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Morning Light

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Summary: Naruto crossover. A series of events leads Buffy and Xander to Konoha

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Title: Morning Light

Author: Nimacu

Summary: A series of events leads Buffy and Xander to Konoha

Disclaimer: It doesn’t belong to me

A/N* This is my first Naruto crossover, and I'll continue it if anyone seems interested in it. Also I'm looking for a beta.

It was a beautiful place, neither of the two companions could deny that as they walked through the open gates and into the village. It may have taken them more than six months to actually find it but it was almost worth it to see the forests and the mountains surrounding the town that time had almost forgot.

When they’d finally been given directions to the village by a creepily handsome man they’d come across in their trek he’d said that they’d have to find someone in town called the Hokage immediately and announce themselves or they’d regret it.

“So who do you think we should ask? Xander Harris turned to his much shorter companion Buffy Summers for direction.

“I suppose we could ask one of the dozen or so men in blue and green that have been following us since the moment we set foot in town”

“Yeah, but then we’d have to acknowledge them and you might say something rude and then we’d have to fight, and none of it would be pretty.” he whined.

“true” Buffy replied

“and you promised me no violence, since you’re not even supposed to fight right now” Xander continued.

The two continued to walk toward the center of the town when something caught Buffy’s eye “OOHHH Ramen!” Buffy had grown an unnatural addiction to the food since she‘d first visited Tokyo six months ago on a slayer retrieval. As much as food at anytime appealed to him he was pretty certain the first place they should visit should be with Mr. Hokage, not the fresh Ramen stand. But even before he got a chance to pull Buffy away from it she had pulled up a seat to the serving counter and ordered two bowls for them. Just as they’d both sat down for the wait, two of the blue and green dressed men had slipped into the seats on either side of them and the man next to Buffy quietly spoke.

“The Hokage would like to see you as soon as you’re done eating”

“Sure thing buddy, she was the first stop on tour. After eating of course.” She looked downward to her stomach as did the stranger.


Buffy and Xander quickly finished the two bowls brought to them, after all Buffy didn’t care how hungry she was having strangers watching her that closely was creepy. She paid the waitress and the four rose, the two strangers leading the way.


As the men led them toward this Hokage person Xander realized how much bigger the village was then she had originally thought. There was a lot of construction and repairs going on in the town, which cheered Xander, not because he liked the idea of things being broken down, but because that meant that if they had to stay here longer then they’d planned they’d probably be able to find some sort of way of contributing.

The building where they eventually stopped was a tall circular shaped brown building with two guards standing outside the front entrance.

The two men leading them (whom Buffy was starting to think of as Thing One and Thing Two; Thing Two being discernable by the bandage he wore over his left cheek) walked up to the guards and spoke in hushed tones, but being a slayer she was able to discern something about the Hokage being incredibly interested in their presence in the village. The guards moved aside and the doors opened for the arrival.


The room they were led into was beautifully built, Xander had to give them credit for that, even if every inch of every surface was covered in books and paperwork. They’d been told to take a seat and wait for the Hokage’s arrival.

“For someone who wanted to see us, you’d think he’d be here” Buffy was starting to sound irritated again, but then she’d spent most of the last six months irritated and they’d hoped that finally finding this place would give her some peace. Xander was going to try to calm her down but before the words could come out of his mouth they were interrupted by a woman, roughly in her early thirties.

“You know getting upset could harm the baby” she looked at Buffy reproachfully
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