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Chance Encounters

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Summary: Collection of FFA entries

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple Pairings > Ficlet Collections - FFAsarheaFR133938022,17710 Feb 0510 Feb 05No

Seed - 144 – Illyria/Nightcrawler


FFA #144 – Illyria/Nightcrawler

Summary – An unusual friendship


“You believe in God. And his love for humans.”


“Despite all you have seen humans do to each other?”


Illyria considered the words from the blue-skinned tattooed mutant. And spoke.

“I was once a God. My power was limitless. But I was chained by my enemies. Those who believed in me brought me back. Now I am powerless. I am a false God.”

“Jesu is the Son of God and he died for mortals. And he came back to remind his followers before he left them a second time.”

“He was powerless. He left them when they needed Him.”

“Perhaps what they needed was not his ability to work miracles but His faith in them. We cannot be children forever; to be protected and shielded against the world and harm.”

The former God-King did not speak.

Kurt Wagner smiled. Harvesting immediate benefits was all well and good but sowing seeds of new ideas and beliefs were more important in the long run.
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