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Morning Light

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Summary: Naruto crossover. A series of events leads Buffy and Xander to Konoha

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Anime > NarutoNimacuFR1521,543174,5735 Feb 055 Feb 05No


Chapter 2
Disclaimer: Not mine

AN* For some unknown reason I had butchered the village's name in my first chapter, according to all reference sites I could find it's Konoha.

The taller blonde woman continued speaking “I’d like to introduce myself, you may call me Hokage or The Fifth.” She smiled warmly at them

“I’m Buffy Summers, and this is Xander Harris” Buffy smile wasn’t half as warm as the other woman’s but Xander didn’t seem to find the other woman a threat.

“I think I know why you’re here, or at least I have a very good guess. One of our men is responsible for your umm…how should I say this delicately…situation.”

“How did you know that?” The shock on Xander face was priceless and so was the face he made as Buffy elbowed him and told him to shush.

“It’s not a situation, I’m pregnant. Expecting. Having a baby, and this silly baby has been giving me silly dreams telling me I had to come out to the middle of nowhere and find a silly town that’s not on any fricken map I could find in all of Asia!”

The older woman listened until Buffy was done ranting before she spoke “I think I can explain why we’re not on any maps and why you‘re having dreams about coming here, you should probably have guessed by now that we’re not like normal towns or villages, as you know you’re in the Country of the Fire and Konoha is this Country’s secret village. All of the Fire Country’s ninja’s are born and raised in Konoha, and ninja’s are our country’s only type of solider”

“That doesn’t explain why Buffy Jr. wanted to be here so badly” Buffy looked at the woman, almost daring her to laugh at the nickname she’d given her baby.

“You were probably led here by the chakra of the child inside you, every Konoha ninja is only truly at rest when home, and while by the time it’s a small child it’s able to control the need to be here your baby isn’t old enough or strong enough to resist the pull of Konoha, you probably would have never been able to find the town if the baby hadn’t led you to it.”

“Well it did, and now I’m here. So what am I supposed to do wait around this town for my baby to become a toddler when it has better control of it’s chakra, and what exactly is chakra by the way? And why does my child have it? Can we get rid of it?”

“You could have the baby and leave it here for the father or the other villages to care for we have an…” she was going to continue but Buffy interrupted her “Not a chance in Hell I’d leave my baby, and if for some unknown God-awful reason I had to I certainly wouldn’t leave Buffy Jr. with the one night stand who contributed the other half of her DNA or with a town full of perfect strangers.”

“Well then unless you want a baby that’s completely unhappy and one that probably be unhealthy as well because of it’s constant discomfort you’re going to have to stay here, Chakra is a ninja’s life force and since your child’s father was obviously one of our ninjas it has the ninja’s life force as well. Completely removing chakra is impossible, it would kill the child.”

“So what you’re saying is that if I want to have a happy, healthy baby I need to set up house here?”

“You’re a quick one” A woman with dark hair that Buffy hadn’t noticed before walked to the Hokage’s side.

“I didn’t know we were entertaining an audience” Buffy glared at the woman

“I’m the Hokage’s personal assistant, Shizune” The dark haired woman answered, “I help the Hokage deal with some of the more mundane matters of being in charge of the village”

“On the contrary, if the talk in the village is to be believed, you’re the most exciting thing to walk through those gates in months, it’s not so often a pregnant stranger arrives in our village. It’s not so often a stranger arrives in our village at all.”

“Oh, yeah that whole “secret” thing, so how many people know that we’re here exactly?”

“Only every person who saw you walk in and every person they’ve talked to since then”

“That’s probably a lot, eh?”


“So…” Buffy didn’t really know what to say next.

“Umm…Yeah” Xander seconded that.

The fifth and her assistant looked at the two strangers, who were suddenly without anything to say. There was a vital piece of information that she hadn’t asked the woman yet, and she was struggling to find a way to ask it politely, but gave up. Politeness wasn’t really her style.

“Who’s your child’s father?”

The End?

You have reached the end of "Morning Light" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 5 Feb 05.

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