Trunks power disappears and he collapses to his knees.
Gohan comes to him staggering along.

All right, Trunks!

Trunks smiles gratefully at Gohan for the praise and then
lets himself get helped to his feet, the two of them leaning
on each other for support.

Trunks gets a second wind and jogs over to where his father
was, then quickly digs away the debris.

Dad! How are you!?

Just get me a senzu bean or to
that green brat and I'll be fine.

Trunks nods and gently picks up his father, putting him
over his shoulder. He wobbles and then Gohan is there to
keep the balance. Nearby Tien and Yamcha wake up, cradling
their heads and look around, then relieved as they realize
the aliens have been beat. After Gohan makes sure Trunks
won't keel over he sprints, stumbling along the way, to
where he last saw Mr. Satan. Pulling aside some debris and
pulling the dimwit from his resting place, he makes sure
he's fine. Then flies over to Piccolo and picks the
unconscious Namek up and puts him over his shoulder, he
was the most hurt of them all.

We're missing somebody. Krillin!

With a violent blow debris is flung aside, and Krillin is
revealed, sitting on his knees.

(happy, but with
I'm here!

The group soon gather around the bald man and android 18.

(offering hand to
Are you all right, 18?


(taking it and
pulling herself
up, groaning)
I'll be fine, just scrapes and
bruises. It'll heal.
(eyes widen at the
heavily wounded
Krillin, nurturing,
You on the other hand are in much
worse shape.

Krillin nods relieved and he is supported by 18 after she's
gotten up. Suddenly she grabs his head, turns it to hers
and kisses him deeply and passionately. When she pulls
back he looks back at her astonished, and his friends laugh



Pieces of clothing lie everywhere. The redhead sighs, lying
naked on Roshi, who has a big satisfied grin on his face.
The others are naked as well.

Oh, wow. You made the world shake.

(satisfied, on top
of Laldya)
Oh, yeah! Everything trembled for
me too.

The blue-headed girl, also lying on Laldya, who has his
eyes wide in amazement and disbelief, sighs in a similar

Hmm, for me too!

But, I think...

Master Roshi gives him an angry stair, and Laldya stops


Dende finishes up healing Gohan as krillin watches the tv.

I can't believe it.

The group look at the tv. Satan is talking to a reporter.


Yeah! Once I dug myself out of
that deathtrap of a pod - somebody
really should rethink those thinks
and add in safety measures, by the
way - I went over to those aliens
and kicked there asses real good.
The others, who fought them were
brave, but none of them would be a
match for the martial arts champion
of the world! Yeah!

He did it again!

(testing out his
healed body)
I can't believe he hasn't learned
(everything works
Thanks, Dende.

No problem. It's a good thing you
got Piccolo here when you did, it
was close.

(annoyed, throwing
punches and kicks
with pleasure)
When were all done chatting, I
suggest we get back to the island
and pick up our friends and family
still there.

Yeah, they're going to be worried.

Gohan looks out over the outside of the lookout. He smiles
sadly, imagining his father's smiling face.

He was right, father. Littica was
right when he said more and more
powerful enemies will come.

Roll credits

The End

Author's Notes:

A few notes on the differences from the original:

1. 18 and Krillin romance: Well, I wanted to do something really different with the movie; without this it would just have been an almost one on one transcript of the movie 9. Oddly it wasn't until starting to write this, that I realized we'd never seen 18 and Krilling get together and what made her really take him in. Once writing this, and seeing what I had done with 18 and Krilln in the former movies, I practically bashed myself in the face, it was obvious what I could do to add something really different, voila! Of course I didn't just want 18 there to be cannon fodder, she needed to contribute something; for all those who really like 18 and Krillin togehter, I think I've given you quite a treat.

2. Vegeta and Yamcha: I had just given Vegeta his fighting spirit back a little earlier than in Dragonball Z, due to Littica exacting a promise from Krillin, so I couldn't have him out of the competition. As you can see Vegeta is catching up, but still somewhat behind the others. Yamcha, I couldn't just have him back off the pole and to the floor, I turned him into a Super Human, he had to have more to do than fall off a pole and get bashed unconcsious.

3. The competiton. I actually started out writing it with the word tournament, but than it sounded too much like the World Martial Arts Tournament, and we all know this isn't the actual real World Martial Arts Tournament.

4. Trunks: I have a few things to say on Trunks reaching the second level and getting to be the hero instead of Gohan. The reimagining has gone through several permutations, from simply Gohan going level 2 and beating them all as in the movie, to Gohan going Super Saiyan 3 (a small part of which you've seen has been kept) freeing himself from the psychic drainage, to both Gohan and Trunks going to level 2. In the end this is what it became, which I was still debating with myself until after I finished movie 8, because of several reasons; the first is that having Gohan going to level 2 and beat the bad guy a third time in a row would just become boring, having him go Super Saiyan 3 would rather eliminate the possibility of having everyone still be surprised at that level once I reach the Devil's Buu saga, and because in the end both of them fighting at level 2 just didn't work for me. Plus, I could put in the flash back to the incredible moving scene of Trunks finding Gohan and becoming a Super Saiyan.

5. As for the title, again, no idea what to do with it until I was writing it. For a while during writing it was 'tournament' instead of 'present' but that clashed with point 3, and it didn't sound as well as present. The original Japanese title is 'The Super Awesome Guy', and well, Toei is bad with titles; I just can't fathom most of the titles sound well in Japanese either. And although this is an acception to the sounding good, it just doesn't click with the theme of the movie, not this one, and neither the origianl. I tried 'Bojack' as title, but just a bad guy's name as the title didn't work well either. Eventually I settled on this, I'm not happy with it, but it'll have to do.

Well, I hope you guys liked it, tell me what you think of the reimagining, and the decisions I've made at One last word; Buffy Z - Episod 16 up next!

The End

You have reached the end of "Dragonball Z - Spoiled Brat's Birthday Present". This story is complete.

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