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Love is in the Air

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Summary: Non-Christmas FFA fics by Nicola. (1174-Phantom Dennis/Moaning Myrtle) (808-Xander/Cherry) (Cordelia/Hermione)(Willow/Asher)(Wesley/Hermione)

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple Pairings > Ficlet Collections - FFANicolaFR1561,651023,7829 Feb 052 Jan 07No

Ghosts Deserve A Little Lovin Too (Dennis/Myrtle)

Title: Ghosts deserve a little lovin too

Summary: Harry and friends don’t see a little more than they ever wanted to.

Author: Nicola

Rating: PG13 for implied sex

Disclaimer: Not mine

FFA 1174- Phantom Dennis/Moaning Myrtle

“Um, guys? Why are there moaning sounds coming from Myrtle’s bathroom?” Harry asked his friends as the four of them walked to the Great Hall for dinner.

“There’s a reason she’s called Moaning Myrtle, Harry.” Ron pointed out sarcastically.

“No, he’s right,” said Ginny, sounding puzzled. “That’s not her usual moan. She doesn’t sound depressed at all.”

Smacking noises followed the moans and the four paused outside of the notorious girl’s room.

“That almost sounds like…” Harry shuddered. “No, it couldn’t be.”

Ron pushed the door open a little, and peered in. He looked back at them with an odd look on his face. “She’s in there alright, and she’ moaning in a good way.” Here, he shuddered. “But there’s no one else in there.”

Ginny shouldered her brother out of the way and peeked herself. “He’s right,” she whispered. “Sort of. I can’t see anything, but there’s someone kissing her, and oh! I didn’t think ghosts could take their clothes off.” She turned around, blushing, and dragged her three friends away.

“I’ve got it!” Hermione exclaimed, as they continued towards the Great Hall, all four deeply disturbed. “The new DADA teacher!”

“Ms. Chase?” Ron got a nasty grin on his face. “I didn’t think-“

“Not like that Ron, you ruddy pervert. I was talking to her the other day, and she told me that she brought her old roommate with her. A ghost, named Dennis. She said that he was invisible.”

“So Myrtle is finally getting some. Good for her.”

“Ginny!” Ron hissed.

“What? Ghosts need lovin too.”

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