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Hero Defined

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This story is No. 6 in the series "Buffy Z". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Dragonball Z/Sailor Moon X-over, part of the Buffy Z multiverse: Somthing goes wrong with Bulma's prototype interdimensional ship, and Gohan finds himself in another universe.

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Chapter 1: Accidents Happen

Title: Hero DefinedAuthor: 3D Master



Rating: 15

Keywords: X-Over Dragonball/Z/GT, Sailor Moon, Drama, Action, Humor.

Summary: Part of the Buffy Z multiverse. Gohan accidentally rides an interdimensional prototype ship and ends up in Sailor Moon’s dimension, where his arrival causes great upheaval.

Disclaimer: Dragonball Z, its characters and the concept of the Saiyan race belong to Akira Toriyama. Sailor Moon and its concepts and characters belong to Takeuchi Naoko.

Hero Defined

by 3D Master (


Author’s Notes: This story is part of the Buffy Z multiverse, in it there is a Super Human and Gohan has already reached Super Saiyan 3, and Vegeta is crowned king. So don’t go complaining that Gohan never reaches Super Saiyan 3 and Vegeta is only a prince and all that. Better yet, although it is not necessary to understand and enjoy this story, if you haven’t already, go read the first 6 episodes of Buffy Z, and the reimaginings of Dragonball Z movies 7, 8, and 9, as well as Buffy Z episodes 16 and 17, in which Vegeta is crowned king, at my website.

The placing in the Sailor Moon time line is Season 2, or Sailor Moon R, at the very beginning. It starts just after Usagi’s memory has been restored, and while Gohan is acclimating to his new surroundings, the other Sailor Soldiers will get their memories restored.

Gohan’s theme: Laura Branigan - I Need a Hero: Where I use this one is the best, however from Laura I can only find an incomplete, and a bad quality version. If you say that doesn’t work for you, use the one from Bonnie Tyler.

Anaconda - I Need a Hero (Jan Wayne Remix): Later on a more action packed sound, without sacrificing the emotional impact is needed.

Gohan SSJ Battle Theme Dragonball Z - Bruce Faulconer - Gohan SSJ2 transformation theme: lovely action sound

Gohan SSJ2 Theme: Kageyama Hironobu - The Day of Destiny - Spirit vs. Spirit

Gohan SSJ3 Battle Theme: Marilyn Manson - Seizure of Power

Meanwhile in the Dragonball dimension . . .

Chapter 1: Accidents Happen

“Mom? MOM!?” Gohan called out excitedly.

“Yes, Gohan?” Chichi called in response. She came down the stairs and saw Gohan standing in the living room.

“Bulma just called, she is going to test the interdimensional prototype with a monkey inside!” Gohan exclaimed excitedly. “She asked if I wanted to be present, can I go?”

“Uhm,” Chichi started, thinking it over. “I was planning to go do the groceries, and get a haircut,” she said thoughtfully, and saw Gohan’s pleading puppy-dog eyes. “I could take Goten along, but that would be somewhat of a hassle. Unless, you take Goten with you, with clean diapers, and a bottle . . .”

Chichi had been teaching Gohan how to help out with the newest tike in the Son household, and so Gohan immediately jumped at the chance, “I’LL DO IT! No problem, mom!”

“Ok then, but be very careful,” Chichi warned her son.

“I always am,” Gohan answered, and started gathering the things he needed for his little brother.


Gohan smoothly landed in front of the Capsule Corp headquarters. The compound stretched across several acres included Bulma’s personal laboratories, the Briefs’ living residences, the main offices, and the local production factory. Goten was giggling all the way, until Gohan landed, and Goten protested with a loud wail that he thought flying was much more fun.

“Sorry, Goten, no more flying we’re here,” Gohan told his little brother soothingly. Goten wailed again, then again, when he noticed it didn’t help, he latched onto Gohan’s soothing sounds and quieted down. “Good boy,” Gohan told him with a smile. He walked inside the main building and quickly went toward the laboratories.

On the way he came by the newly furnished Gravity Gym, his own Gravity Room had gotten the same upgrades. The digital readout above the door showed that somebody was using it, and Gohan decided to take a quick look. He opened the door, and entered. Inside Super Saiyan 2 Vegeta was squaring off against Super Human Krillin. Their fight was ferocious. Energy blasts flew back and forth, punches and kicks were countered, a destructo disc was obliterated. The two were incredible. To the untrained eye it would seem as if both combatants were even, to the trained eye it was obvious Vegeta was holding back severely. After testing their skill for a minute more, Vegeta sped up, kicked Krillin’ with a roundhouse kick, blinked out, and reappeared behind the shorthaired ex-monk, and smacked him to the ground with a double-handed bash.

“Ow,” Krillin muttered as he got back up.

“Great fight, for a monk,” Vegeta commented from the air, his arms crossed over his chest. Krillin glared at the Saiyan king, and Vegeta smirked at him. Krillin broke into a grin, and Vegeta lowered himself to the floor.

“Great fight, both of you,” Gohan complimented them with a big smile.

“Says the little kid who can whip both our asses with his hands tied behind his back,” Krillin commented ruefully, then breaking out in a smile he added, “I suppose that’s a great compliment then. Want to join in, Gohan?”

Vegeta hmpfed, powering down to a ‘mere’ Super Saiyan, as Krillin returned to normal, and lowered himself to the floor as well.

“No can do. Bulma is going to test the interdimensional space ship with a living subject for the first time,” Gohan told them enthusiastically. “I get to assist her. Why don’t you guys come as well?”

“I’ll ride the thing to Littica’s wedding,” Vegeta commented gruffly, “and I want the woman to teach me how to repair the thing in an emergency, but how it’s tested I couldn’t care less.”

“Yeah,” Krillin chimed in. “I’m not that much of a whiz with science anyway.”

“Ok, then, I’ve got to get going, have fun training,” Gohan told the two and quickly left the gym. Vegeta growled in irritation.


A few minutes later Gohan arrived in Bulma’s laboratory. “Hello, Bulma,” Gohan greeted excitedly.

“Gohan!” Bulma shouted out enthusiastically. “You’re just in time. I’m about to start the countdown sequence!”

“Great!” Gohan called with a wide grin, and looked around. He found a chair, smiled and walked over to it. He carefully placed Goten on it, and told the baby, “Now you just stay put, okay?”

Gohan quickly walked back to Bulma and the control board. A reinforced window looked out into a room to a small space pod: the interdimensional prototype. Gohan grinned, and smoothly placed himself at the board. He remembered with fondness helping out Bulma during the building phase of it, and the previous smaller versions built without life support capabilities. He had gotten intimately familiar with the machine and the control board, so he had no problem keeping an eye on the readings.

“T minus two minutes to launch,” Bulma announced with a grin, a digital clock counting down. “If this works Gohan, if the chimp survives, we can start sending everyone back to their home. I’ll bet they’ll be relieved, all thanks to my superior intellect.”

Gohan grinned, he already knew what was at stake, he had heard it all before. When they hit one minute forty-five seconds Gohan said, “And a little help from Littica.”

“I would have figured it out without his help as well, Gohan,” Bulma replied with just a little scorn. Too wrapped up in the big event, neither of them noticed that behind them Goten climbed off the chair and started crawling to the exit of the control room.

Goten happily crawled along, going past the exit and looking around. To the right, in the corridor was a door, but that wasn’t something that Goten really understood. What he did understand that was that through the windows in the door and on either side of it he could see lights: lights of the interdimensional ship starting its launch sequence - the kaleidoscope of colors that was the energy field circling around it, ready to tear a hole in the fabric of space and time and sending the ship hurtling toward a completely different universe. What Goten also understood, was that those lights were pretty.

Goten crawled over to the door and looked up, annoyed at the thing barring his way to the pretty lights. He saw the handle that would open the door, and decided to see if he could get up there to see the pretty lights. Even as a baby the half-Saiyan / half-Human hybrid was remarkably strong, so as he flexed his leg muscles the baby shot up into the air. Goten giggled at the flight and grabbed a hold of the safety handle. The handle was strong enough to handle most stresses, strong enough to keep little kids out of the potentially dangerous room, but it was only a handle. The average Saiyan ten-year-old wouldn’t be able to make a dent in the safety door, or in the handle, neither could the average human child, but Goten was both, and the hybrids between the two species were remarkably strong, even as a baby. Goten grabbed the handle and pulled on it, to get himself up, he flexed his muscles in his little hand. He threatened to topple over, which was new for the child. He tapped into powers he had never tapped into before, and the handle shattered under the force. Goten was no longer held up by any physical object, and so he tumbled to the floor. He fell on it, was silent in shock for a moment, and then he giggled with delight. Now, the door was a safety door in more ways than one. Since this laboratory would never hold any infectious agents, or any other dangerous elements that could threaten people’s lives if it ever got out of a hermetically sealed lab, it was programmed to open during crisis times, allowing anyone working inside to get out in time before catastrophe struck. The computer in the door interpreted the destruction of its handle as sufficient reason not to take the chance people could be locked inside, and it smoothly slid open.

Goten blinked at the suddenly open door, and the lights beyond. He crawled onto the metal grating behind the door swiftly, and then reached a staircase leading down the actual test area. The powerful energy field surrounding the small pod, which was just big enough to hold a chimpanzee, continued its buildup of energy, oblivious to the danger. Goten grinned, and quickly started descending down the metal grated stairs. Halfway down he lost his grip and tumbled down. Shocked at first, tumbling down the stairs and landing on the concrete floor, Goten stayed quiet. Then he started crying, but the pretty lights distracted him from his shock and minor pains. He grinned again, and started crawling along the floor.

Back up in the control room, Gohan and Bulma were mentally counting down along with the clock. “T minus twenty seconds,” Bulma announced and then they looked up through the window, fixated on the pod. Fifteen seconds came and went, by the time they reached twelve seconds, Bulma noticed Goten crawling across the floor, dangerously close to the interdimensional ship.

“Oh, my god!” Bulma exclaimed in shock. Ten seconds remained. Gohan looked, at where Bulma was looking, and his eyes widened in shock. He whirled around and looked at the chair. Empty.

Gohan returned to Bulma, and yelled, “Abort!” Seven seconds left.

Bulma started pushing buttons, Gohan held his breath looking at the whirlwind of fingers with hope. Five seconds left. “Too late, I can’t stop it anymore.”

Three seconds left, and Gohan shot from the control room, flew past the open door, and down the letter, aiming for Goten. When he grabbed his brother by the back of his clothes, one and a half seconds were left. Gohan hadn’t dared to move any faster, for fear of missing a turn, crashing through stuff and bury his brother in debris. Gohan twisted around in the air, rapidly lowering his speed. Not taking any chance with his brother, he threw Goten straight back up the stairs with the quick thought, *It won’t hurt him, he’s like me, hopefully he doesn’t blow away half the building.*

Goten giggled happily on his flight back up the stairs, until he reached the wall. His eyes widened, and instinctively exerted his energy, enough to turn a smack into a light and even pleasant bump.

Gohan still shot backward, toward the interdimensional pod, slowing down rapidly, even using a foot onto the floor to help. The chimp inside looked through a window in wonder at Gohan. Gohan entered the energy field, and was just starting to fly into the other direction, back toward the control room, away from the pod, when it disappeared into an interdimensional fold, pulling Gohan right along with it.

Bulma watched with horrified eyes, as she saw the pod disappear in a flash, Gohan along with it. “Gohan!!” she screamed out hysterically. Briefly she looked over to Goten, but he was sitting on his ass, on the floor, looking around obliviously, seemingly happy. Regaining herself, she dipped her head down, and started accessing the pod’s sensor readings. Her eyes widened, Gohan was still alive!

Gohan tumbled along the tunnel of the rawest of energies, right beside the pod smaller than him. The chimp looked with even wider eyes through the windows. Discharges licked at the demi Saiyan, sending jolts of pain through him that not even Cell, or Brolli had managed to cause him, and there was no air. Fear gripped at what was happening to him, and he transformed with a shockwave of energy into the Super Saiyan. His pupils and irises teal green, his hair golden, and golden light washed from him. The energy wave crashed against a pod, it wobbled, energy in the fold suddenly intensified, and with a flash the pod, and tunnel veered off course.

“What!? NOOO!” Bulma screamed in horror as the pod’s sensor readings disappeared, and the control room’s interdimensional sensors lost the pod, just after everything registered a powerful explosive energy increased. Bulma stared in disbelief at the sensors, it couldn’t be, it just couldn’t be. She double checked all the readings, recalibrated the sensors with misty eyes as horror started gripping her more and more. Nothing. “I KILLED GOHAN!!” Bulma wailed out in complete devastation. Tears ran down her cheeks freely. Goten’s giggle and his touch on her leg got her attention. She sank down to her knees in defeat, and crying she picked up Goten, cradling him to her chest. “I killed your big brother!” Bulma cried out with sadness, soon Goten picked up on her crying and sadness and joined her.


In a mountainous region overlooking a plain energy suddenly crackled. The plain down below bordered on the ocean, and most of it was covered with buildings. One particular large city dominated the view. From the crackling energy suddenly shot a round pod, it crashed against the ground, bumped up, tumbled on end, smashed against the ground again, and continued in this fashion until it smashed against a large rock and stopped. Moments later a golden glowing form shot from the fissure in space and time, tumbled on end several times as well before the form stopped himself and then fell to the floor. The golden glow disappeared around the form which turned out to be a young boy: more specifically, one Son Gohan. The golden hair turned to black, and his green in green eyes returned to a dark color.


Hikawa Shinto shrine

Hino Rei in her traditional Shinto maiden outfit swept the floor. “Ah!” she suddenly exclaimed, grabbing her head and bending over in pain.

Her grandfather ran to her concerned. “Rei! Are you alright?”

“Yes, grandfather, don’t worry, just a little headache, it’s already gone,” Rei answered her grandfather who was quickly placated.

On the wall surrounding the shrine, a gray cat observed.



The cat jumped into the open window, and looked at the blue-haired girl furiously typing away at her computer. On the ground beneath the girl’s desk, there was a little blinking light. The cat - named Artemis - snuck down to the ground without the girl noticing. The cat then disappeared under the desk and found the source of the blinking: a small sensor and computer combination. Artemis blinked, realizing it was a leftover from the year before. She stalked over to it and looked at the readout, then turned it off so the girl wouldn’t notice it. He quickly snuck back out. Once outside he muttered to himself, “This is not good.”


“Oh, damn,” Gohan muttered and slowly got up, his bones and muscles realigning properly with a few knacks. “Now that was one hell of a ride, and I do mean hell.” Gohan looked around, first noticing the half-destroyed pod. Remembering the chimp, he quickly ran to the pod and looked through one of the cracked windows. Shocked, Gohan jerked his head back, and then slowly returned to look at it. He crunched up his face in disgust and sadness, and turned away from the sight. What was left of the chimp was splattered all over the pod’s insides as if it had been cooked from the inside out; as if it had been microwaved. Gohan shook his head, and muttered, “I’m sorry. Poor monkey.” He steeled himself and returned to the pod. When it didn’t want to open, Gohan ripped the hatch from its fittings. He quickly put his left hand over his nose as to protect himself from the disgusting stench. “You were brave,” Gohan told the remains sadly. He stretched out his right hand, and vaporized the microwaved corpse of the monkey with his energy. He removed his hand from his nose, and was glad that the smell was now gone, and he could get to the pod’s insides without touching the disgusting mess that had been the monkey’s remains and defile it in the process.

Gohan didn’t have the heart to go into the pod right away though, feeling he should give the monkey that much respect and decided to explore a bit. He walked and looked around, and soon found the edge of where he had landed. He looked up seeing the mountainous region he landed in stretch out in all directions. Below he found the urbanized plain. “Wow,” he muttered, as he looked at all the buildings, a few planes circling above what would probably be an airport. “That’s a big city.”

He contemplated what to do next and had an idea. He jumped up and shot in the air, higher and higher, and looked down. Quickly he saw the familiar lines of the Earth, and his homeland, but not quite. When he examined the place more closely, he realized that although everything was practically the same, there were some key differences: a rounded edge where there should be a sharp one, cities where there shouldn’t be any, and vice versa. Most notably was his homeland that was part of the continent back home. Here, despite similar looking outer contours, it was an island. It seemed that the history of this Earth was a little different, including the natural forces that eroded the land: this was Earth, but it had undergone a somewhat different evolutionary history. Gohan folded his arms across his chest, his blue gi fluttering in the wind, and contemplated his predicament. A short time later, as Gohan felt a mass of life forces approach, he casually lowered himself down a good deal, and an airplane harmlessly moved above him.


Inside the plane

“Mom! There’s a boy floating in the air!” a little girl exclaimed excitedly.

“Not now, honey,” the woman answered her daughter as she roamed through a plastic bag, looking for something.

“But mom! A boy is flying! And he doesn’t have a parachute!” the girl called excited.

The mother decided to humor the girl and looked up, at the clouds, “Yes, you can see a boy in those clouds, can you?”

“No! Not the clouds, down there,” the girl pointed down at the ground. Her mother leaned over, and then looked back at her daughter blankly. “Now you’re too late, we passed him,” the girl pouted. The mother sighed and continued rummaging in her bag.


Gohan hung in the air for a few more moments, before deciding he had wasted time long enough. He quickly descended back down to the pod. He looked inside. There weren’t any controls, one wouldn’t want the monkey to send the ship wrong, but it did contain the interdimensional communications device. It was annoyingly also built into the ship. After some pulling he managed to tear open the housing, and then he pulled out the small screen and the wires.

“Ok, now I need a battery,” Gohan told himself, looking at the communications equipment. He went around to the ships power cell. He ripped off its metal plate covering, and saw the crystal-like appearance of the hyper-dimensional energy source. He gently pried it loose, and went to work hooking the communicator up. He had had enough training during his working with Bulma during vacations to work this. Of course hooking a power source for a ship - with enough power to tear apart space and time and fold it over - to a small communications device was overkill, so he went back into the ship to find himself a converter. After some rummaging inside he found one suitable to the task. He hooked the two together, and hoped this was enough, that the internal circuitry wasn’t messed up. He didn’t have the tools on him to start microscopic repairs, he would have to get them down in the city, if this place even had suitable tools. No, if this didn’t work, it was definitely not of the good.

Gohan took a deep breath and activated the machine. Static - good sign; it meant the thing was at least receiving something, and was probably intact. Ok, no contact with Bulma - not good. The device was set for a direct link to his home dimension, so why hadn’t Bulma answered yet? Unless . . . oh, no, if he didn’t land in the dimension the ship was intended to land, than the frequency and direction wouldn’t be correct anymore. And this ship was never given the capability to pinpoint its position in hyper-dimensional space relative to its starting point; it was never considered to need it - that was planned for the full version. He thought this over. It was best to assume that he hadn’t veered off course too much, so finding Bulma should be possible. Gohan started fiddling with the device’s frequency.


Vegeta twisted easily out of Krillin’s way, and then smacked him down to the ground. He smirked, and said, “Why don’t you give up, monk? You should know you can’t beat me anymore!”

Krillin grinned as he got up. He looked up at the floating Vegeta, who had his arms imperiously folded across his chest, and told him, “And if I should give up, you wouldn’t respect me anymore.”

Vegeta’s eyebrows shot up and asked, “What makes you think I respect you now?”

“You’re training with me, aren’t you?” Krillin retorted, and Vegeta couldn’t help but smirk. This monk was starting to know him, not to mention he was starting to like him. Krillin grinned mischievously, and added, “As for not beating you, you’re very wrong, you just hold still.” Vegeta’s eyebrows shot up again and looked down with interest.

Krillin concentrated, smoothed his breathing. He held his hands up beside his body and gently started moving them about. Lately he had started feeling there was just plain more to Super Human, it was as if he came across a reservoir of power that he hadn’t tapped into yet. The greater his skill became, the more aware he became of some place of power he could reach. Super Human pulled the energy directly from the universe itself, from the energy surrounding him, but that’s not where he was reaching now. His hands moved about, in a pattern he had been discerning for the past month or two. The super human sphere altered slightly, becoming rounder and a little more violent. Without knowing this was exactly what he did, Krillin started tapping into the energy of a slightly lower unseen dimension. An orange electrical discharge cracked inside his blue Super Human electrical sphere. Then another, and another. The orange discharged shot from his body into the blue outer shell of his Super Human transformation. Small orange electrical charges started crackling among the blue ones in his still very short hair. Slowly, bit by little bit, the orange discharges became coherent, starting circling within the blue sphere, that slowly regained its cone-like shape, both colors of energy circling faster. Suddenly Krillin’s eyes shot open, orange electricity now crackling alongside the blue in his pupils. The orange energy found his body, and wrapped itself into him, his cells adapting to handle the extra load, mutating slightly throughout his body. The process was extremely painful, and Krillin screamed out in pain and fulfilment. With a crack, the mutation was complete, Krillin stopped screaming, now surrounded by two electrical cones, one blue, the other orange, both energies colliding with each other, merging in other spots, constantly interacting. It was an impressive sight.

Vegeta looked down at the newly transformed ex-monk, his mouth open slightly. The two energies crackling in Krillin’s pupils and around his irises gave him a terrifying air to any normal man. Vegeta wasn’t a normal man, but he /was/ taken aback. Suddenly Krillin shot up into the air, a mere streak to normal human eyes. He solidified into a recognizable shape behind Vegeta, and kicked the Saiyan king hard into his back, propelling him forward. Krillin shot after him, pummeled the king several times into his stomach, and then with a double handed smash sent him to the ground. Krillin sent an explosive energy ball after Vegeta doing more damage on impact. Krillin zapped down, and smashed his foot into Vegeta’s chest. The Saiyan went rigid for a moment, and then went limp, transforming down to Super Saiyan level one.

“Super Human 2. What do you think?” Krillin asked smirking deeply. Vegeta blinked. “The vast difference in power between us has just almost disappeared, Vegeta.”

Vegeta blinked again, and then laughed out loud. Krillin took his foot of him, smiling as Vegeta got up. “You kami-damned humans,” he told Krillin, and then got up. Then he growled at said, “You better not think that it’s going to be easy if you don’t have the element of surprise.”

Krillin laughed, and answered, “I wouldn’t dare.”

“Let’s take a break,” Vegeta told Krillin and his hair returned to normal. Krillin did the same and the two warriors fell in step, walking to the exit of the Gravity Gym.

Once outside it, the gym turned of, Vegeta yelled, “WOMAN! FOOD!”

Krillin winced, and commented, “I would never dare say that to 18, she’d kick my ass.”

Vegeta snorted. When he didn’t get an answer, he got annoyed. Usually she at least acknowledged his command with a tirade of profanities before making him food. “Let’s go find her.”

The two walked toward the lab, and only shortly after Bulma had sunk down into crying, they found her doing exactly that, holding Goten close, who was crying along with her. “What the hell happened here? Why are you crying, woman? And where is the other brat of that third class clown!?” Vegeta demanded harshly, looking around, noticing that he couldn’t feel Gohan anymore. From Krillin’s concerned face, he knew he didn’t feel Gohan either.

Bulma’s wails grew louder, “I KILLED HIM! THE POD! GOTEN! THEN SURGE AND GONE!”

“Woman!” Vegeta demanded harshly, and Bulma looked up at him, her wails pausing for the moment, tears still streaking down her cheeks. “You talk no sense! Get up off the floor, act like the queen you are instead of a little girl, and tell what happened, slowly and in detail!”

Krillin watched, and remarkably Bulma got up, still clutching the crying Goten. She breathed in steadily, and said, “We were preparing the launch, and Goten somehow crawled down to the lab.” She sniffed once, and bit by bit got her bearings back. Goten blinked, and slowly stopped crying as well when calm returned around him. “I couldn’t stop the launch anymore, only a few seconds left. Gohan flew down to the lab, threw Goten clear, but he got sucked along. I checked the readings, there was a power surge, and the pod was gone, I received no more sensor telemetry. I couldn’t find it anywhere, it didn’t arrive in the dimension it was supposed to, it must have been destroyed, along with Gohan!”

Bulma was about to start crying again, and Vegeta shook his head, “The brat is an ascended Super Saiyan. Trust me, woman, a little trip through dimensional space isn’t going to kill him.”

“Yeah,” Krillin added with confidence. “Gohan is way too tough for that!”

“But there’s no air, what if it became a long trip, he suffocated to death,” Bulma replied with pain in her heart.

Vegeta shook his head, and made a dismissive gesture with his hands, “I’m not that lucky. Trust me, Kakarotto’s brat will hound me forever, he’s still alive somewhere.”

Krillin laughed at the half joke. “He’s got a point, Bulma. Listen, if Gohan is alive, he’ll probably try to contact us.”

Bulma’s eyes were wide with hope, and she quickly handed Goten over to Vegeta, and went back to the control panel, saying, “You’re right.”

As Bulma went to work, Vegeta looked at Goten with disgust, and handed him over to Krillin. “He looks far too much like that idiot of a father of his,” Vegeta said gruffly, and Krillin smiled at the baby. The two of them walked over to behind Bulma and watched her work.

Bulma scanned through interdimensional signals, discarded all natural ones quickly. A few signals seemed interesting, but dismissed them because they couldn’t be coming from Gohan. She started with dimensions close to the destination of the pod, and then slowly expanded the search. After a few seconds, her eyes widened with joy. She pushed several buttons, and moments later a hazy visage appeared on a screen in the panel. Snow crackled on it, but there was a person in there, all though stretched out, in front of a blue sky, and despite the interference, it was obvious that it was Gohan. “Bulma!” his enthusiastic voice sounded, dispelling any kind of doubt that could possibly still linger.

“Gohan!” Bulma yelled out with happiness. “Oh, god! For a moment there I thought you were dead!”

“Moment?” Gohan asked. “How long has it been since I left?”

“Uh, a minute and a half, two at most,” Bulma answered uncertain.

Gohan nodded in confirmation, “I’ve been here longer, more than double that I think. Time is moving a little faster here, I think.”

“Hold on,” Bulma answered, and pushed a few buttons. She had overcome that problem during talks with Littica, by artificially making corrections. The stretching in the picture disappeared, and it cleared up a little, but there was still plenty of interference. “That’s better, yeah, time moves differently over there,” Bulma told Gohan. “How’s the pod, and the monkey!?”

“The pod is in shambles,” Gohan told Bulma, looking to his right for a moment. “And the monkey . . . well, splattered . . . cooked from the inside out.”

“It failed then,” Bulma whispered disappointed.

Gohan shook his head, saying, “Oh, I don’t know. I transformed during the trip, the pod wasn’t designed to handle a Super Saiyan outside of it. I don’t know whether the monkey died because of a design flaw, or because of me.” Bulma perked up. Gohan added, “Bulma, is there a way for me to get back? To repair this ship.”

“Possibly, but if the ship is in shambles it will take time, not to mention you don’t really fit in it, you’d be cramping inside, and you’d probably have to find replacement parts if some are fried, I could talk you through any repairs though . . . any sign of civilization?” Bulma asked suddenly, picturing going walking among cave men, which would pull the plug on any repair plans.

“There’s a big city right down there. A /really/ big city. Why?” Gohan answered Bulma.

“Does it seem technologically advanced? Because if it the civilization is fifty years behind ours, they will not have the necessary replacements. If they are very advanced, understand about dimensions and space travel and aliens, they might happily send you on your way back,” Bulma explained. “Do you see any anti-grav hover cars for example?”

Gohan took a few steps, and looked down. “No, but I do see normal cars, vaguely, and I can see big passenger jets, one almost flew into me earlier.”

“They’re on the border of possible then,” Bulma said thoughtfully.

“Yeah, I have only seen this city though, nothing more, this could be a less advanced city than the others, I would have to go down there and find out,” Gohan replied thinking himself. “It seems I’m stuck here for a long time though.”

Bulma’s eyes widened and nodded, “You will probably need money to pay for food, and a place to stay. Vegeta! Go buy diamonds and jewels and stuff! Worth - make it a ten thousand dollars worth, that should be enough for now.” Bulma turned back to Gohan, “They should be valuable over there as well, you can sell them, and have enough money. I’ll send it over through one of the previous versions of the pod without life support!”

“Ok. I’ll need enough money to pay for school as well. My mom will go hysterical if I didn’t keep up with school. Tell her I /am/ keeping up with school, ok? I don’t want her to worry about that,” Gohan told Bulma.

“Ok,” Bulma said too excited to realize the danger in that.

“And a mobile communicator please, this thing is bulky and I don’t know if it keeps up,” Gohan requested, and Bulma nodded. “Right then,” he said resolutely. “I’ll go explore down below, seeking a nice apartment. Just send the rocks over, I’ll sense the dimensional disturbance and come right back here, then I’ll know more. Bye, Bulma.” Bulma greeted back and they severed the connection.

Bulma turned around calmly, and suddenly her eyes flew open when she thought about the things that need to be done. Her face went white with mortal fear, and looked at the two men, “CHICHI’S GOING TO KILL ME!!” Krillin and Vegeta took a step back. “You two have got to go with me, when I tell her what happened.”

“Uh, uh, no way,” Krillin said with dread. “I’m going nowhere near Chichi when she’s told what happened to Gohan. She’ll explode.”

“Me neither, that woman is insane,” Vegeta answered his wife, taking a few steps back. “Besides, I’ve got jewels to buy.” Vegeta turned around and started for the exit.

“I’m coming with you, you probably need help carrying,” Krillin added quickly joining Vegeta. “I’ll put Goten with Trunks and his grandparents.”

“We’re going to Chichi /after/ we send the jewels to Gohan,” Bulma growled out loud, stopping the two men disappointed in their tracks. “If I have to tell Gohan he doesn’t have any money to food and clothe him yet, she’ll go completely off the deep end.”

“We’re not going with you,” Vegeta commanded his wife.

“Yes, you are,” Bulma told them firmly. “Or no sex for a month Vegeta.”

“You wouldn’t . . .” Vegeta told already in a defeated tone.

Krillin slapped Vegeta cheerily on his back, and said, “Cheer up, buddy. It could be worse; I could have to go with you.”

“If you’re not coming, Krillin, I’ll tell 18 you’re cheating,” Bulma stated, her arms across her chest, eyes closed calmly, every bit the frosty queen Vegeta had told her she was.

“What!? But I’m not cheating!” Krillin called out loud.

Bulma grinned at him, “Whose word do you think she’s going to believe? Her man’s, or a fellow woman’s?”

“Mine,” Krillin replied with certainty.

“Eventually,” Bulma stated with an evil grin. “But what of in the mean time?”

“She’d tear you limb from limb when she realizes you lied,” Krillin answered with a white face.

Bulma nodded, “I’m willing to risk that, are you?” Krillin lowered his head in defeat. Bulma’s smile grew wider.

Krillin than turned toward Vegeta and growled at him, “This is all your fault! She’s your wife! You should have her under control!” Vegeta blinked, and shrugged apologetically.


Gohan walked along the giant city, which he found out was named Tokyo. He looked around in awe. The place was crowded, packed, one giant building after another. He had been to cities in his home dimension, but none of them were exactly like this. At home the cities seemed calm, tranquil, this was like a giant ant hill. He had to admit: it had a certain charm to it.

The language he didn’t quite understand, although it was close to his native language, it was different enough he couldn’t readily understand it. He needed all his cognitive, and deductive capabilities to figure out writings and snippets of information from nearby conversations. He looked up at a billboard. His eyes widened, it was in World Standard. “English,” Gohan muttered, remembering what Littica called it.

“Yeah, English,” a guy answered. Gohan looked to his left and saw the guy sitting against the wall, a drifter with no money. “Got some money for me, kid?”

Gohan pulled on his purple gi, and answered him with a smile, “You see any pockets on this?”

“Shit,” the guy cursed, realizing the kid really didn’t have any money on him. It was a surprising refreshment from people just ignoring him, or lying through their teeth about not having any money.

English! Gohan stretched out his mind, testing the whole planet. Nope, he couldn’t detect Littica. The chance he was off planet was slim to none, Gohan knew, which meant this was not Littica’s dimension, it just carried the same name for the language. He looked around and found a row of vending machines, one had papers in it. Gohan did a double take when he saw what the other vending machines contained; from porn to booze, it had it all. Gohan’s eye caught a half-naked girl on the cover of a magazine, and then quickly shook his head. He had more important stuff to do. He went over the papers and found an English one, and started reading. Idioms, and a few catch phrases were different from back home he noticed, but the grammar, and virtually all of the spelling, and if not the pronunciation of the words were exactly the same. Weird, Gohan contemplated. Busy people filed along him on their way to wherever they were going. English, or Standard as he knew it seemed pretty much the same everywhere, while his own language in the very same region was different. His native language was more complex, he realized, it gave the potential for greater changes in much a smaller amount of time and space.

Gohan walked along, carefully taking everything in. Suddenly he realized, that using English as a translation base, he could probably very quickly learn the native language here. He nodded in satisfaction at that realization. Gohan continued walking taking in the sights, and eventually found himself in front an internet cafe. Gohan figured they were expecting you to buy drinks, but if he could find an empty place, and quickly look up some schools, housing, and jewelers he could get out before anyone noticed.

So decided he did exactly that. He entered, found one remaining place, and quickly clicked on a link to a search engine. The names were all wrong, back home they were named so differently, but luckily the description ‘search engine’ remained in tact, and he started typing away, at first with difficulty adjusting to the language, but soon he got lots of information, that he wrote down on conveniently provided notepad and pen. Most of what he had he couldn’t read right away, he would have to do some deciphering for that, but that was a question of work. Once done, he went outside and walked along aimlessly, until he felt the spike of interdimensional energy.


Gohan reached the place where he had landed not much later. A second pod stood waiting, it was small, not more than half a meter in full. He opened it, and picked out the heavy bag, chock full of jewels as well as the new communicator.

Smiling, Gohan turned on the communicator and looked into Bulma’s face. “Hey, Bulma,” Gohan greeted, Bulma smiled at him. “Haven’t really had time to explore everything here, but I’ve got the essentials: housing, schooling, and jewelers. I’ll look around for the rest later.”

“Great, call back regularly, even if we’re not repairing,” Bulma requested concerned.

“Ok, I’ll be able to handle myself, don’t worry,” Gohan told his friend.

Bulma nodded and said nervously, “I’m going to face your mother now.”

Gohan winced, “Good luck, you’ll need it.” Bulma gave him a hopeless look.


Bulma, Vegeta and Krillin arrived at the Son home. Bulma landed the flying van smoothly, and they all filed out, Krillin holding a sleeping Goten.

They slowly, reluctantly, walked toward the door of the house, and Chichi came out, she had only just returned from her trip to the city. “Hello, what are you all doing here? You didn’t have to bring back my sons,” Chichi greeted friendly. Then she stopped, and looked around. “Where is Gohan!?” she demanded.

“Well . . .” Bulma started.


They placed the unconscious Chichi gently on her bed. Vegeta leaned back against a wall, and Bulma nervously sat down on a chair. Krillin walked in the room without Goten, who he had placed in his crib. “She took that pretty well,” the ex-monk commented.

Vegeta snorted. “Pretty well?” Bulma asked stricken. Then thought over the alternatives, and added, “I guess you’re right.”

The three of them waited, and a few minutes later Chichi slowly groaned as she awoke. “Ugh, what a horrible dream,” Chichi muttered and slowly opened her eyes. She saw Bulma, Krillin, and Vegeta, and continued, “I dreamt you three came here, and told me . . .” Chichi was silent, so were the others. Suddenly she sat bolt upright, and sent a terrifying gaze at Bulma who shrank back. “YOU GOT MY GOHAN STUCK IN ANOTHER DIMENSION!?!?!?” Chichi screamed out with supreme anger.

“It was an accid-” Bulma tried, and got a fist in her chin, sending her backward, the chair toppled over and she lay prone on the floor.

Chichi walked over, picked her up and screamed, “YOU LITTLE, BITCH!!” Bulma wiggled out of the raven-haired woman’s grasp. She started running circles around the room, with Chichi in hot pursuit. “GET BACK HERE! I WILL MAKE YOU PAY! YOU SENT MY GOHAN INTO A HELLISH PLACE THAT HE KNOWS NOTHING OFF! I WILL HURT YOU, YOU GREEN-HAIRED SLUT!!” Vegeta and Krillin looked amused at the couple. Suddenly the pursuit ended when Chichi just stood still. Then she sank to the ground, wailing out, tears spraying from her eyes, “GOHAN!!”

“We’ll . . . get him . . . back,” Bulma panted out, completely out of breath. She really should work out more she realized. “He’ll have food . . . and everything . . . he’ll even . . . go to school . . . nothing . . . to worry . . . about.”

“Yeah,” Krillin added casually. “Just think of it as a test for when Gohan goes out of the house.”

Chichi gave Krillin the evil eye, and he paled. Chichi got up grumbling. Tentatively the three of them followed her, hearing her mutter. Suddenly a closet door was heard opening, and the sound of a frying-pan being pulled from a stack followed it. The eyes of the three of them widened. Moments later Chichi, holding the frying-pan came back into the dark corridor. As Chichi charged them, Bulma, Krillin, and Vegeta fled. “GET BACK HERE AND YOU’LL GET WHAT YOU DESERVE!!” Chichi screamed out as she ran after them.

“Couldn’t keep your big mouth shut, huh? This is one fine mess you’ve gotten me into, baldy,” Vegeta growled at the ex-monk running next to him.

“Hey, I resent that, I’m not bald anymore,” Krillin replied while running from the insane woman behind them.
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